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[email protected] says she’s sharing her Grammy win with Mac Miller 🙏 #GRAMMYs #RIPMacMiller.

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Cardi B didn’t deserve the Grammy for hip hop album of the year and that’s facts. Pusha T shoulda had that shit and if he didn’t get it Mac Miller or Nipsey Hussle shoulda got it. That’s facts..

I will assume Ariana’s response was based on Mac Miller not winning, not being anti Cardi..

Cardi B winning the Grammys rly just shows how shit ppls taste in music is. Least Mac Miller actually made music that had quality and was relatable!.

i don’t care if thirsty ariana stans think AM is good or not. also the grammy’s is fucked up for inviting mac miller’s parents just to see someone else win..

been a mac miller fan since 2011. not here for all the fake ass fans who never cared about him before showing him love..

No. She was reacting to Mac Miller’s family being called on stage on not getting the award..

mac miller deserved that grammy. ugh the world ANNOYS ME. he’s wanted one for ages but nooo couldn’t give him one when he was alive then u use his name for promo AND invite his parents KNOWING he wasn’t gonna win. pathetic. #TheGrammys #GRAMMYS.

Mac Miller, Illuminati, Nike $acrifice Dream Crazy Video, Ariana Goddess of Death, Eminem VS MGK.

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Digam o q disserem esta menina é poderosa mm e ainda dedicou o Grammy ao Mac Miller.

still doesn’t seem real that mac miller is dead. i’m still listening to his music almost everyday 😥.

Ariana Grande Tweets & Deletes Her Fury Over The Grammys Snubbing Mac Miller - Pedestrian TV.

Finding out Mac Miller didn’t win Best Rap Album of the year sucks and knowing Cardi won it instead just upsets me. Ariana was the only one that said it was complete bullshit🙏! Cardi could of won it with another album. Mac is done 🤷🏻‍♂️ -Rant Over.

#GRAMMYs bitmiştir. kusura bakılmasın ariana grande’nin en kötü albümüne grammy verip mac miller’ın rap tarihini değiştiren efffsane albümünü bildiğin ölümünden reklam yapmak için kullandılar. daha da davosa GEL MEM! cardi b ne ya cardi b kim aq köylüsü!.

not gonna lie i never heard a mac miller song other than the way but i miss him more than i miss my grandma.

#CardiB said, “I read an article that Mac Miller’s family said that if he don’t win, they wanted me to win, so I’m sharing this Grammy with you, motherfucker! Rest in peace!.” STFU .. I want you to show me what article said the family wants you to win. 😂.

Mac Miller created one of the best albums of all time this year and lost to cardi B? Never watching the Grammys again lol.

Come Back to Earth - MAC MILLER - 들어보세요. #Melon 내맘속 랩앨범은 맥밀러ㅠㅠ.

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the fact that cardi b won a grammy over Travis Scott and Mac Miller makes me extremely queasy.

So Mac Miller didn’t win the Grammy tonight and I’m kinda really upset about because cardi b got it instead:|.

tea of the day: ) ) ) ) ( ) ) _(___(____)____(_____( Mac Miller /_ was / | robbed /__ _| tonight / \________/.

@ArianaGrande @AlfredoFlores Oh what do you ANOTHER Mac Miller reference 🙄.

I would of been happy if Mac Miller won best rap album but Cardi? You got to be kidding me..

@__Dutch Tweeted “trash” “fuck” “literal bullshit” when Cardi Cardi beat Mac Miller.

[email protected] says she’s sharing her Grammy win with Mac Miller 🙏 #GRAMMYs #RIPMacMiller.

I can’t believe Cardi B won rap album of the year over Mac I really.

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