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From saved infant to sword wielder, Salinas police honors its officers #LivePD.

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I watched livepd So where is all this ehite privilege that keep hearing avout? #LivePD.

@OfficialLivePD Now Ive been watching livePd for the last couple years and I saw recently theres now police officers instead of the old ones. Theres a few but just wondering will they be coming back on anytime soon?.

Spokane County, WA was the greatest, shortest-term location on #LivePD #LivePDNation.

I miss officer Stokes from @SlidellPD being on the show. Another great officer! Hey @JakeMorris186 tell him we said hi! And have a good and safe weekend! #LivePD.

@JakeMorris186 Good morning Jake! Hollering at you and rooting for ya from Gainesville, Georgia (50 miles NE of Atlanta). My friend and I love Slidel in Louisiana. You guys and your department, in my opinion, are the best on LivePD. I am a firefighter-paramedic here. Thx you.

#LivePd #LivePDNation I need a new Gucci bag, can officer Danny Brown to buy me one!.

#LivePD @JamesCraigmyle I looked the Song up on YouTube, and I liked it. Good Song. I love @GeorgeStrait.

Congratulations on your new partner Deputy Cooper. We can’t wait to see him on LivePD 💙.

the kindness i see on livepd really gets to me i fucking CRIED over the cop who bought that guy socks.

@livepd saw the episode today where the car ran into the tree, and the tree spit the car in half!! What was the update? What a horrific scene! How anyone survived that is beyond me.#livepd.

#LivePD I love this replay of when @thundacat830 bought the socks for that guy. Kindness personified. Such a good example..

Laying here at Mease Countryside Hospital after having major spine surgery on Wednesday and now that I am functional enough, I hit my call button so the nurse would turn on Live PD @PascoSheriff @LivePDNation #Livepd.

@lizziejobaldwin @PascoSheriff Ooohhh yeah. #KLaw is on it. It’s def old. Wtf #LivePD ???.

President Trump needs to sign an executive order making it mandatory for #LivePD to air every Friday & Saturday night year round..

@Palmetto_Inn Thank goodness for #LivePD repeats featuring @RCSD - we can get our Blue Door fix!.

@danabrams You are so prolific Dan! Author, LIvePD host, TV, radio ... do you ever sleep?😉.

A slut paddle A ball gag and some orpheus u find that at ur local rite aid Only on #LivePD.

Well bring them on!!!! tweeting with #LivePD #LivePDNation is expected.

“Miscellaneous ....”. Lol. #LivePd. I have had so many growing pains as each episode is watched and rewatched. Morality is in the spotlight. We have a lot of work to do to be better citizens often. Love ❤️ Love.

From saved infant to sword wielder, Salinas police honors its officers #LivePD.

Only good thing about a rerun is seeing dep McElwain again, hes so awesome! @deputymcelwain #LivePD.

Wonder if any one ever let police search their car because they lost something under the seat or never got around to cleaning it out. #LivePD.

The guy with the bondage stuff and Slut paddle in his trunk would absolutely be me #LivePd.

#livepd @DeputyMcelwain is patient as hell!! Nice .. butt plugs, gag ball, collars and lol OMG!!! 🤣🤣🤣.

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