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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Harry Maguire this season: 👤 4 apps 📉 4 losses ❌ 8 goals conceded 🧢 Picked for England squad Gareth Southgate, football genius 🤥.

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Harry Maguire completed 100% of his passes tonight against Sheriff. Smooth operator. 😎.

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Insensitive and ruthless of the establishment Rolls-Royce steamroller to inform 100 of King Charles’ Clarence House workers they could lose their jobs during a thanksgiving service for his dead mother in Glasgow The myth of a caring hereditary monarchy exposed before the funeral.

Now fix the Britain you lot broke. Today’s @DailyMirror front page..

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Truss Tory UK Government axing the bankers’ bonus cap while squeezing wages of nurses, teachers, police, etc rewards her party’s backers. City slickers bankroll the Conservative Party(and were major contributors to her campaign to be installed PM)..

And the security heavy blocks the protester out of the way. Establishment figures shouldn’t be shielded this way in a democracy from people making their points reasonably..

Hierarchy, protocol, bad blood and rivalry continue to divide this family. “Harry was ‘devastated’ to find, when he received his uniform from Buckingham Palace yesterday afternoon, that his grandmother’s ‘ER’ initials had been stripped from the shoulder.”.

Andre Boleyn, Dylan Maguire - Find more in -.

The countdown is over, it’s finally here! ⁦@ThePlayersCons⁩ very first in person actors workshop this weekend! Welcome to Hollywood. Can’t wait to see you all tonight. Let’s go have some fun!.

Jarrow’s @KateOsborneMP shouldn’t have to suffer this. My thoughts are with her..

Rehearsals have taken place in Windsor ahead of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday. John Maguire is there for #BBCBreakfast.

Prabowo Diberi Tugas Khusus. Roger Keisya Maguire ceo tbk termuda Cirebon V FILM TEASER IS COMING #2Baddies_MV.

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@beingamaguire A pod of dolphins, a school of fish, a pride of lions….what do we call this group of actors……? I wonder..

Erik ten Hag explains how Raphael Varane is the ‘leader’ of Man Utd’s defence.


Raphael Varane perlahan mulai menggusur peran Harry Maguire sebagai pimpinan sektor pertahanan Manchester United..

@MUFC_redarmy99 glad he didnt come, didnt need that beta male energy, boy wasnt confident in himself to bench lindelof. we went ahead and got a really good left footed cb which also lead to benching maguire, massive W for us.

Win rate as captain this season Bruno: 5 games 5 wins Maguire 3 games 3 losses… The real captain🙌.

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Van a ver que , finalmente, Ten Fraud, le saca la capitanía al “exitoso” Maguire para dársela a Bruno! Guarden el tuit! BRUNO RAT.

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@UtdDistrict @raphaelvarane Having Lisandro next to him transformed him from what he was with maguire by him.

𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗥𝗧𝗜𝗡𝗚 𝗫𝗜 vs Dungannon Swifts FC in the #DanskeBankPrem this evening. 🕘 KO 🏟️ Newry Showgrounds 🎟️ Pay at the gate 🧤 Maguire between the sticks © Captain King ⚽️ Dingo leads the line.

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Me mordio el gato de mi amigo y empece a hacer como tobey maguire en spiderman1 y ninguno se rescato de la referencia una bronca loco.

What we’re forgetting is that this acquisition goes beyond this conversation we’re trying to make it about. But let’s all be acquire to maguire today👌🏾.

@DeadlineDayLive Lukaku to Chelsea Grealish to City Maguire to Man Utd Hazard to Madrid.

ㅤ Juniper Garfield ㅤ Maguire Holland Parker ♡ + ↻ —— ㅤ.

The Maguire discourse is quite a funny discourse given the lack of understanding of the tactical shift ten hag has installed to limit the technical pressure of the back 3 as well as the lack of progression needed in general. More based on stats than actual analysis..


vocês falando mal de jerry maguire sendo que o filme levou cinco indicações ao oscar incluindo melhor filme e melhor ator. para né.

Essential viewing: Live from the Vault, where the president of BMG Group & author of the “$10,000 Gold” book, Nick Barisheff, joins Andrew Maguire to share his unique approach to the subject of physical #gold as a tool of survival & prosperity #fintwit.

@prettyven0mm_ They had a similar situation too back then. The group of friends were called the “P*ssy Posse”, which was a name as apt as calling 1D that. This story about Tobey and Kevin (friends and roommates, history will say) says it all..

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Finally saw Jerry Maguire. Absolutely loved it, probably one of my favorite movies ever.

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I love you. You… you complete me.” — Jerry Maguire REIVEN ON ITSSHOWTIME #ReivenUmali | #TNTChampsOnShowtime.

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