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The stats under Thomas Tuchel & Frank Lampard are interesting reading. Your thoughts?

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Bhurumango MBE 🏅
Bhurumango MBE 🏅 ()

🧘‍♂️ The fact that Chelsea fans thought Mason Mount only played because of his friendship with Lampard is a very good reflection of why you must avoid having a football conversation with Chelsea fans. 🚶🏽‍♂️

OptaJoe ()

18 - Only Manchester City (24) have earned more points than Chelsea (18) since Thomas Tuchel took over eight games ago; Frank Lampard earned only seven points from his final eight games in charge. Spark.

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Nizaar Kinsella
Nizaar Kinsella ()

Mount has scored three goals under Tuchel having scored just two under Lampard. #CFC #LIVCHE

Mercado da bola ( Admin:Robson )
Mercado da bola ( Admin:Robson ) ()

O atacante Tammy Abraham não está interessado em negociar uma renovação de contrato com o Chelsea, segundo o “The Athletic”. O jogador, que tem vínculo com os Blues até 2023, deve buscar uma alternativa em sua carreira após a demissão de Frank Lampard.

Lampard Photo,Lampard Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
MaZ ⚡️
MaZ ⚡️ ()

Germany have more World Cups than England for a reason lmaoooo If England couldn’t win anything with Lampard, Rooney, and Ferdinand, etc, then they won’t win anything with Kane and Sterling 😭😭😭😭👋👋

Hudson Hawk SZN
Hudson Hawk SZN ()

Take Lampard out of Chelsea and we have some other world class midfielder there, maybe Gerrard, maybe Ballack is allowed to play his actual role instead of being a water carrier. Drogba’s scoring record probably goes up considerably if he isn’t playing feed the Lampard game.

MadMontana ()

Statically yes, this season the record was awful, I prefer to respect Lampard for getting us top 4 when nobody else wanted the job, when we lost Hazard, couldn’t sign players & played a load of it’s just respect for the person as well. As for Tuchel, I back him a 1000%

Ak🎯 ()

Lampard better take this job so Stevie can wipe the floor with him next season too

Frank Khalid
Frank Khalid ()

Amazing to think that Thomas Tuchel first 8 games in charge that @ChelseaFC have only conceded 2 goals. Here is his record compared to other Chelsea managers in charge:- Jose Mourinho- 1 Carlo Ancelotti- 5 Antonio Conte - 9 Maurizio Sarri - 6 Frank Lampard - 16 Thomas Tuchel - 2

TheDarkestime🥷🏼 ()

Lampard deep throat sexual are the absolute worst. I’ll take Jose stans Messi stans Ronaldo stans over them honestly the illest ones for sure.

Mazz ()

@CFCDUBois Huge win, Tuchel silencing the doubters which was me at the start. Can’t lie come to like him his press conferences very good! Tactics are good has an actual style. Can’t lie he will never have the fan relationship that Lampard had but we’ve ditched project. Trophies >

🇧🇧 ()

If frank lampard still managed us we would’ve spammed crosses for 90 mins. He would’ve played kante as a lone 6 and zouma so we’d get pressed into oblivion and Suarez would’ve walked away with a champions league match ball. But go off👋😩

Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes ()

@EvanMcFarlane Lampard at Celtic would be box office but the thought of the Old Firm games being hijacked by EPL clowns is mortifying.


Tévez 🔴✅ Ballack 🔵✅ Carrick 🔴✅ Belletti 🔵✅ Ronaldo 🔴✖️ (Cech 🧤) Lampard 🔵✅ Hargreaves 🔴✅ Cole 🔵✅ Nani 🔴✅ Terry 🔵✖️ (➡️) Anderson 🔴✅ Kalou 🔵✅ Giggs 🔴✅ Anelka 🔵✖️ (Van der Saar 🧤). 6-5 e o Manchester United é Tri-Europeu.


Depois de desperdiçar algumas oportunidades, o Manchester United foi punido depois do chute de Essien desviar em Scholes e Ferdinand e confundir o goleiro Van der Saar e a bola sobrar para Lampard empatar o jogo aos 45’ do 1°T. Levando o jogo em 1-1 para a segunda etapa.

Evng. Scott Boasz
Evng. Scott Boasz ()

@tsilva3 @ChelseaFC Six of them weren’t starting for Lampard and TT look like exposing clueless is how quality managers does

Brummie Tricky 🌳
Brummie Tricky 🌳 ()

Lampard to Celtic to hype up The “who’s better lamps or Gerrard” discussion would be a decent PR move from Celtic


@IbzSpeaks Bro he’s if at 25 we are still having the same conversation then maybe you’re but for now let him play and learn. It’s no coincidence that people like Southgate, Lampard, Rio, Joe Cole, Tuchel rate him so highly. They have more football knowledge than we do

Gus ()

Contexto: Mount fue muy criticado desde el año pasado por venir del Derby. Se decía que sólo jugaba en Chelsea por favoritismo de Lampard y que no alcanzaba el nivel de acá. Hoy se pronunció en el escenario más grande del fútbol europeo. Se sabe que es joya mundial.

Prince M. Mehin
Prince M. Mehin ()

Those plastic fans are now baiting their tongues. They were over the internet insulting him and calling him names some even go to the extent of accusing Lampard of favoring due to been English player. But the is lad just a phenomenal player @masonmount_10

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Crisiö ()

Ese Chelsea era bastante peor, y Lampard iba en Bastón, además contra uno de los mejores equipos de la historia, mira no voy a discutir porque tienes unas tetas de 3 pares de cojones

CazRyan 💖🌈
CazRyan 💖🌈 ()

@McTominay93 @markgoldbridge Tuchel came into a very strong squad that Lampard couldn’t get a pass out of. All it needed was a coach who had some technical no how and he’s got them ticking again. Don’t forget they spent £220M so he’s got the benefit of that luxury. I still hate them thou 😂😂

🎒☔️ ()

@_Hazpilicueta @bet365 ? Fans have a right to criticize him as a manager. It’s their you can’t really control what they think and feel. We all respect Lampard as a player nevertheless.


What a manager he is. Sorry Lampard fan boys but if you can’t see the difference in structure and tactics you don’t know football. Lampard legend of a player but inexperienced as a manager

Owuraku Obeng 🗯
Owuraku Obeng 🗯 ()

@IamAyodejii It’s sickening how Professional players like these can’t shoot !?? Omg this generation of footballers are frustrating to watch but take huge salaries Ramires, Deco, Lampard , Essien , Oscar, Raul Meireles etc. could all shoot !!! And they took just half of what these are

Omo Kiikan 💙 #EndSars✊
Omo Kiikan 💙 #EndSars✊ ()

During Lampard lacked Tuchel gives us pattern but no final passed to perfect it. God how?😭 #UCL

Ismonkey 🗻🐒
Ismonkey 🗻🐒 ()

Mais le 433 de Lampard là avec Ziyech Pulisic Havertz Mount Chilwell Reece je vais commencer a en rever

Greatest Trinity
Greatest Trinity ()

Werner would be scoring for fun if we had @cesc4official or Lampard releasing him early

Football Daily
Football Daily ()

🗣 I think if this was done by Frank Lampard, he would be killed by the press. Gus Poyet says Thomas Tuchel gets the benefit of the doubt for substituting Callum Hudson-Odoi after 31 minutes of bringing him on because he is a new coach

Frank Khalid
Frank Khalid ()

The stats under Thomas Tuchel & Frank Lampard are interesting reading. Your thoughts?

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