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Who’s got @kohl’s cash? 30%? #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes #KohlsCash.

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Who’s got @kohl’s cash? 30%? #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes #KohlsCash.

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@kohls I would love to buy some new clothes and a dish set! #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

#KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes buying gifts for nephew, he likes the material used to make sweatpants, he’s only 5!.

@Kohls I can’t wait to get my Christmas packages In the mail this week 😉 #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@kohls Would love to get a new velvet top for my sister! #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls Looking forward to all the comfy Christmas pjs #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls Bissell’s Crosswave Multisurface Pet Pro Plus @Kohls #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes but I still can’t afford it! ☹️.

@Kohls #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes One of the deals I was excited for is the Fitbit Versa 2. Which we guys have on sale..

@Kohls #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes mostly excited for deals on boots and winter items for the family!.

@Kohls baby gear for my babies #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes Samsonite Lite Lift DLX Hardside Spinner Luggage.

@Kohls @Kohls I’m excited to pick up new bedding for the guest room! #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes christmas themed clothing, pajamas, socks scarfs.

@Kohls @kohls I just scored the #weightedblanket I had been waiting to get and got a great deal! #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls lego deals most definitely! #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

Excited about winter kids clothing #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

I have spent so much at this store. I love the cash back 💵 #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls Boys clothing deals. They #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes I’m most excited about jewelry sales!! 🎄😊❣️.

#kohlscybermondaysweepstakes love everything, there is always something I need 😊.

@Kohls So excited to get a new AirFryer and check it of my list #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls An air fryer would be so amazing to get! 😍 #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes got my eye on a bounce house for the kids. 🎄🎁.

@Kohls I am excited about deals on toys for the kids. #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

@Kohls I’m most excited for shoe deals!!! I need new shoes and right now is the best time!! #KohlsCyberMondaySweepstakes.

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