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Here’s a pic of the car behind me in my now home studio/garage. It’s a 64 Cadillac Deville convertible #LivePD

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Bambi Staying in my backyard ()

K9 Flex! Good boy. Catch that bad man. I love my puppies. 😊🌺🖖👏👏👏#LivePD

Runningwithscissors ()

#LivePD #livepdnation well Chody managed to crowbar his way in tonight, not shocker there

FINCH - GO 49ERS!!! ()

Sroka’s daughters are so cute? The one blowing kisses to the camera! #LivePD #LivePDSpecialEdition

Rusty Shackelford ()

Nice job on #LivePD tonight Capt Burt. Looking forward to more from Missoula. @Bill_Burt_409

Phyllis Bennett (nan ()

Have a wonderful Sunday!! May we all be back Please lets all be careful in where ever we go! I have a doctor appt 30 miles from home Was hoping to do a phone appt. But they a ck up.#LivePD #LivePDNation see ya soon

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Allie ()

Please watch your kids. This made me mad to see, mostly because there was a literal toddler running around by the road. Don’t give babysitting duties to kids under 10. It isn’t their job. #livepd

Snarkapotamus ()

@Sean_C_Larkin just lettin you know must have that Caddy Convertible!!! #LivePD #LivePDNation

🌸esmi🌸💙💙🏩👚 ()

We just have to keep safe , take precautions if you have to work and if not stay home safe with your family .!!!! Also please people don’t take your babies to the stores .!!!! Please !!!!!! Love my law enforcement officers and K-9 units 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 we are in this together #LivePD

Katie Belofi ()

I didn’t realize how much I needed these specials until they happened. Thanks, guys. ❤️#LivePDNation #LivePD

Dan Flynn ()

Great show tonight with some great insight from some incredible #FirstResponders on @OfficialLivePD on @AETV! Thanks for tweeting along with me and asking so many questions! Talk you all soon! #LivePD

Dan Flynn ()

It’s primary transmission is droplets. If you are in close contact with other people (less than 6 feet) it is possible you can have droplets on your skin or clothing. This is why distancing and not touching your face is paramount. #LivePD #LiveRescue @AETV

Craig Moluf ()

In Duluth MN a first responder (state trooper) helping out another first responder (doctor). America at its finest. God bless them. #LivePD

Jeremy Pratte ()

That officer was such a good and compassionate man. An example of how all officers of the law should be. #LivePD #LivePDNation

Susan Hempstead ()

Hi @sheriffchody I miss you and Williamson County. Thank you for taking time to speak with us and how you are dealing with this virus. #livepd #livepdnation

Robert D in Tulsa ()

She was clearly emotional as the logic of speeding and potentially killing herself/others makes ZERO sense, especially for a medical professional. Emotions = zero logic. #LivePD

Stephen Tosh ()

#LivePDSpecialEdition @SheriffChody great to see you sir! Miss seeing you and your deputies on #LivePD

GF ()

#LivePD OMG ... I’m crying again. 😢 Kudos to that Minnesota Officer 👏🏻 #LivePDSpecialEdition

Vf75 Law Enforcement ()

Now THAT is a textbook example of the so-called Minnesota Nice #LivePD #LivePDNation

Nicole Schuman🍕 ()

This sheriff on #LivePD pulled a dictor over for speeding, but instead of issuing her a ticket, donated 5 n95 masks to her. ❤

Michael Bracken ()

@Sean_C_Larkin best zoom background flex dat muscle car. Solid. #livepd #a&e

Kendra Leoni ()

@CuddleStein3 Seriously!! I miss my regular #LivePD fam where we all spread love. People are being mean tonight even when you’re trying to help sheesh #LivePD

Kendra Leoni ()

@MaryHWard I am! Missing my #LivePD fam hopefully we can beat this so we can go back to laigh at people officers stop lol

Cathy ski ()

@TwoQuoque @JesseKellyDC Watching #LivePD tonight, one jurisdiction discussing the increase in domestic violence so they’re considering closing liquor anybody remember how organized crime came to power during Prohibition?

Kendra Leoni ()

Hey west coast #LivePD fam hope everyone is safe and doing ok. I don’t know how tonight is going to go but we’ll see.

NOTDaleJR88 ()

Just gonna pretend these are new #LivePD KICK IN THE DOOR AND SIC THE DOC ON HIM!!!!

Deputy Mom ()

Thank you A&E for giving us #LivePD re runs still or I would be going into withdrawals! #LivePDNation

LivePD fan in Florida ()

@BuffyTransue - #LivePD I said you could search my nobody said you could search by glove compartment! LOL

Terri arneson🤙🏼 ()

“Where’d you find the weed?” “Glove compartment.” “I told you you could search the car not the glove compartment.” I fuckin love #LivePD 😂

Sean Larkin ()

Evidently @danabrams needs to come to my garage and borrow some of this grass seed and turf builder for that front yard/soccer field of his #LivePD

Sean Larkin ()

Here’s a pic of the car behind me in my now home studio/garage. It’s a 64 Cadillac Deville convertible #LivePD

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