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Jason Zucker has 4 points (3G, 1A) in his past 4 games and ranks second on the #LetsGoPens in 5-on-5 goals per 60 minutes () behind only Sidney Crosby () #DFS players to watch in key stat categories & latest podcasts:.

#NHL GameScore Impact Card for Pittsburgh Penguins on 2023-01-24: #LetsGoPens.

#LetsGoPens Photo,#LetsGoPens Photo by HockeyStatCards,HockeyStatCards on twitter tweets #LetsGoPens Photo

Tonight’s 4 point game by @Letang_58 (even +/-) marked the second time he’s finished as an even or minus player while recording 4+ points. In Paul Coffey’s 17 4+ point games with the #LetsGoPens he was an even or minus player just four times..

The @penguins last two goals: Malkin from Sid and Letang Letang from Sid and Malkin. 3 brothers picking up where they left off. #LetsGoPens.

#LetsGoPens Photo,#LetsGoPens Photo by Millan Jain,Millan Jain on twitter tweets #LetsGoPens Photo

We were treated to a real goaltending duel tonight… #LetsGoPens.

#LetsGoPens Photo,#LetsGoPens Photo by Nick Brlansky,Nick Brlansky on twitter tweets #LetsGoPens Photo

The Penguins never seem to make it easy, but the return of Kris Letang proved to be a huge boost. #LetsGoPens.

Unbelievable night for Kris Letang. So happy for him #LetsGoPens.

Sí, estás viendo bien; es Kris Letang que está de vuelta 🚨 @Letang_58 l @penguins l #LetsGoPens.

Did you hear? @HockeyDaily365 and @penguins made #LetsGoPens a trending topic in the US. I have spoken..

So happy for Letang. What a moment for him and his family after everything he’s been through this year. 4 point night with the game winning goal in OT! @penguins #LetsGoPens.

@LetsGoPens_8771 @HunterHodies Sully would rather play Archibald over DOC and it’s sickening.

#LetsGoPens win a defensive struggle tonight. 🤪 Unlike the #DallasCowboys, at least they got the extra point..

What a night for the big 3!! #LetsGoPens C - 87: 1 G. 2 A. A - 71: 1 G. 2 A. A - 58: 2 G. 2 A. GWG on the PP in OT..

#LetsGoPens Photo,#LetsGoPens Photo by Woodrow Dale,Woodrow Dale on twitter tweets #LetsGoPens Photo

Great comeback performance by Letang. But the @penguins would’ve won in regulation if not for DeSmith. He’s been absolute garbage this season. Time to get rid of him. #LetsGoPens #Penguins.

Excellent night for the #Pens in the standings as the Capitals lose 3-2 in regulation in Colorado. Pittsburgh takes over the 1st Wild Card spot, Caps move to the 2nd. They have 2 games in hand. Huge game Thursday night. #LetsGoPens.

🔥PLAY OF THE DAY🔥 Welcome back Kris Letang! #LetsGoPens.

#LetsGoPens Kris Letang against the #FLAPanthers 26:29 TOI 6 Shots on Goal 2 Goals 2 Assists 4 hits 2 blocks.

#LetsGoPens Photo,#LetsGoPens Photo by Munch,Munch on twitter tweets #LetsGoPens Photo

Letang wins it in his first game back from injury/death of father, awesome stuff. Now find a goalie who isn’t made of glass like Jarry and a third line center who isn’t Jeff Carter and let the boys cook in the second half #LetsGoPens.

Love seeing how happy they are!! What a game for Letang!!! So glad he is back!! #LetsGoPens.

#LetsGoPens Photo,#LetsGoPens Photo by Daylasoul,Daylasoul on twitter tweets #LetsGoPens Photo

I lobe jarry but we gotta figure out this goalie situation fast. Crosby and the Gang deserve better #LetsGoPens.

I think being a Pens fan this year is Stockholm Syndrom. I have never been so in love with something that hurts me so bad lol. A win is a win #letsgopens.

@penguins Its the damn pigeon I tell you. Cursed thing. #LetsGoPens #SkatingPenguinWinsCups.


58 had a huge game coming back from being away for his father. His dad was with him tonight!!! @penguins #letsgopens.

2023-01-24 Pittsburgh Penguins - Florida Panthers 7 : 6 OT FLA Radko Gudas 17:57 0+0 0 #LetsGoPens #TimeToHunt.

There have got to be better options out there for a second goaltender. Got to. #LetsGoPens.

That was a wild, wild game. Happy for 58 and great to see them pull one out in free time. Needed a win like that. #LetsGoPens.

Great Game @penguins and what better man to deliver the winner! @Letang_58 #letsgopens.

Many things this season have brought us fans pure frustration from the Pens. This wins a huge boost of life for us going into an important game on Thurs So many times this season we’ve drug our feet into OT to lose. Im so happy we won tonight #LetsGoPens.

What a night for Kris Letang! He finishes with 4 points and scores the OT winner for Pittsburgh in his return. 😍 #NHL #LetsGoPens.

كريس ليتنيغ يجلب الانتصار المهم ضد الباثنرز في مباراة مثيرة انتهت 7-6للبطاريق في الاوفر تايم استطاع فيه القائد المخضرم ليتنغ احراز هدفين #LetsGoPens.

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