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9 #LOONA Members Reportedly File Injunctions To Suspend Contracts + BlockBerryCreative Denies.

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A ty wiesz, ze oni nikomu nie placa? Stracili polowe staffu, bo im nie placili za nic i mieli pracowac za darmo. Z Loona jest to samo i BBC sie na niej msci odkad zaczela mowic o tym glosno xd dlatego nie miala zadnego staffu wewnetrznego, ktory by jej pomagal i musiala sama.

Ogarniac swoje solo aktywnosci, za ktore BBC kosilo niezla kase, nie dali jej tylko z tego powodu wziac udzialu w pierwszej trasie koncertowej Loona i ja odsuwaja od zespolu od tamtej pory xd po prostu ja probuja sabotowac, ale wszyscy wiedza w Korei, ze to BBC odpierdala, wiec.

@theDemonDM @SukeruVT chuu got kicked outta loona because she spoke out about not being paid since debut (including transportation costs for work) and bbc says she was abusive towards staff and something like this will never happen again and loona never worked solely for profit 🙄.

I don’t even know loona but genuinely fuck BBC they can go get hit by a car with no insurance.

@yeojiina We can continue to talk about everything but not involve the official accounts ( tagging loona or bbc), using hashtags or dropping their names in the twt will work.

Ben herhangi bir loona üyesi olsam istifayı basardım zaten loona olmasa sirket surunuyordu (yine de surunuyorzatn.

Me puso terriblemente triste tener la certeza de que no voy a verla más con Loona, pero me alegra que haya podido desprenderse de toda esa mierda y esté siendo exitosa por su cuenta ❤.


• coleciono loona e lesserafim (gowon, choerry, yeojin e eunchae, kazuha, yunjin mais especificamente) sou menor de idade e nunca troquei/comprei/vendi nenhum pc pela internet mas vou tentar fazer tudo do melhor jeito possível!!.

i’m writing my feelings down for the whole chuu situation and i’m not ok and tbh i think i’ll never recover loona was everything to me and to have it taken so suddenly and unfairly i can’t process these emotions..


@loonatheworld bbc 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 loona 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗.

lembra dql video orbits loona + disband de um mnt de grupo blackpink seu lugar ta reservado amor só aguarde kk..

I just hope all 12 members of loona are safe, specially knowing they have their own apartments. I hope in this times they are staying together collectively or staying with their families.

No matter what happens loona will always be ot12, chuu will always slay, bbc will eventually go bankrupt and loona will rise to their peak glory.

@KanaparkS 長女からも昨日LINEきました。 LOONA、確か推してたヨジャグルの一つだっただけに、めっちゃ可愛そうと。 そもそも事務所の待遇が悪かったときいたし….

actually i feel alot better than yesterday day im more mad than sad but i know loona karma will come andbwe WILL get justice we have the whole industry got our back even sunmi the good ones always win at the end :).

You can rly tell the game went f2p with these designs like idk how to explain it.

quem que vai processar a bbc até a empresa falir e tirar o loona de lá.

não sei nada sobre loona mas o nome chuu é tão engraçado que rio de tudo que tem chuu no meio.

Wait the streets are saying chuu still under bbc and that she’s just not in loona which means her solo revenue will still go to bbc 😀.

@poetyartist VISTEE aparte la re explotaban pero se comían toda la plata ellos, espero q loona pueda salir de esa empresa del sorongo y no se q las adopten los de la sm algo!!.

@Teo_engendr0 Si, solo porque quería que le paguen (a ninguna de loona les pagan tampoco).

ay nostalgia llevaba mucho sin escuchar loona no puedo creer que ya no piense nunca en estas chicas cuando ellas definieron mi 2018.

quand on me dira combien elles sont je dirais toujours 12. jamais je dirais 11.

@fireandoath @koobicouture Also I’m literally an army bts are my ults and my special interest if bts were being mistreated in the same way as loona were and not paid for their hard work I’d be the first one to speak up abt it.

@henry_zach_ i wish i was getting a loona disbandment teaser I WANT MY GIRLS TO BE FREE but no I was waiting for the red velvet mv teaser.

ai gnt esse negócio do loona ta me deixando mt mal. acompanho elas desde sempre, apesar de toda a história por trás do grupo eu sei que a trajetória delas é muito bonita. eu amo muito o loona e nunca vou esquecer de nada que vivemos juntas.

if loona do succeed and ultimately disband i’m low-key happy they were able to have one last ot12 comeback and glad the girls stood their ground.

i still havent checked out rvs birthday my mind is just full on loona freedom rn i cant do anything else.

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