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I hope whenever the hell Luke P. does go home, they send him on a flight with 9 separate connections with 6 hour layovers at each one. This dude is something else. #thebachelorette.

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Eliminated #TheBachelorette contestant Dustin tells us how it feels to be sent home before Luke P.: I should have asked her are you sure?.

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Luke loves stealing dad’s hat to delay bedtime! Thanks to the team at @trumpstore for dropping some swag off in my office yesterday - you do an awesome job and always make us proud! 🇺🇸🇺🇸.

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Catching up on last nights #thebachelorette. Every time Luke P speaks I just want to glitter bomb his whole face..

The first constructive thing Luke P. has said all season #TheBachelorette.

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Tbh if Luke P wins the bachelorette I’m still not that worried about Hannah because she’ll dump him immediately after watching these episodes air and seeing he’s a sociopath behind the.

Luke P staying on the bachelorette makes me so mad because the way he tries to manipulate her reminds me so much of one of my exes. TOXIC !! SEND HIM HOME HANNAH KNOW YOUR WORTH.

I think Hannah and luke P belong together they are both idiots and a perfect match #TheBachelorette.

Luke P writing love notes to Hannah #bachlorette @BacheloretteABC.

No one: Luke P: are you gonna let me finish #theBachelorette.

“I was misunderstood” “You’re twisting my words” “If I said that I didn’t mean it” Luke P ladies and gentleman #TheBachelorette.

The fact that Hannah let Luke P. stay even after she sent him home is absolutely idiotic and disrespectful to all the other men. I would have left. #TheBachelorette.

Genuinely concerned for Hannah. There is no way the good parts of Luke P outweigh these bad parts. #TheBachelorette.

hannah: *considering to quit being the bachelorette bc of all the drama* also hannah: “Luke P, will u accept this rose?” #TheBachelorette.

I know this will be an unpopular opinion but I do like Luke P. His delivery is off sometimes but he is who he is. I respect his stance that he would prefer to not be on the show if she is sleeping around with other men. #TheBachelorette.

Currently in my room, sweating, doing sit ups, thinking about wine and chicken wings I’m going to have with my friends tmo as we yell at luke p 🥰.

how I felt when I watched her not send Luke P. @laurahuntt.

#TheBachelorette Hannah if she ever decides to kick Luke P to the curb:.

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Hannah: I just need you to stop blaming other people and own up to your mistakes. Luke P: This is 100% Garrett’s fault. 😂 #Bachelorette.

▪️|| Allah has willed that the African brothers again raise the banner of Islam , just as they had done during the early age of Islam, and to defend His religion as soldiers of the Islamic State #ThُeٌBِacٌhِeٍloْreًttٌe |•• lٌuٌkّe ِp.

Garrett is just as annoying as Luke P. There, someone had to say it. #TheBachelorette.

*Luke P comes on the screen* My mom who is watching The Bachelorette for the first time: Oh my goodness stop talking. #TheBachelorette.

It’s been 5 episodes of the Luke P show, w/ a glimpse of her connections with Tyler, Peter, & Jed thrown in. And a bunch of other guys we barely know or care about. Do we really need to be recapped on this? First hour = Luke P drama. Second hour = dissecting the Luke P drama..

Hannah: I deserve better than this! Also Hannah: has to babysit Luke P in every episode and still keeps him around #bachelorette.

Whatever blackmail Luke P. has on whomever to still be there HAS to be juicy. Most women would rather put together IKEA furniture with no hands than to be with Luke. #thebachelorette.

I hope whenever the hell Luke P. does go home, they send him on a flight with 9 separate connections with 6 hour layovers at each one. This dude is something else. #thebachelorette.

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