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Updated: November 27th, 2021 06:40 AM IST

Today, I want to give thanks to all the quarterbacks that throw my dad the football. 😂 Aaiden Diggs has a Thanksgiving message to all the QBs his dad @TrevonDiggs has intercepted. (via @NFLonCBS) 📺: #LVvsDAL -- 4:30pm ET on CBS 📱: NFL app

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Yes, the #DallasCowboys defense gave up too many big plays, but as @Spags52 writes, the number of flags flying were enough to cause a blown gasket. #LVvsDAL

4Qでガンガン追い上げられて残り24秒で追いつかれたトキはどうなるかと思ったけど、OTでなんとか振り切った  しかし、キックオフ・リターン・タッチダウンを許しちゃぁイカンだろ   #Raiders #LVvsDAL

#LVvsDAL Photo,#LVvsDAL Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Honesty time #RaiderNation: The @Raiders suck. Fortunately, the @dallascowboys suck worse. Yay us. #LVvsDAL

Bout 5 weeks ago the cowboys already won the SB. the fan base of Dallas seems to think this every year. Now what? Up hill battle. #LVvsDAL

#LVvsDAL Jamás es interferencia de pase. Jamás. No voltear a ver el balón NO es requisito. Mal por CB Anthony Brown que no aprendió en todo el juego que le iban a marcar cualquier cosa. #DallasCowboys

Dak with a LASER pass to Gallup…he did something like that against the Browns last year. #LVvsDAL

Vegas should have called a timeout their defense clearly wasn’t ready for that play #LVvsDAL

Damn Dak threaded the ball between the two defenders. Good concentration Gallup. #LVvsDAL

Raiders fans when they see Daniel Carlson walking down the street 😂 #LVvsDAL

Think Mark Davis has the day of the week written on this mock turtlenecks and acid washed jeans of his? Or does he just grab one of the 100s he owns? #LVvsDAL

would you ever think this man is the owner of Raiders if you didn’t know #LVvsDAL

#LVvsDAL Photo,#LVvsDAL Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Refs out to get Dallas. They knew that call on the PAT would end up costing us points. 😉#LVvsDAL

@crissy_froyd I only have one device. Should I watch the end of #LVvsDAL, or #EggBowl?


You got to fuck him up, put a damn good hit on that garbage of a QB! I think the referees established that you can’t touch him never mind. #LVvsDAL

They ran a hand off option pitch on the 1 yard 🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂.. SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO DO EXACTLY WHAT THE DEFENSE KNOWS YOU ARE GONNA DO!!! Run it up the GUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! #CowboysNation #LVvsDAL


Pollard got us down the field and Zeke gets the TD. They should have let Pollard have that TD run #DallasCowboys #LVvsDAL

Raiders head coach could have used time out there before the td #LVvsDAL to give carr some time to get in fg range. This coach is a dumbass. Two weeks in a row he forgets that he has timeouts

MM not going to two is bananas. Rotating linemen is bananas. Calling plays like Jason Garrett is bananas. #LVvsDAL

このドライブは50ヤード超えのパスもあったし、良い攻撃だった。いやはや、この試合は前半だけで十分濃い。#LVvsDAL #nfljapan

#Cowboys are back in the game after that drive. They decided not to go for 2 to make up for that missed extra point following their previous TD. Hmm. #LVvsDAL

Getting the @BetMGMTonight studio ready for a special live Thanksgiving night show full of analysis and live betting #LVvsDAL #BUFvsNO 7PM ET on Audacy and Twitch

#LVvsDAL Photo,#LVvsDAL Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

hasn’t shown me one reason why he’s suppose to get big money this offseason. #LVvsDAL

The crap of throwing to the line of scrimmage on 3rd down must stop. Absolutely awful. #LVvsDAL

Taking that fumble pitch away from Neal is on the same level of criminality as taking that poster dunk away from Edwards #LVvsDAL #NFLTwitter

#LVvsDAL Can we just go back to the good old days, when the kicker missed the PAT the mob would take him out on the street and publicly stone him!

The cowboys offense hasn’t looked like anything since they played New the Falcons dropped their pants , bent over and spread cheeks so that bull shit game didn’t count worth a damn. 🤷🏾‍♂️ #LVvsDAL

And THATS why McC should’ve Challenged that catch/Fumble. Flippin Stooooooopid !!!! #LVvsDAL

Cowboys WR snap count after 3 drives #LVvsDAL Michael Gallup 14 Noah Brown 14 Cedrick Wilson 9 Malik Turner 1 Out of 15 plays

DJax loves playing here 😅 @DeSeanJackson10 is GONE for six. #LVvsDAL | #RaiderNation | CBS


Today, I want to give thanks to all the quarterbacks that throw my dad the football. 😂 Aaiden Diggs has a Thanksgiving message to all the QBs his dad @TrevonDiggs has intercepted. (via @NFLonCBS) 📺: #LVvsDAL -- 4:30pm ET on CBS 📱: NFL app

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