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Mahomes’ side-arm throw is unstoppable 🚀 (via @NFL)

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Most underrated coaching move of the season was to bench veteran starters in secondary before the Seattle game. Early results weren’t good because Wilson-to-Baldwin was literally indefensible on a few key catches (think Mahomes-to-Kelce) but the difference has been significant..

#NFL Mahomes guía a Chiefs a la final de Conferencia.

#NFL Mahomes guía a Chiefs a la final de Conferencia Photo

Y Stafford también lo utiliza muchas veces, pero claro, no es Mahomes. Mira que me encanta y disfruto con él como un gorrino en un barrizal, pero esta jugada ya la vi en numerosas ocasiones..

Mahomes didn’t even throw a TD pass last night and the Chiefs still won by 18. That’s how dangerous/good this team.

(chiefs win the big game) what are you gonna do now??!! “i’m gonna refinance mahomes”.

Brady gets praised for being the best QB ever because he is. Mahomes is a great young QB and hoping for the kid to blow his knee out is pretty fucking pathetic. Grow up👍🏼.

Pat Mahomes is doing this in the divisional round of the playoffs not in a blowout to the jets.

@alexelizondo03 Estaría cm que ganara chargers pero como quiera me gustaría ver un Kansas vs Patriots, para que mahomes le rompa su madre a los pats.

@GolDel1960 @C_Robbins_ Mahomes plays like a young Stafford with better coaching..

@AndyGrewal That was a great game, and Mahomes is the most exciting player in the NFL, IMHO. I’m making a mental list of all the starting QBs who played HS football in TX, but UTexas failed to Mahomes, Luck, Brees, Mayfield, and I count Foles here too..

Yeah bc Mahomes threw for 50 TDs, 5,000 yards, and set 9 NFL.

Some people were calling for his head last year. Those people deny reality. Andy identified Mahomes. It all started with him..

Mahomes is talked about because of what he has done all consistently. Ignorant tweet..

I feel like I should make my boys go to also feel like I should make them understand how bad ass Patrick Mahomes II is. #torn.

I feel like I should make my boys go to also feel like I should make them understand how bad ass Patrick Mahomes II is. #torn Photo

@4thDownFantasy Stat line in playoffs hard to read IMO. Dak had better stats than Mahomes and Patty really dominated more and controlled the whole game. Trubisky last week also had 300+ yards, but only 1 TD drive on the day. What’s most important is how many meaningful plays are made in my eyes..

@mellinger I’m happy for you. Was pumped to open this insta reaction. Excited to read your mahomes piece coming shortly. Has got to be way more fun writing these..

Had a feeling that the Colts may be a a paper tiger. 29th strength of schedule, haven’t beat a legit contender all year, and haven’t played in adverse conditions. The Chiefs handled them today. This should seal the MVP for Mahomes, if it hadn’t been sealed yet..

Andy Reid is a class act. Giving props to Mahomes and Alex Smith at the postgame conference.

I personally relish the opportunity to watch the Patriots and Tom Brady walk into Kansas City and teach little Patty Mahomes a thing or two about quarterbacking.

Mahomes’ side-arm throw is unstoppable 🚀 (via @NFL).

At some point the NFL will adapt to Pat Mahomes just like they do with every QB. At least enjoy it for another 2 years if you’re a KC fan.

@barkingspaniel @alexDWilliams2 Me either. Chiefs dominated that first half. Mahomes looked great.

@fatimus07 He couldn’t win a Big 12 title with Mahomes, Baker and some other baller that escapes me. He is an awful coach. His offense won’t work in the NFL, he doesn’t know how to utilize the running game. Terrible hire..

Mahomes with the C on the chest. Love it! #ChiefsKingdom #Chiefs.

Mahomes with the C on the chest. Love it! #ChiefsKingdom #Chiefs Photo

It’s one thing to not be able to contain Mahomes/Hill/Kelce, but if you can’t stop this rushing offense, oy..