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Lakers and Anthony Davis are finalizing a five-year, $190M max contract, his agent Rich Paul tells @wojespn

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Mavs Brasil
Mavs Brasil ()

Mavs será o terceiro time com mais transmissões em rede nacional na próxima temporada. Atrás apenas de Lakers e Celtics. Empatado com Warriors e Pelicans.


Si LeGM lo dice, es así. Ahora @paugasol en el puesto final, @Lakers!

Lakers Nation
Lakers Nation ()

Frank Vogel said newcomers to the Lakers rosters are nasty dudes and play with the physicality/edge the team had last season.

Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward ()

Frank Vogel on Lakers new addition: The guys that we brought in here are nasty dudes!

Will Manso
Will Manso ()

The Heat officially open the regular season in December 23rd in Orlando. Host Pelicans Christmas Day (as announced earlier) and then host the Bucks on the 29-30 (per their website). Also Heat-Lakers on ABC on Feb 20.

Bucks France 🏀🦌🇫🇷
Bucks France 🏀🦌🇫🇷 ()

Le grand Shams Charania, meilleur insider de la NBA nous apprend que nous devrions jouer les Nets pour le MLK Day puis les Lakers 3 jours plus tard.

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Lakers and Anthony Davis are finalizing a five-year, $190M max contract, his agent Rich Paul tells @wojespn

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Adrian Wojnarowski
Adrian Wojnarowski ()

All-NBA forward Anthony Davis is finalizing a five-year, $190M maximum contract to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers, @KlutchSports CEO Rich Paul tells ESPN. The deal includes an early termination option prior to fifth season in 2024-2025. Deal could be signed as soon as today.

LeGoat ()

The Flippers have to watch the Lakers receive their rings and then after they gotta watch them raise their championship banner on opening night 😭

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NadaLebron ()

NBA’de açılış maçları alev alev 🔥 LAKERS - CLIPPERS NETS - WARRIORS

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Ash ()

Everything they accused the Lakers of being is what the Clippers are 🤣🤡

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Kobe Highlights & Motivation
Kobe Highlights & Motivation ()

OTD in 2007, Kobe (and the Lakers bench) gets up on this alley-oop from Derek Fisher

Laker Central 🎙🎧🎥📝
Laker Central 🎙🎧🎥📝 ()

The Lakers built an environment based on family and they thrived. The Clippers spent millions on an ad campaign selling we over me and the whole time their two stars were being selfish. They collapsed in epic fashion and we know why.

Chris💫🍇 ()

These were my NBA Christmas games predictions Blazers vs Heat Warriors vs Nets 76ers vs Celtics Lakers vs Clippers Nuggets vs Jazz thoughts?

DJ R-Tistic
DJ R-Tistic ()

They got the Lakers on here twice, but it’s still wild AF seeing him in a Celtics jersey!!

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Victor Delia
Victor Delia ()

@lakaorj Lakers contratou o Mathhews e Shroeder que tem o mesmo agente do Giannis, sem falar o irmão dele aqui

Ray ()

@ovothomas If I’m honest, 1. We weren’t beating the heat in 2015, the cavs had the east pretty much on lock from 2015-2017, we had 0 chance against a healthy warriors team, just like every other team except the rockets. We had a chance this year though since we match up well with the lakers

Lakers Land 💜💛🟣🟡🟪🟨
Lakers Land 💜💛🟣🟡🟪🟨 ()

Magic Johnson praying for Nate Robinson like he got HIV or something 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ 🤦 #hewillbeok

Maple Jordan Hive
Maple Jordan Hive ()

MVP - Stephen Curry DPOY - Anthony Davis 6MOY - Dennis Schroeder MIP - Lauri Markkanen ROY - Deni Avdija COY - Erik Spoelstra Champ - Lakers Hottest take - ROY pick

Facebook User
Facebook User ()

@Kdiddy2478 @TheNBACentral It is, glad we agree there. I just wish you’d stop forcing me to hate on the blazers cuz I have them 4th in west (suns 5th, lakers clippers nuggets 1-3). Depth is a huge thing, suns have it, blazers have it, those 3 have it. It’s what wins long term in season.

Chris Manning 🐍
Chris Manning 🐍 ()

@RyeKix Historically, the Lakers have ALWAYS traded for the superstars, when you go back and look at their illustrious history. It rarely comes in free agency.

LakersNightly ()

Kostas is gonna get a lifetime contract from the Lakers if Giannis comes next year after all the tampering Kostas has certainly been doing

🌬sir sacø
🌬sir sacø ()

@RichHomieKhaleb Lakers, Clippers, Jazz, Nuggets, Mavs, Rockets, Warriors, Blazers. same teams just a lil adjustments

J.O ()

@LAClippers @Jmyke1 And Y’a still not beating the lakers in the playoffs bruhh 😂😂

Adrian Wojnarowski
Adrian Wojnarowski ()

Free agent G Jared Dudley has agreed to a 1-year, $ deal to return to the Lakers, agent Mark Bartelstein of @PrioritySports tells me and @ZachLowe_NBA.

Lakers a Dois
Lakers a Dois ()

Gosto muito dessa contratação do Batum pelo Clippers. Se atuar como atuou em 2019, ataca duas deficiências deles: defesa de alas e playmaking secundário. Para o Lakers, acho que o GRIII é o único decente que sobrou. Ariza se rolar Buyout também seria legal.

MambaForever🐍💜💛 ()

Any competent Lakers fan knows Caruso is def better than kuz lol

𝓖𝓮𝓸𝓻𝓰𝓮 ()

Curry fans are so delusional, the lakers barely used switches last season

Repeat SZN - #RIPMamba #RIPGigi 🙏🏽
Repeat SZN - #RIPMamba #RIPGigi 🙏🏽 ()

Lakers don’t switch when they play two bigs, if anyone that will be AD but have fun I guess.


Report: Lakers, Clippers among four teams pursuing Glenn Robinson III

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