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Free agent center Kevon Looney has agreed to a three-year, $ deal to return to Golden State, sources tell ESPN..

Kevon Looney is staying with the Warriors on a three-year, $ deal, per @wojespn.

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Kevon Looney is returning to the Warriors on a three-year, $ million deal, per sources. @wojespn first. Additional details: First year of deal starts around $7 million. Third year of deal has a partial guarantee of $3 million..

GP2 could have decided to sit out the rest of the season with a broken elbow, but he battled back. Looney played every game even with an extensive injury history, and never took a night off. This is the culture that the Warriors need to preserve as they defend their title..


There are 10 active players with more than two rings: 4 — LeBron Draymond Steph Klay Iguodala 3 — McCaw Looney Green McGee Haslem.

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Even if wiseman is good he can’t share the floor with looney. Payton can. It just kills lineup combinations losing him.

Best available free agents Zach Lavine Deandre Ayton Mitchell Robinson TJ Warren Collin Sexton Kemba Walker Carmelo Anthony Jusuf Nurkic Bruce Brown Otto Porter Kevon Looney Donte Divincenzo Dennis Schroder #MFFL.

Serbest durumdaki bazı oyuncular: Zach LaVine Deandre Ayton Miles Bridges Mitchell Robinson Andre Drummond TJ Warren Collin Sexton Kemba Walker Bruce Brown Carmelo Anthony Jusuf Nurkic Bruce Brown Otto Porter Kevon Looney Donte Divincenzo Dennis Schroder Donte Divincenzo.

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@mrclarkinc Yeah. It’s harder to be content with that while you have a top 10 player ever and the best defensive player of a generation in their late primes. Not to mention guys like Poole, Wiggins, Looney and Klay who have proven they can be championship level contributors..

@RFMSpecialty @OnBallSteph You don’t need 6 years to learn how to screen. It ain’t that difficult. Looney has been good for us but truthfully Mitchell Robinson can do a lot more for us. More athletic and better rim protector. Cheaper too..

@KevzL12 If they tried to match that offer for GP2, it might be Looney who’s gone and Loon is more needed in the team. It sucks to let Gary leave but at some point, they have to let someone go..

@warriorsworld Anybody got an extra chair I can borrow to lock Looney in Clips style till the deal is signed?.

Looney was arguably the second best player definitely top 3 best in the finals. Him resigning is a must for this team now.

@warriorsworld People need to Trust in Bob. Warriors will be fine without OPJ, JTA, and Even Looney, if it comes to that. Relax and let the front office do what they do. Help is on the way and Next-gen ready to step up..

Also ST has characters CONSTANTLY breaking into secured government facilities with looney tunes antics. Even the non-scifi parts aren’t super grounded in reality..

@NPS12345678 I criticize the front office all the time. Had we lost looney I would have been losing my isht. I just don’t value gp2 as much as you guys do. I’m bummed he’s gone but we move..

Lucas really knocked out that white boy with a 360 looney toons why I oughta ass punch and I love that for him.

@MafiaTheViper Sorry, but they have to save up the money to pay up for Poole, Looney, and Wiggins. They weren’t going to pony up the money for him..

@cutdamionlee @Sheridanblog You’re trying to make it seem like it was Wiseman vs GP2. It wasn’t. It was Looney vs GP2..

@LaCocinaDeSteph En los papeles era elegir entre esos dos, Looney es más reemplazable.

@DumbDiscord4_0 @dbs408 looney had a shitty year? come on. and his last contract is irrelevant tbh. man if pj tucker can get 11M per at age 37, loon can get 11M..

Bruh this One only 2 I really Card about keeping was GP2 & Looney.

@victorj89690014 I would have rather lost looney then gp because wiseman is back next season.

tj warren si pas de otto porter jr schroder why not ?? looney.

@WarriorsLatam_ Todo es dolor admin si se van otto y looney directamente me doy de baja de la vida.

Tu gardes Looney et Bjelica puis ensuite bonne chance pour trouver du petit contrat qui répond à tes besoins (énergie notamment défensive en sortie de banc?).

@timkawakami Looney is incredible against guards and destroys opposing PnR situations lol.

@4TheCycle1 The Warriors just won a ring with Kevon Looney as their primary center. Looney showed all a modern big has to do when surrounded by potent guard play is the little things; rebound, defend, get easy buckets. Last I checked Drummond could do all that..

Si no nos quedamos a Looney me voy a enfadar @warriors pagadle a este tio lo que pida..

@Sheridanblog it is what it is. if the FO has a choice between looney and gp2, i think they chose correct.

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