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Up at the half. Zach LaVine: 12 pts (5-9 FG) DeMar DeRozan: 11 pts, 3 ast, 2 stl.

Lavine Photo,Lavine Photo by Chicago Bulls,Chicago Bulls on twitter tweets Lavine Photo

Tie ball game. DeMar DeRozan: 17 pts, 6 ast, 3 stl Caruso/Vooch/LaVine: 12 pts each..

Lavine Photo,Lavine Photo by Chicago Bulls,Chicago Bulls on twitter tweets Lavine Photo

Zach Lavine 4-14 tonight 0-7 from 3. Kyle Lowry 1-7 and 0-4 from 3. Tyler Herro 4-19 and 1-7 from 3, Don Mitch 9-24 and Garland 6-17, Brunson 5-13, Rozier 7-21..

I know most of y’all won Jokic bc the line dropped to by the time the article was posted, but I got it at so counting it as an L 💯 Also everything hit on Cheat Sheet Lay except for Zach Lavine 🙄 well run it back tm 😈.

• Menés de 16 points par les Bulls à la mi-temps, les Pacers ont réussi le comeback sous l’impulsion du trio Turner / McConnell / Mathurin ; le rookie a d’ailleurs marqué 15 de ses 26 PTS dans le dernier QT ! Indiana met fin à sa série de 7 défaites consécutives ! PS : LaVine 👎.

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4️⃣ Bradley Beal - 21 5️⃣ Anthony Davis - 20 5️⃣ Kyrie Irving - 20 5️⃣ Damian Lillard - 20 8️⃣ Giannis Antetokounmpo - 19 9️⃣ Joel Embiid - 17 🔟 Trae Young - 16 11- DeRozan - 15 11- Doncic - 15 13- Booker - 14 13- George - 14 13- Jokic - 14 13- LaVine - 14 13- Tatum - 14 [2/3]….

@MaxiYTBasket Bueno a esperar los traspasos de mi equipo, espero y que nos den un buen pack por zach lavine porque la verdad ese contrato con este partido me daño mi corazón.

La nuit de l’horreur, celle que je redoutais. Chicago lâche le match en fin de QT4. Après avoir mené de plus de 20 pts d’écart. Le 4/14 de Lavine n’aide pas beaucoup. Mikal Bridges a 18 en 30 minutes, le BO aura raison de nous. Il nous a manqué un panier..

@IamSalah_ Sinceramente, eu estou passando a gostar menos do Zach LaVine nessas últimas partidas. Quando é em um momento decisivo de uma partida, ele oscila – vide as últimas partidas contra o WAS e o BOS..

Por intentos no fue pero vaya partido de la verga que tuvo LaVine 🥲 poca efectividad de cara a ka canasta.

1/24 recap 🔥buddy hield ✅ 💸derozan ✅ 🔥lavine ❌ 🤞🏽mobley ✅ 🤞🏽cj mccollum ✅ 🤞🏽dwight powell ✅ 🤞🏽thomas bryant ✅ 🤞🏽norman powell ✅ jimmy DNP 7/8=88% amazing day, huge profit 88%💸💸🔥 #NBA #GamblingTwitter.

@chicagobulls Live in Sweden and went to bed so happy at the half. WTF HAPPENED??!! Let me guess: Lavine?.


@cc_pinstripes I fw lavine but they over maxed him nobody gon even want that contract for a trade.


@WaddleandSilvy What’s the plan when Lavine has 14 points and can’t make a shot or handle the ball and turns it over in the 4th multiple times? And can’t defend? This loss is on Lavine. Period. Nothing AK can do now..

At least I came out ahead tonight. Even with Zach LaVine failing to score 1 point in the 4th quarter and costing me $33.

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SGP ❌️ Lavine hit 3 Bridges hit 3 Seem to be hitting a slump 🤔 Might take the rest of the week off and come back stronger next week 💪🏾 Good luck all 🫡🫡 #GamblingTwiitter #gamblingtwitter 🎰🎰🎰.


@_LegendaryJ Man look, I’m done putting money on Lavine. That mf screw me over every other night bruh. That was possibly Herro’s worst game of his career.


@dweebodylan @sportswithx Fuck Lavine and the bulls they always sell my parlays they are banned till further notice.

@Fleeion @LateNightLakers Russ & JTA 2027 & 2029 1st for Lavine & Caruso*.

We cashed day 2 of the community ladder challenge in @DownToFantasy17 discord. Been having a ton of fun doing these community ladders with props from our members. Was close to hitting the 25x as well, but some bad beats on Lavine and Kawhi. Onto tomorrow!.

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@deviousduck_ @Lakers They repurposed him, and he’s been great. Man to have DeRozan or LaVine rn. Man, especially LaVine. Would be filthy. Shits gettting irritating seeing LeBron have a legacy game— all for nothing..

gracias a la nctzen ahora podré ver recetas en el post de mark, no solo en los de adam lavine.

Can Zach LaVine handle the ball under pressure? Four soft TOs in the final three minutes, just one lowlight of a game dominated by Lil’ TJ McConnell in the paint..

I can’t sleeping knowing Zach Lavine is throwing games. He’s no better than mercy femboys.

DECK 15 | PICK #096 Recap de la Nuit : 1️⃣ Tatum ☘️ 52 2️⃣ Bam 🏖️ 52 1️⃣ Kahwi ✋🏾 44 1️⃣ Mitchell 🕷️ 37 1️⃣ Murray 🏹 33 1️⃣ Garland 🏇 32 1️⃣ Beal 🧙🏿‍♂️ 27 1️⃣ Lavine 🍷 7 2️⃣ Butler 🏥 0 Total de la nuit : 284 pts Total équipe : 37 790 pts Classement équipe : 158 📉 #TTFL.

Zach lavine not taking accountability in every press conference.

@LALakersFR Rob lâche ces picks on s’en bat les couilles de lavine ou derozan et on signera jamais Kyrie cet été.

Es gibt wenige Spieler, denen ich am Ende von engen Spielen weniger vertraue als Zach LaVine. Ich mag ihn echt und natürlich ist er super talentiert, aber es ist schon fast lächerlich wie er in diesen Situationen immer wieder alles vergisst, was er über Basketball weiß..

Trade Zach Lavine for Anthony Davis the bulls need a big and the Lakers need a shooter.

De cabeça fria e pensando com coerência, eu queria dizer que prefiro MIL vezes ter o LaVine no time do que o Westbrook, se bobear mil ainda é pouco. Opinião impopular? Sim. LaVine tá com a mão machucada ainda, não precisam se precipitar tanto assim sobre ele..

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