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[email protected] and @Officialmilli__ are about to face some serious trials. What does it mean for the future of their family? Live tweet #LifeAfterLockup with us TONIGHT at 9/8c!

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No apologies, they cost too much ()

Maria is the type of bitch that make co-parenting situations hard. A real woman would say u should be spending time with your daughters , im not coming on this trip. But no, she enabling his bullshit & making shit difficult that she dont have shit to do with yet #lifeafterlockup

NOLA Creole ()

michael talks a lot of shit but one word i havent heard him say is “job” #lifeafterlockup

Lawana gilbert- ()

Sarah is using 💰to Control Michael and he has Slip Out of her CONTOL bc he is a USER Angela is the SAME way they both are Insecure In Prison they have control in Knowing where they are but when their out it’s Lost #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

Hey Trick Girlfriend! ()

Tony saw you in that driveway, dumbass. That’s why you didn’t catch him doing anything. He saw you watching, you ding dong. #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

Hey Trick Girlfriend! ()

Lamar doesn’t even seem like he’s a bad person. Yeah, he obviously did bad things in the past, but he seems like he’s trying. #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

Lawana gilbert- ()

Will someone PLEASE tell Sarah Just bc she likes Black Men she Doesn’t have to try and Slip into some Ghetto Slang #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

Rayvenn ()

I really truly can’t fucking stand Michael, he’s a true definition of piece of shit. #LifeAfterLockup

Jessica Farrell ()

Who tf does this bish think she is?!? Tellin’ Michael what he needs to do regarding his children when she’s only been in the picture a whole 5 mins. Sarah is NOT the problem, your “man” is. #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup

Farrah ()

@SparrowOnTheEye Michael is to immature to realize you can’t just have anyone around your kids espically multiple different people. Sarah needs to know who he’s bringing around the girls #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

Farrah ()

@SimoneRiche She really does need help. How is she going to say she’s tired of sleeping alone but the one telling her husband to sleep on the couch #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

Miyoncé ()

It literally makes me nauseous to see a dude with literally nothing going for himself buttering a woman up. GROSS. #LifeAfterLockup

SimoneRiche ()

The only person with sense is John’s sister 🤦🏽‍♀️ #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup

Jeannette hannigan ()

@GoodHumorGrl Michael is using his children as a way to keep his spot on the show too. #lifeafterlockup

SimoneRiche ()

These bitches on #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup are some control freaks. They use to these men in prison w/nothing else to do but write n call them. Then when the men get out, these broads lose they mind.

Chelsea Marie ()

#lifeafterlockup Sarah doesn’t want Mike. She wants him to be a good father but he is so narcissistic he tries to blame him not doing right by those girls on her to make himself feel better. What do these women see in him!?

SimoneRiche ()

Here comes Marlboro aka Angela #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup babysitting tony 🙄

SimoneRiche ()

Andrea a narcissist. #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup There’s so many chicks that would care for his ass

Nope Likeshit. ()

NOT. RECYCLED. THO. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #LifeAfterLockup #LoveAfterLockup

Renee Biernbaum ()

@PlaineBlaine Spelling Sarah & Megan aren’t hard so I thought you were doing it to be disrespectful. And you’re wrong, Sarah pays Michael’s phone bill so he can talk to his children!! Not for affection! Other women send $ so he can come visit, so ya they want to hook up #lifeafterlockup

Darling ()

So when are we going to get to the episode that addresses Megan looking very pregnant? #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

Jenn Bins ()

At least Gloriaetta’s eyebrows look much better bc it was a hot mess during season 2 #lifeafterlockup

Jazzie🖤⚔ ()

That bih said Gloria is one of these👇👇 🤣🤣🤣 #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

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Alexas ()

Marcelion and Brittany to me after her lockup is really gotten her life together outa all the couples they seem to have it together #lifeafterlockup

JLovesIslands ()

This show needs to be two hours long. @WEtv please make it happen. #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup

Desiree ()

I forgot all about Meghan - wasn’t she supposed to be taking a pregnancy test #LifeAfterLockup

Steve Stamina🇵🇷 🇺🇸 ()

Shane messed up big time they rolled back the video footage him saying he would never do that. #lifeafterlockup #loveafterlockup

Epi dats it! 🇭🇹 ()

Shane’s secret was anticlimactic. I guess Lacey has more passion for John. #loveafterlockup #lifeafterlockup

👩🏽‍💻👩🏽‍💼🦸🏽‍♀️📓📚 ()

Maria has no business gassing up this deadbeat dad. Stay in a side hoe’s place #lifeafterlockup #loveaf

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HollywoodLife ()

Sarah screams at Michael & accuses him of not caring about their kids in this exclusive #LifeAfterLockup preview:

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Love After Lockup ()

[email protected] and @Officialmilli__ are about to face some serious trials. What does it mean for the future of their family? Live tweet #LifeAfterLockup with us TONIGHT at 9/8c!

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