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Watching the end of this #KobeFarewell game cheering, laughing, and crying all at the same time. #Kobe

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Jay Boy ()

Kobe’s final game is so legendary. He really dropped a 60 bomb and took a dub. #MambaForever #KobeFarewell

Mike Grant ()

Watching #KobeFarewell @kobebryant #KobeBryant and Dang The tears are still here 🥺😞

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Sarah ()

“I’m more proud about the down years. Because we didn’t run.” -Kobe Bryant #KobeFarewell #MambaOut

Duane perkins jr. ()

Watching this lakers #KobeFarewell game & i haven’t stop crying since the game started.

🍪 ()

Kobe’s last game was so epic that every time I watch him see greatness had unfolded in my eyes #KobeFarewell 🕊 💜💛

Keith newman ()

@jakegould10 Wow - great to watch post tragedy -extra powerful #MambaForever #KobeFarewell

Adam Orloff ()

I have to use the bathroom but I don’t wanna miss a second of this game FROM 2016 that I’ve probably seen 10+ times now 😂 #KobeFarewell #MambaForever

Jay Harris ()

Watching the end of this #KobeFarewell game cheering, laughing, and crying all at the same time. #Kobe

Rod ()

Watching Kobes Final game vs Utah, man this just hits you so different. #KobeFarewell #MambaForever

IG: The_Focused_Pixture ()

Of all the @espn notifications I should have tried just a bit harder for the repairing of the #KobeFarewell game is NUTS! Smh

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🍪 ()

This last minute of the game is when Kobe made it entertaining .. 4th quarter greatness #KobeFarewell

Highlands Coach Rios ()

this #KobeFarewell game was absolutely historic. You couldn’t write a script like this ..... the energy in the arena that night ..... maaaannnn #RIPKobeBryant

Nathan Farmer ()

Honestly forgot how legendary Kobe’s last game was. Willed his team to a win like he did so many times in his career. #KobeFarewell

Kyle Schass ()

Watching #KobeFarewell and Mike Tirico absolutely losing his mind for Kobe in the final 3-minutes is everything I needed today.

Los Angeles Dylan ()

this kobe farewell game is ridiculous, he needs 15 pts with 3:46 left, hes at 45 points. I am baffled how he does this and gets to 60. #KobeFarewell #kobe

Highlands Coach Rios ()

I KNOW y’all watching this #KobeFarewell game ..... I wonder how this will end 🤔🤫

Patrick Schulte ()

If you flip to ESPN in roughly 100 minutes, you can shed a tear with all of us as we watch Kobe walk off the floor for the last time. Not even 4 years later and he was called to his final resting place. Cherish every moment; we aren’t here for long. #kobefarewell #MambaForever

James Worthington ()

Watching Kobe’s last game on @espn still can’t believe he’s #kobefarewell

Loadpelter47 ()

listens to WHO DA NEIGHBORS by JuicyJ and starts crying a kobe #KobeFarewell 💨💯

Amanda Williams ()

So my 10 y/o daughter made this today! She made Kobe’s halo a basketball net! My he Rest In Peace! #KobeBryant #kobefarewell

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HENNY Marty 🤞🏽🥃 ()

Man I really wanted to hear Kobe’s hof speech so bad 😭😭😭 #KobeFarewell

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