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Karrion Kross back on the Main Roster, to pick up what Vince & Bruce destroyed, WITH SCARLETT is something that should happen, and knew it would before the reports today. He should have been a MAJOR player & the fact we are NOW talking about it should never have been an issue.

Karrion Kross making a return to #WWE under the Triple H regime?.

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Report: WWE has discussed bringing back Karrion Kross.

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Dexter Lumis and Karrion Kross are rumored to be coming back to WWE. Next up: Johnny Gargano 🤞.

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@KXNGAO @FlashyKhail We’re kross or nikkita Wrestling bangers in the super J cup???? I didn’t think soo.

Since Yaki’s there, can you cosplay Mpreg again for us?.

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Keep Balor as the leader but make Kross and Priest the right hand killers 👀.

Karrion Kross regresaría a WWE muy pronto: Triple H, interesado | Superluchas.

I don’t know what’s funnier. Getting ethered by Cole like this. Or that Kross’s original rebuttal was going to be along the lines of “Yeah, well… There’s some 17 year olds here who could kick your ass”..

Did anyone in NXT like Kross I swear the whole roster wanted to bury him 😂😂😭.

It Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux were to return to the WWE this is the most logical idea I could think of including them in. The Judgment Day stable with Rhea Ripley, Damien Priest and Finn Balor..

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@TheEnemiesPE3 I honestly think Vince saw this promo and wanted to see if Kross could be legit without the gimmicks.

@WrestlePurists @FightfulSelect I enjoy the work kross does. hope he gets a chance on the main roster with his nxt gimmick..

Idk if kross going to believable. 3 people kill him on mic skill and Vince and bruce put a freaking helmet on him. #wwe.

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@andrew_blaze95 The only thing that’s shit is you if you think Kross can actually wrestle. And also your brain might smell like shit for believing that.

I’m sorry but I’ve already lost interest in Kross during his bad main roster run. He should just stay away.

@HeelBalor Yes I am! I also love Kross, been a huge fan of him since Impact. If things go through I’m looking forward to how Papa H re-introduces him👀.

@CatchNewz Je suis fan de Karrion Kross et je suis pour un retour à la wwe mais il doit revenir avec ça gimmick de nxt.

@generationwhy_y @WrestleOps Basic moveset and uncharismatic????? This is Karrion Kross not Von Wagner.

@WrestleOps i would like killer kross ian gone lie karrion had his rough moments but you kant tell me he wasn’t a beast in the ring and on NXT.

@femalelroom If you don’t bring back scarlet don’t bring back Kross either both together or don’t do it.

Kross was doing pretty good for himself until that Adam Cole confrontation. He was only doing bad on the main roster because Vince was in control. We’re in the Triple H era now. I think Kross is gonna surprise people. 🤷🏻#WWE.


Killer Kross return (girl makes a disgusted face) Scarlett return (girl makes pleasant surprise face).

@WrestleKOonYT So it’s a maybe one day for Dexter Lumis retuning to WWE. But Karrion kross is definitely might return soon..

@WALTERACCOUNTT @TheEnemiesPE3 Not mad just pointing out the obvious, his catchphrase is over not him 😂 I just find it funny months ago I had the same convo with Cole fans who took large Ls but yet people still think this promo affected Kross. When Cole was barely good enough to be a manager on main roster 😂.

wwe can bring karrion kross making a vince screw up what they want to finish what he has learned that triple h bringing back tbh..

@reigns_era Kross, yes. I can see it. Bring back scarlett, give him the NXT presentation, easy top tier material. Lumis is with NWA. Not happening..

@reigns_era That’s actually a great idea because it’s only a matter of time before JD are off tv and lost in the shuffle, Kross retiring as leader would be great..

Idgaf, I’d love to see Killer Kross in WWE again, hopefully sans Karrion and more Killer.

@WrestleOps 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ became a HUGE fan of Kross when he was on NXT. With HHH at the helm, I truly think he’d not only be booked correctly but I think would prove himself to any naysayers.

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