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Pomp 🌪
Pomp 🌪

Good morning. Life is a series of obstacles and tests. Those who learn to be resilient, persistent, and optimistic have the upper hand. Let’s get after it relentlessly today 🔥.

Life Is Good is awesome in the $1m Whitney at Saratoga @TheNYRA! #WinAndYoureIn.

Congratulations to Life Is Good for winning the Whitney Stakes (G1)..

Life is Good Photo,Life is Good Photo by Longines WBRR,Longines WBRR on twitter tweets Life is Good Photo

Todd Pletcher moves to cool Life Is Good with his team as the Whitney winner showed some signs of tying up after his gutty Appeared to relax as he headed to test barn..

Life is Good Photo,Life is Good Photo by Steve Byk,Steve Byk on twitter tweets Life is Good Photo

#Hipismo 🏇🇺🇸 Life is Good ganó de manera muy solvente a pesar del cruce de línea en los finales completamente Aquí lo distanciaban de todas todas los comisarios del teclado,.

LIFE IS GOOD lo veo Mejor cómo Caballo de Breeders Cup No sé Digo Yo!!!! LIG fue el Destructor de los de.

#6 Life Is Good (4/5) dominates the Whitney Stakes (G1) from Saratoga with @iradortiz in the irons for @PletcherRacing. Watch #TwinSpiresReplay 🎥.

@normsworld the Walk in Park Sisters missed this one. Is it off Bayview? We will go. (Have now walked in 372 different TO parks) since Covid. Life is good 😊.

@Saturn_Kat Always glad when my friends take the high road so I have more room on the low road I can see renji, rose, and eventually the others putting their foot down on the really dangerous stuff tho. Life threatening hard drugs is where they draw the line. Which is GOOD..

White water rafting and unbelievable mountain views make you realize life is good 💘💯.


I’m having breathing issues for the first time in my life after having nightmares my whole life about not being able to breathe and reminding myself I don’t smoke so I’ll be good. If this is how I go out I’m gonna be so mad..

@greybeardbb He has plenty of time to train. I not taking Flightline or Life is Good. Not afraid of others on the list. Think Taiba will be set by then, and Epicenter is strong. Plus others gives u late bloomers and foreign horses..

@JLDangeloDuran Ese jinete siempre anda cruzando de lado a lado y no pasa nada, hasta que ocurra algo grave. Lo que es tener un buen agente de jinete y fama. En fin bien por Life is Good..

@bartsnz What good is a service if a donor cannot make a profit from it with the added benefit of making the service users life MORE difficult?.

🔥Life is Good breaks like a 🚀 and makes easy work in the Whitney what a talented horse! Handicapped perfect.

Life is Good Photo,Life is Good Photo by MKAmericantrackside,MKAmericantrackside on twitter tweets Life is Good Photo

@UzoCerti_10 Tbh if it isnt mature to say good morning then id rather stay immature for the rest of my life cuz then afterall saying gm is just respect And why be mature if u cant respect.

Nothing like The Three Stooges on a late Saturday afternoon. Thanks Me TV! Life Is Good! (get it?)..

Life is good when you have people like me helping people that needs plasma to make them feel a little better about them self . God bless n have a wonderful day👍.

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@iradortiz all smiles after winning the G1 #Whitney at Saratoga aboard Life Is Good..

Life is Good Photo,Life is Good Photo by Jim Gazzale,Jim Gazzale on twitter tweets Life is Good Photo

If you woke up this morning in good health, then you have a great reason to be very thankful. Life is always better when you celebrate every moment of it with attitude of gratitude. 💖💖💖.

So fucking tired of people trying to put 🇵🇸🇺🇦 causes against each other. All of this is about making yourselves feel good. Life is messy, war is messy, anyone who excuses one genocide while fighting against another is a bastard cunt..

@BradTakei @GeorgeTakei The answer the mother should have given was “you’re beautiful no matter how you wear your hair.” Seriously what is wrong with that mom? Damaged the relationship for life. Over bangs? Good going mom..

Great day with my little ladies. Record shopping (picked up my oldest record yet - 1969 Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac) and walks & drinks in the sun. Life is good. I’m a lucky man ❤️.

Life is Good Photo,Life is Good Photo by Phil Hammond,Phil Hammond on twitter tweets Life is Good Photo

Life is good won easily. Geared down at the wire. Congratulations to all the connections. 😀👍👏🏻🏇.

💗 أحب الجلوس دائماً مع الذين يخبروني بأنّ الحياة سعيدة حتى وإن لم تكن كذلك هؤلاء هم التعريف الحقيقي لـ فسحة الأمل ... I like to sit with those who tell me that life is good and jolly even though it is not It is just a space of Hope! 🌸.

Expecting life to be fair to you because you’re a good man/woman, is like expecting a tiger to not devour you because you do not eat meat..

@melanie_korach @SmrtAleks This is so beautiful. Alex you look so good, healthy, happy & so very kind. What a transformation ♥️. Life is hard but great friends make all the difference. Keep being you Alexs. Melanie & Aleks you both inspire me. Thank you both for your friendship 🙏😊💕.

Take a look at the scoring from the top of the 6th Life is good.

Life is good I’m good my family is good juts got out of a relationship…i got a new job I’m making good money I’m just great rn.

@fraan_kie And there is a good bright light at your end waiting❤️…life is tough today buh tomorrow 😍😍😍so beautiful ❤️.

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