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Louie and Unc makin’ valid points, but right now they gotta stick together more than ever. #SnowfallFX

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Susu✿ ()

ojala algun dia conocer a L y que todxs las que les molesta que sea louie billista esten re dolidas

Wheel Of Love The Series
Wheel Of Love The Series ()

Louie Caminade bilang Clark! Sino siya? At ano ang papel nya? Wheel Of Love presents Weekend To Remember this April 18 na, 7pm on AsterisK Entertainment Youtube Channel! #WeekendToRemember @WheelOfLoveS1

文子夕夏@カクヨム ()

先頃、Louie Mantia,Jr氏の意欲作、《junior花札》が届きました。 一通り札を触り、デザインの鑑賞、またまた並べたり打ったりを致しました。 是非Twitterで Wonderfulな花札についてレビューしたく思い、文子夕夏に少々語らせて下さい。 #花札 #junior花札

LouieStill ()

Young Matadors by Michal Chelbin / 2018 -The images in this series were taken in several schools for matadors in Spain, mostly around Seville and Madrid. Ages of the students in these schools run from 7 to 17, and some of the sitters are recent graduates of these schools. 1/10

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unknown²⁸ ama dronlu
Unknown²⁸ ama dronlu ()

Allahım Louie değilsen unstanliycem çabuk söyle Louie misin değil misin? Louis kırmızı çizgim onu stanlemeyenle olmaz @Allah

Ruby²⁸ ()

Istg if one more solo louie tells me I don’t care about louis’ career

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A.🍍 ()

Not to blame that dude that makes captions for twitter trends but something about this “Louie” one seems just a little bit wrong

Louie Photo,Louie Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
GOT7 and Lee Sung Kyung fan
GOT7 and Lee Sung Kyung fan ()

Louie would want to go here. Disney Tokyo Sea is one of his favorite attractions but i bet this will top his list.

ᴹTatasia♡’s Lucy²⁸_is_a_penguin
ᴹTatasia♡’s Lucy²⁸_is_a_penguin ()

jestem Louie ale dziś jestem już tak wkurwiona ze mam ochotę wyciszyć te głosowanie bo mam dość tych jebanych głosów na tl sorry guys

📣 Barmy Lord Brockman MP 🎩 Member of the Public.
📣 Barmy Lord Brockman MP 🎩 Member of the Public. ()

When I take my little dog , Louie, out for a walk , I take a bag with me and pick up and bin any rubbish I come across . I wouldn’t normally mention this but there is an election on and apparently I’m supposed to tell you 😉

Louiet91×_× ()

@louissavedme Dios, yo no sé por qué pero pienso que está enfadado con todo el fandom 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Louiet91×_× ()

@louissavedme No suelo dormir mucho y lo que duermo lo duermo horrible ☠️ , así que suelo tener muchos dolores de cabeza y muchas migrañas 😩

Carol \ really good😏²⁸
Carol \ really good😏²⁸ ()

Siamo in tendenza anche negli Stati Uniti ✨#louies Sono veramente onorata di essere una #Louie 💙

Mon lvs louis and he lvs 🇲🇽
Mon lvs louis and he lvs 🇲🇽 ()

@fflxwalls siii o sea es que la louie dijo que era su manager y que lo tenían controlado en fin, todo el mundo se enojo HASTA YO. Hasta que pues después ~reflexionamos y nos dimos cuenta que solo era si trabajo y que cuidaba a L

s 🏡🇲🇽
S 🏡🇲🇽 ()

Louis dijo que nos ama y que nos mantengamos a salvo y casi casi nos dio las buenas noches, me siento muy feliz de ser una louie mexicana

Jaz ⚡️
Jaz ⚡️ ()

I got to hit my blunt long on this one I kno damn well y’all ain’t bout to kill off Louie #SnowfallFX

(^_\)⏳ ()

@GlZMOWING and the flowers thing i think out of all the triplets shed definitely like followers so much but depises getting all dirty and messy i think that’s just very in character for it’s so sweet. i like the genderfluid hc, trans louie > its perfect i think

Tiffany🦋 ()

tbh nwm czy jestem louie, ale powiem wam ze imo ta nagroda należy się tylko i wyłącznie louies


Now playing on ZEUBIEN FX-JAZZ RADIO Incognito, Louie Vega, Joe Claussell - Wake Me (Louie Vega & Joe Claussell Remix)

Robbie Vegas
Robbie Vegas ()

Masters picks: took Spieth 30/1 back in February and found Bubba at 65/1 to win. In Groups: took Im over Colin/Hedeki/Finau and Rose over Day/CamSmith/Louie. Plus 2 not to make the cut (which are horrible to bet but nice prices)

Adrianna Mitchell
Adrianna Mitchell ()

Omg Louie noooooo. I ain’t had nothin to do with that. That’s Khadijah’s crazy ass lol #SnowfallFX

Neden Olmasın?
Neden Olmasın? ()

Bence kadınlar çok akıllı varlıklar. İsteseler dünyayı bile ele geçirirler ama onlar alışveriş yapmak istiyor. &Louie


@iLWTBESTIE no sos mala louie por dios kat vos sos una de las mejores posta, sos siempre tan dedicada y leal con el, el te ama muchísimo sos una de sus mejores louies nena

Alexis Amore ™ Born 🇵🇪 Living 🇺🇸
Alexis Amore ™ Born 🇵🇪 Living 🇺🇸 ()

Home yay! I had a very productive day 🙌🏽 while answering to my dms on my OF 💪🏽 Time to walk Louie 🌊 and after a nice shower followed by some naughty content for my members page 🔥

aylen lvs niall
Aylen lvs niall ()

esta semana el fandom louie está de tóxico,,, bueno en algún momento iba a pasar fue bueno mientras duró

joha ⚔️🇲🇽 LHL EN MI PAIS
Joha ⚔️🇲🇽 LHL EN MI PAIS ()

mi mamá llego y me dice: ya cómo está Louis? le enviaste mensaje? que ha pasado? y si le llamamos? HAHA mi mamá es louie de corazón

Larissa. ()

dropou o ls porque percebeu que o squad é de >ONLY< louie, saiu espalhando pra tuas amiga que a gente é tóxica e quer fazer 13 tweets seguidos chamando a gente de obcecada tem que rirrrrr gatinha foca no teu fav ai e irrita a gente não que a situação com você é bem embaçada

Alex ()

I been dreading today for Aunt Louie better be OK and Leon and my Uncle Jerome better stay good too. #Snowfallfx

Charming Asshole
Charming Asshole ()

Finally Franklin saw the light. It only took for reed coming back and Louie getting shot to see. #Snowfallfx

Snowfall ()

Louie and Unc makin’ valid points, but right now they gotta stick together more than ever. #SnowfallFX

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