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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 02:40 AM IST

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I cannot BELIEVE Toby is getting this much airtime. Where are Liam and Millie Moo? #LoveIsland

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My favourite couples; Kaz and Tyler, Faye and Teddy and Liam and Millie and I love our bestie Liberty 😍😍💗💗 #LoveIsland

Liam and Millie just mind their business and enjoy each others company. They will go far onestly happy for them 🤝 #loveIsland

Millie and Liam genuinely like each other. Their relationship is more convince compared to Libby and Jake. Jake is into Jake #loveIsland

I want the final 4 to be Kaz and Tyler Lib and Jake Faye and Teddy Millie and Liam #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK

Liam and Millie are so unproblematic, not to mention stunning and so funny… why do they not get any airtime?!?! I want PROPER romance in LOVE island ffs #LoveIsland

I cannot BELIEVE Toby is getting this much airtime. Where are Liam and Millie Moo? #LoveIsland


@upinvogue everyone’s gonna vote for lib or kaz so imma just vote for Millie cause her and liam are cute

am i the only person to vote liam and millie??? come on people we know kaz will be saved but this couple need to stay!! #LoveIsland

Liam and Millie don’t get enough screen time, Lucinda had too much she don’t even like any of them I don’t blame her

@mackjoriarty Liam and Millie into 6s, you can call me mystic Mac because I predict these things

I feel like Liam and Millie are in another program. Does that make sense? #LoveIsland

Cutest moment ever this season proudly brought to you by liam and Millie . ☺☺☺☺☺. #LoveIsland

i need teddy gone he’s furniture #talkswithash and you guys aren’t seeing millie and liam more established than jake and liberty

@camillae_x So have I, all I kept hearing was “Liam and Millie are boring.” Watch unseen bits and you’ll see haters. Now they’ve got all hype, Liam and Millie lovers from beginning rise

Idk why people are JUST now gassing Liam and Millie, where were y’all when I was saying this after their first date???… #loveisland

Liam and Millie are actually growing on me 🥺 #LoveIsland more screen time for them please !!

Let’s just give Liam and Millie the 50K already seem to be my fav couple atm #LoveIsland

Why does Liam and Millie look like they’re in the villa on their 10 year wedding anniversary 😬#LoveIsland


If Millie and Liam somehow win Love Island they might as well discontinue the whole show in the UK

The only negative thought I have about Liam and Millie now is pure jealousy, particularly of that cuddle/nap #LoveIsland


and this is why I said Liam and Millie are the best couple there. Goodnight #loveisland

@darkdramione i CANNOT with danny and lucinda, get them out asap. Hugo deserves the world, but i don’t think he’s into AJ. i adore liberty and iffy about jake (DID YOU SEE THE THING FOR TMRW NIGHT?!?) Liam and Millie are cute, they’re flirting omg. Also Kaz is an absolute queen 💅


liam and millie are my only remaining hope for this season jakes behaviour is unacceptable i hate him #LoveIsland

@AmberRoseGill I don’t think she likes either or them but they are her only options. Danny does seem a bit much and possessive after one day. Actually think Millie and Liam are the strongest couple at the moment.


i love millie and liam they’re a bit boring but you can tell they genuinely get along w each other #LoveIsland

Lucinda doesn’t like either of them. Danny would be a terrible, jealous boyfriend. Jakes still faking it with Lib (love her) Hugo is not interested in AJ. Liam and Millie for the win. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandAftersun

ever since liam and millie became a thing he honestly looks so much happier, younger, and relaxed. i want whatever millie has #LoveIsland

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At this point, I’m only watching for Kaz, Liberty, and Hugo. I hope they get money and happy endings. I tolerate Millie and Liam. The rest I can’t be bothered to remember their names. #LoveIsland

I can’t believe that Liam and Millie are my favourite couple. This is all I’ve got o work #LoveIsland

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