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The first Klopp excuse of the season is 🥁 The pitch was dry this is real 😂😂😂.

Klopp trying not to blame fixture congestion after literally the first game of the season.

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Liverpool analysis - Klopp faces transfer reality as three players offer hope #lfc.


woke up thinking about klopp and some of the players and i got so pissed off, sunday and weekend RUINED.

Jurgen Klopp : Sepanjang pertandingan, para pemain menunjukkan sikap yang tidak seharusnya selama di lapangan (vs Fulham)..

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There’s a possibility that he’s just not fit enough yet for a full 90 and they’d rather use him second half against tired legs than first But could also just be a tactical misfire by Klopp which happens, don’t think anyone expected that intensity from Fulham early on.

🎙Jürgen Klopp: La actitud no fue la adecuada al principio. No merecimos más. El rendimiento debe mejorar mucho. Hicimos lo contrario de lo que queríamos hacer. El resultado no fue por el árbitro..

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Klopp lo que tiene de buen entrenador lo tiene de Lloron, siempre que pierde saca una excusa..

Klopp saying its a dry pitch like he is some Joe Root batting at Chepauk facing Ash, Jaddu and Axar 😂.


@vxrgil yup, klopp deserves all the criticism for starting henderson and firmino, even fabinho too cos hendo as a 6 away from home >>.

Imagínate que vas a tomar el tren y en la estación te ¡A TODO EL LIVERPOOL 😱 Pudiendo tomar avión, Jurgen Klopp y su equipo decidieron viajar de Merseyside a Londres en el transporte público. 2:45 horas de viaje y una postal para la historia ✨ #LaVozDelFutbol 🎙️.

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Klopp on Midfielders 💬 “This is not a good situation. I don’t like it. We will have to see how we react.” I wouldn’t rule anything out..

Reds yes 2 points dropped today, don`t think we should be worried 9 days before our next game will give Klopp time to iron out some silly mistakes, couple games down the line we go to united don`t want any hiccups there.

🎙️ Jürgen Klopp après le match nul face à Fulham : « Nous avons fait un très mauvais match. Le nul est un bon résultat. Nous ne méritions pas plus. ».

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Julian ward, Klopp and the board , put in a bid for Frankie de Jong , Nicolo barela or Matheu Nunes and either of them will jump to us without stalling or thinking about we’re big and this players will wanna play for us. Sign a midfielder @LFC !!!.

@Indostransfer @OngisnadeNet Berkaca pada Klopp yg ngelatih Liverpool awal, klo yg dilatih tim di Liga 1 paling blm 10 pertandingan jg uda dipecat 😂😂. Padahal prestasi jg butuh proses.

jurgen klopp kalo ngelatih di indo musim 16/17 udah dipecat abis itu diganti sama pelatih medioker berlabel “tiki-taka”.

Jürgen Klopp has already explained transfer view as Liverpool question set to grow louder #LFC | @MattAddison97.

The pitch was dry, stuff like this. Really difficult. 👀.

Arteta ball was not that bad Tuchel ball was bad not impressive Klopp ball was just not entertaining Conte ball atleast Now bow to the king,ladies and gentlemen ten hag ball plays today.

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If Klopp still trying to channel the attack through Diaz like he always did with Firmino and Mane while isolating Salah n used him for width, he’ll not win another league title. Why can’t Klopp use Salah just like how SAF use Cantona and RVP to win the league? Waste of resource..

@BakerFPL343 Stay quiet, Baker. Liverpool might here you and reconsider Gerrard not to be the successor for Klopp 👀🤣💀💩.

@Bakajack13 @T_U_G_R_A_ Sadece sistem ve oyunla oluyorsa hadi Guardiola, Klopp Everton’u Newcastle’ı şampiyon yapsı Hoca sistem ile bitiyor Kadron kadar varsın bunu Aynı ya da az farklı kadro kalitesinde hoca fark yaratır.


Disaster class from Klopp. Henderson and Firmino in 2022. If we lose this game he needs a good long sit in front of the mirror..

@Marshall_M98 They are all over Liverpool 🤣🤣 Klopp gonna be salty at half time 🤣🤣.

@Ayoxee7 As captain can’t he just lead by example and say to Klopp bench me boss bc I’m shit.

@farid_efte @jurgenholic Wkwkwk tapi ya bener si gaya main Theo kaga cocok sama Klopp.

@tomasrdacunha O Klopp tem que desmontar rápido o trio de meio campo e meter o Eliot ou o Fábio Carvalho..

@FulhamFC have been fantastic against Liverpool! Can’t wait for klopp’s excuse/moaning 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ oh how we’ve missed it… #footballisback.

Bare rolig, pool fans, Klopp har pause taktikken klar #pldk #FULLIV.

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