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There’s much more to this four-story Florida home than meets the eye. Get ready for an all-new investigation on #KindredSpirits tomorrow at 9|8c!

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Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

#KindredSpirits I think the original owners of that trunk had activity so they donated it ...😬

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

#KindredSpirits That device going off insane and then it stopped when Amy asked! Another ghost box

Crystal ()

#KindredSpirits Okay now this episode is crazy unhinged! I’m only 1/4 in & sitting on the edge of my couch!! Idk what I’d do if a spirit would constantly touch me like that!

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

@amybruni @travelchannel Got to chat w/Chip bc I won a phone call! So great! Made my Valentine’s yours was good! #KindredSpirits

Karysa Faire ()

What’s up with all the pinching????? #KindredSpirits Time to bring in @chipcoffey!

A Far Away Port ()

Hello my fellow #AnneNation #KindredSpirits let’s go back to the beginning of all of this. Reply with your favorite season 1 moment of Anne With An E

Karysa Faire ()

Ohhhhh shiiiit! That sprit box session was intense! #KindredSpirits @amybruni @AdamJBerry

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

@pjsinsights @travelchannel It’s good!! You’ll like it- trust me 😉 #KindredSpirits

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()


Mommaskins ()

A beautiful soul departed this world today for the after world and I know I should be grateful to just have known such an amazing individual but I’m sad that I didn’t get more time with someone so splendid. #KindredSpirits #sad 😭

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

@fleyegirl32 @chipcoffey He’s so cool for doing this! Glad you had a good convo too 😉 congrats! #KindredSpirits

Kat baehr ()

@amybruni @travelchannel #KindredSpirits I think this was my favorite episode, frustrating yes, but that spirit box session!!!

Renee Sulsenti ()

#KindredSpirits U guys R so great, caring, loving & use All U have helping people AWESOME SHOW & NEVER STOP♡♡♡

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

🔥Just got off the phone with @chipcoffey! Had a fun conversation about the paranormal and my fav subject, #SleepyHollow! Best Valentine’s Day ever! Thank you so much Chip! He said 6 more new episodes are coming! You’re the best! *hugs* 💕😘 #KindredSpirits

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

@chipcoffey @fleyegirl32 OMG!!!! REALLY?!!! I’m in shock!!!!! Wow!!! Thank you so much Chip!!!!! 😘 Holy moly!!! #KindredSpirits

Cheryl Baker ()

It was so nice talking to @chipcoffey this Valentines eve. It really made my night after watching #KindredSpirits on #travelchannel. ❤️❤️

Bills4evr ()

@chipcoffey Excellent ending! True #KindredSpirits . Fight negative with positive. Only found on #KindredSpirits

The Drewski ()

@chipcoffey Did you get to interact with Autumn? She seems very in touch and sensitive to the spirits. #KindredSpirits

Debbie Rumsey ()

@chipcoffey Love so much seeing you on #KindredSpirits Happy Valentines Day💜💜💜✨

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

Well - I’ll be back next week for #KindredSpirits!! Have a great weekend my fellow paranormal fans! #HappyValentinesDay 💕👻

Greg Newkirk 🔦 ()

That was a GREAT episode of #KindredSpirits. Make sure you tune in next week too because I have it on good authority that there might be TWO Newkirks in that

Julie Cavese ()

Those trunk donators knew what that trunk was all about! That’s why they got rid of it. #noresponse #KindredSpirits

Heavy metal Dan ()

Write it down, quotes, positive sayings/quotes. Even strange dreams just to see what it means #KindredSpirits

Deborah Pickle ()

The more often I can see him on my TV the better! #KindredSpirits

Nikita ()

What an incredible #KindredSpirits i was so ready to see @AdamJBerry throw down with a ghost 👻

Rebecca Hessey ()

#KindredSpirits Having a girl entering my body, what is something positive to counteract her to get her to stop?

Amy Bruni ()

Welp, my Valentines Day got super weird. Did you watch #KindredSpirits tonight? 👻@travelchannel

Christy Powell ()

@chipcoffey @nuekerk I’ll write a nice letter to the sassy touchy ghost in the trunk. ✊🏻😎 #KindredSpirits

Sleepy Hollow Addict ()

#KindredSpirits Definitely haunted- is like to visit there!! I’m thinking it was offloaded Bc they were having activity 😰😬 not cool if that’s the case bc didn’t warm them

Trvl Channel ()

There’s much more to this four-story Florida home than meets the eye. Get ready for an all-new investigation on #KindredSpirits tomorrow at 9|8c!

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