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Updated: December 4th, 2021 01:40 PM IST

The NBA has fined Lebron James $15,000 for his Sam Cassell celebration on a clutch 3-pointer in Lakers’ win over Indiana.

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@D_Portillo_0 I’ll panic if they miss the playoffs or Bron/AD aren’t healthy when they get here. Otherwise, I still haven’t seen a team good enough to beat LeBron and AD at the 4/5 especially if they run Bron at the 5 when AD rests and Russ/AD PNR when Bron rests. Just gotta be healthy fr

Sing it with me everybody: Jingle Bells, AD Fell Westbrook bricked away LeBron is old, Bazemore sold And the Clippers run LA Hey!

2013 lakers were a failure to many, but the process and commitment from Kobe Bryant to carry that team to the playoffs is never forgotten. Didn’t quit. Didn’t ask of others what he didn’t ask of himself. Similar to 2018 LeBron 👀. Lakers gotta stick together and follow through

Stanley Kubrick said that he hoped LeBron would sign with his hometown Chicago Bulls.

I swear the NBA just be making up stats to manipulate people into believing Lebron is good

@Mahster I hope your having great evening good sir, this is laker home game and lebron will get every call.

@Yart_3 @CrenshawBlvdd He was the biggest HS basketball sensation since Lebron, so, yeah i took that into consideration 🤣

Lebron James just tested positive for covid. But he tested negative for intelligence.

Lakers star LeBron James will be sidelined for at least 10 days, or unless he returns two negative test results in 24 hours moving forward, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium.

On Friday LeBron James netted his 13th game of 30 points since turning 36. The only players with more in NBA history are Karl Malone (70), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (37) & Michael Jordan (25).

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Idk… I would hope Lebron as the captain is on them, while including himself but you never know.

we played them with if you want to say curry owns lebron than just say mfs be mad dumb

No way would Jordan miss those crucial free throws Like Lebron missed! Jordan is the goat and its not even close 👑

@RealSkipBayless It’s official! The lakers suck. Lebron was seeing three rims again. Ad only shoots mid ranges like he Kd or something. Westbrook is just a turnover machine. Lakers won’t figure this out unless they fire the worst coach in the league(frank vogel) I hate everyone

@wesleymaniagma1 @gumiraomar Si lo hubieras visto te hubieras dado cuenta que LeBron fallo dos triples en ves de buscar el doble, que tiraron triples innecesarios los demas, que Davis le hizo la falta tarde y la cago y demas cosas, el fallar muchos tiros no hace que Westbrook sea malo

@DanJPreciado Next year HC? Which former lebron team offensive assistant is getting The job

The NBA has fined LeBron James $15,000 for his Sam Cassell celebration on a clutch 3-pointer in Lakers’ win over Indiana.

The “Watch The Throne” Nike LeBron 9 releases December 1. 👑

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Opened Twitter to the “news” that crybaby, thin-skinned, thoroughly unlikable Lebron James is apparently suffering ANOTHER bout of PMS! What EVER do the Chinese Communists SEE in him?

LeBron gets taunted by fans every game. For 19 years. And he’s never gotten anyone ejected before. Why not give him the benefit of the doubt that something wildly inappropriate was said?

LeBron didn’t think he should’ve been suspended after his altercation with Isaiah Stewart (via @kylegoon)

The level at which LeBron is performing at 36 years old compared to other greats when they were in that age is what makes him the GOAT

i’m yet to pack let alone get home && @lebron_jovon already starting 🙄🙄🙄

While we take the week off for Thanksgiving, settle this debate for us: Who was LeBron’s better 2nd option *WHILE THEY PLAYED WITH HIM*?

Lebron slaps someone on the court. The dude bleeding and chasing after him gets penalized worse. 😂😂😂 Gotta love it. Can’t make it up.


@RealSkipBayless @undisputed Mom says it’s my turn to trash Lebron

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El arquitecto César Lebrón, encargado de programas especiales del MOPC, indicó que ya los carriles están habilitados para transitar, aunque los trabajos en el área continúan. #ConstruyendoElCambio #CercanoALaGente (2/2)

@bowman1951 @GuruOpensCards Many people look at cards from 2018-2021, Lebron/Kobe/Jordan rookies and that’s it. So much more to cards. One day they’ll research them more


Jaylen Brown, Cam Reddish, Jalen Green, Cade Cunningham, LaMelo Ball, LeBron James, Chris Duarte, Desmond Bane, Jordan Nwora, DeAndre Hunter *healthy players only **sorry I cheated and named 10 😆

lebron must have felt bad for KD and reposted this in solidarity 💀

Lebron Photo,Lebron Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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