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se o Vogel ainda tivesse aqui, eu tinha certeza absoluta que iríamos draftar o EJ Liddell.

Ne parleremo sul pod, ma WINNERS DET: Ivey senza fare trade up! Non capisco Duren se vuoi offrire max a Ayton, ma bel giocatore SAS: Sochan+Branham, upside upside NOLA: Daniels+Liddell con la 8+41 è ottimo, NOLA ha roster quasi pronto LOSERS SAC: Murray è buono, ma con la 4?!.

Hardy, Liddell, and Kennedy Chandler are who I’m pulling for the wolves to take in the 2nd.

For someone who chose Ohio St over Illinois I sure am seeing a lot of Liddell love from Illini fans/media. Good player but these are some interesting tweets.

@lakersdyl8 He would be nice, I like ej Liddell too. Two way stud who should’ve been drafted in the first.

Personally I wont fuck around with Liddell. Just clear him roster spot. And probably Pels will wait with second two-way. It is helpful tool..

@Schultz975 Liddell was the better play. They can get nembhard-type from the g league.

Lakers FO puttin work in bruh. They gonna get Chandler, Hardy, Liddell, or Kamagate at 35. Great move.


Biggest Surprise of the first round: expected EJ Liddell to go in the first round. #TheUNathleticPodcast.

I like Liddell but there has to be a reason his value tanked. You’re playing yourself if you still doubt the HEAT on draft night..

Idk how EJ LIDDELL dropped to the 2nd Round. Dude valid, if he available for Lakers they better scoop em up..

Hardy, Liddell, Williams, Minott, McGowens, Brown, Koloko and Keels are all picks that would make me happy..

@LakersNation Liddell is an undersized 4 hell we already have Johnson who is a tweener The lakers need someone with potential.

Preferia Liddell ou Hardy, não sei muito desse Caleb Houstan, mas e tá no Magic ele é foda.

@ToddRFoley @AndyKHLiu Ej Liddell much better. There were a number of dudes better. Look at baldwins stats at Milwaukee where his own dad was the coach lmao. He won’t do shit.

My favorites would be Minott, Liddell, Koloko, in that order Noot on this list - but imo worth a shot - are JD Davison and Alondes Williams.

ドラフト指名時の Liddell のリアクションが去年の🌿を彷彿とさせる。 こっちまでウルっとくるわ.

永遠にアムロ!! ♪男は~涙を、見せぬもの~見せぬもの….


Nah I’m mad I deleted the tweet, but yeah Diabate is the best second choice PF to get not named Liddell ahhh this is how I win.

My favorite picks of the draft: Paolo Ivey Duren Mathurin Terry Branham Eason Koloko Hardy Chandler Liddell Trevion.

@franciszomes still baffles me how we didn’t buy a pick for Liddell for exactly that, such a low risk invest.

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