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Lacazette à Lyon, Alonso en première ligne, Pinot qui gagne en échappée. Belle année 2012 à vous tous..


Lacazette, Lepenant, Malacia + Tetê qui a de fortes chances de Ca démarre BIEN 🫣❤️.

Tremendo fichaje para el Olympique Lyonnais. Su Conference League fue extraordinaria. Ojo al mercado del Lyon: Alexandre Lacazette, Johann Lepenant, Malacia y el próximo puede ser Tetê. Y todo eso sin entrar en Europa..

A #9 not called Lacazette leading the line at my Clube De Futebol tears in my eyes.

ÚLTIMA HORA: El Arsenal llega a un acuerdo total por el fichaje de Gabriel Jesus, confirma Fabrizio Romano. Los Gunners le pagarán €52m al Manchester City y atarán al brasileño a un contrato hasta el 2027. La respuesta de Arteta ante las salidas de Lacazette y Aubameyang..

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Fichajazo del Arsenal. Mejora mucho a Lacazette siendo capaz de ofrecer cosas similares que necesita la estructura de Arteta. Una lástima que le haya faltado ese pasito extra en el City. Delantero que juega mucho. Está a tiempo. Y, ojo, una bestia competitiva. Un plus..

Lopes Riou Bonnevie Henrique Gusto Dubois Boateng Lukeba Diomandé Da Silva Mendes Ozkacar Caqueret Paqueta Aouar JRA Lepenant Faivre Cherki Lacazette Dembele Kadewere Toko Barcola + Da Silva El Arouch Lomami Bonnet Lega Dib Iala Felix.

If we’re keeping it a buck, Lacazette is actually better than this guy. Surprised he lasted this long under Pep..

Fichajes más caros en la historia del #Arsenal 🔴⚪ 1️⃣ Nicolas Pépé 🇨🇮 : €80M 2️⃣ Aubameyang 🇬🇦 : €63M 3️⃣ Ben White 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 : €58M 4️⃣ Alexandre Lacazette 🇫🇷 : €53M 5️⃣ GABRIEL JESÚS 🇧🇷 : €52M.

When intonation is your problem 🤣😂😭 Arsenal lacazette tieleman Sodom Henderson ozil cavani white money ornstein Fabrizio transfers arterta Gabriel wizkid davido burnaboy olamide Neymar Chelsea beta awards Daniel.


best 9 they could get with Vlahovic, Håland and Nunez out of reach. massive upgrade on Lacazette, his wages are silly but transfer fee is probably half his true value. defo improves them as a team. if they get Raphinha as well there is ZERO excuse not to prise Saka outta there.

From bald Lacazette to Brazilian Jesus. The signs are looking good..

So excited to see Jesus leading the line, the amount of our counter attacks that Lacazette absolutely destroyed killed me every time.

@FabrizioRomano @Transfers What makes Jesus better than Lacazette and Aubameyang?.🤔.

@elliottvinnie1 But thats why theyve bought him, as a Lacazette replacement. They have enough wide players and no strikers.

@nacho8gonz Yo creo que encaja perfecto, no es un 9 goleador pero es el mejor 9 posible para sustituir a Lacazette que tampoco era eso. Va a fallar lo que no está escrito porque nunca ha sido un finalizador top pero las que falla ya las generará él..

Jesus is definitely an upgrade on lacazette. he brings energy, pressing, goals, trickery, and most especially, mobility to this arsenal side. they can do with a very mobile and involved strike. decent deal for them no doubt. thank you, alomae. 📞.

@FPLijah no chance he’s that high in my opinion. Will come in at I say that as that was Lacazette price last season and don’t think he’s done enough for a price increase. On top of that I expect them to reduce strikers prices not increase then.

@DavidPletanek Hele určitě lepší než Lacazette, já jsem spokojenej. Arteta ho zná ze City, to je obrovská výhoda. Tam byl v ústraní. V Arsenalu se bude hrát na něj a může rozkvést! Umí několik pozic v ofenzivě, z toho jsem nadšenej. Chtěl bych teda ještě nějakýho urostlýho ST jako je Scamacca..

This actually mad, we bought a younger Lacazette just about to hit his prime..

@ZakMartin02 Would clubs take him though? If Lacazette can find suitors surely Pepe can?.

@THFCxVasi @nacho8gonz Ahora compara las de la temporada 21-22. El último gol que metió Lacazette de jugada fue contra el Southampton en noviembre, con eso te lo digo todo.


@MadMontana Yeah I think he’s an extremely underrated player and don’t get me wrong, he wouldn’t be my first choice but having watched Lacazette lead our line for a whole season, I’m sure you can understand why Jesus fills me with some optimism 😂.

@MarkWaters97 I think 45 ain’t bad for him at all, not sure he’s prolific but major upgrade on lacazette.

@AndyRobsonTips I think he’s an upgrade on lacazette and offers good link up play/creativity. Don’t see him as a lone goal scorer to fire them to 4th on his own - they still need to replace the 2019/20 version of Auba. Need a few more players but good start..

Lol (I know this is a joke) but from Lacazette, probably our worst regular number 9 ever Imagine we have a conversation on whether Jesus is an upgrade from Alexis Sanchez, Robin Van Persie or Adebayor. We can’t though, we’d have to face facts if we did.

@ashtonfkmoore He’ll be fine tbh, we lost Lacazette so he knew a striker would be coming in anyway.

@Taze422 @SpursOfficial I can assure you that we are not in the mud have fun he’ll miss every chance he’ll get. He’s just a younger lacazette.

@DomPedro3o martinelli tem jogado aberto pela esquerda revesando com o smith rowe o saka pela direita e o lacazette ou nketiah centralizado a função dos pontas é jogar mais pro meio deixando os laterais abertos enquanto o centro avante joga praticamente ocmo um meia junto d xhaka e odegaard.


He needed the move just as much as Arsenal needed a good young attacker to replace Lacazette. It will interesting how much he’s used up front as a lone striker but definitely a signing to keep your eye on. Here is his performance last season against Lacazette..

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