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Lakers advance to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2010 🔥

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👑 L (King wie James) 👑
👑 L (King wie James) 👑 ()

Ich beschwer mich so lange über myplayer bis ich starting PG für utah bin und trade verlangen kann um zu den lakers zu kommen 😠

Dillyn ()

@TylerAtoms That was an absolute disaster for the Lakers. Seth Curry at half the price would’ve been a fantastic addition for them

Devo Brown
Devo Brown ()

@JayBrownComedy Yup you are correct. Ps. I did watch - and watched lakers/nuggets & agt soooo I got pieces of it all. Hahaha


I’m gonna sound old and crap right now but some of the shooting fouls AD and other Lakers get by jumping into our guys is weak.

FOX 11 Los Angeles
FOX 11 Los Angeles ()

WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS: They had just lost a playoff heartbreaker, and two nights later the Denver Nuggets quickly went from in control to in trouble. The Nuggets won Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals and cut the Lakers’ lead to 2-1.

Travis Rodgers
Travis Rodgers ()

Lakers drop Game 3. Bad night? No focus? One of those nights? Send the tweets!

Felipe Ferreira
Felipe Ferreira ()

@tadeu494 Foi equivocada, naquele momento. Lakers jogou mal a partida inteira. Ao se aproximar no placar, treinador e time voltaram a tomar decisões equivocadas. Lakers teve quase 4 minutos com chances de reverter o placar e ficou optando pode arremessos de 3.

Berra ()

Lakers koleksiyonundaki sweatleri bitiren şerefsiz evlatlari kim sizin yüzünüzden boston celtics e kaldık neyse ki beyaz ve yeşil de bana çok yakışıyor

Coach Cobby 🏊‍♂️
Coach Cobby 🏊‍♂️ ()

Everytime Lakers go lose, we hit over 1k texts 😂😂😂😂

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KPJ Stan Acct ⚔️
KPJ Stan Acct ⚔️ ()

Danny green was a throw in in the kawhi trade low key. He had a contract year with the raptors and balled in the playoffs, this year he got paid & froze out when expected to perform. Finessed the lakers.

obek -yeni sezon nöbeti
Obek -yeni sezon nöbeti ()

@the_mailman11 playofflarda da sadece lakers izlemedim, cfde onu da izliyorum ama aşırı zevksiz, oynadığı basketbol bi sike yaramaz

Vinay Killawala
Vinay Killawala ()

Lakers did a really poor job of collapsing the Nuggets zone tonight (which they have run a TON of since second half of Game 2) Combine that with Nuggets being very aggressive in offensive transition. Lakers never matched their energy.

6 Wins Remaining
6 Wins Remaining ()

Denver came out with all the energy and urgency and Lakers came out like they had the series won already. Lakers tried to spot Denver 20 and beat them in a 12 minute period(almost did )Thats the bottom line. Just be better quarters 1-3 and that type of comeback isnt needed

Jess ()

What a great Sunday. The Lakers won, Bad Bunny gave us an amazing performance, Zendaya won an Emmy, I had ceviche for dinner, I’m going to sleep like a baby 💕

Ahmad Kemal Palevi
Ahmad Kemal Palevi ()

Maaf, tapi @Lakers bukanlah @LAClippers 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 —>

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Bet365 ()

⚽️ Southampton v Tottenham ⚽️ Newcastle v Brighton ⚽️ Chelsea v Liverpool ⚽️ Leicester v Burnley ⛳️ US Open final day 🏇 Four meetings 🏏 IPL cricket 🏈 American Football 🎯 World Series of Darts 🏀 Nuggets v Lakers - Game two A proper super Sunday.

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mundinho pai do deuce
Mundinho pai do deuce ()

Me deram: Lakers Sou: Gente Jogador preferido: nenhum Queria no meu time: nenhum Previsão próxima temporada: espero que nada Usaria a camisa: não.

Denver Nuggets Türkiye
Denver Nuggets Türkiye ()


Zhang yang
Zhang yang ()

Hey, LeBron, here are Chinese Chengdu fans cheering for you! The Lakers championship 🏆🏆!@KingJames

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Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers ()

Incomparable. Legendary. Champion. Happy birthday to the one and only Phil Jackson 🎂

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Spurs Legacy | Happy Pats fan Sad Brady fan
Spurs Legacy | Happy Pats fan Sad Brady fan ()

Yall love to trash Danny Green, but as soon as he left the Raptors they missed the conference finals. As soon as he split ways with Kawhi, Kawhi blew a 3-1 lead to miss the conference finals. Meanwhile DANNY led his Lakers to the conference finals without breaking a sweat.

Spor Otağ
Spor Otağ ()

👀 Houston Rockets`a karşı oynadığı seriyi 4-1 ile kazanan Los Angeles Lakers batı konferansı finalindeki rakibini bekliyor. Sizce bu rakip Denver mı olacak yoksa Clippers mı?

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NBAextra ()

[🎞️VIDEO] 🏀 #NBAPlayoffs 🔥 Les Lakers mettent le feu dans le top 5⃣ de la nuit ! 🔥 🤜 Avec notamment deux énormes contres signés Alex Caruso 💥💥 #NBAextra

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers ()

“You see Lakers Twitter, they’re all over the place. They’re with us. The best fan base in the world.” - @kylekuzma

Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Lakers advance to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2010 🔥

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Earvin Magic Johnson
Earvin Magic Johnson ()

Congratulations to Coach Vogel, LeBron, AD, the entire @Lakers team and staff for advancing to the Western Conference Finals!!! 👏🏾💜💛

Complex Sports
Complex Sports ()

For the first time since 2010, the Lakers are going to the Western Conference Finals.

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Piotr Grabowski
Piotr Grabowski ()

Russell Westbrook w rzutach za 3 w playoffs: 3 mecze z OKC - 1/6 4 mecze z Lakers - 7/24

Jordan ()

@KobeLightNTru Queenjames thought that join the lakers he was going to get that Kobe fans love!!! Since queenjames join the lakers the world has bad

Daman Rangoola
Daman Rangoola ()

Anybody: “I think the Lakers will lose today” Lakers twitter after they win:

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☚ #FinsUp #ChechoHiraneMV ☛
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