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This one is my favorite of the remixes #MakeItRightAcoustic @BTS_twt.

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Oh jadi #MakeItRightAcoustic di remix oleh Hiss Noise! @BTS_twt #방탄소년단.

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Aaaahhhh the prettiest version out there!! #MakeItRightAcoustic #Kpopsoundsystem Thank you for playing it @LungaSingama Its really so calming and soothing to listen to~ well done to @BTS_twt and the BigHit producers for making such a beautiful track once again! 🥺💜.

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Make It Right ft. LAUV [Acoustic Remix] has gained 272,670 Streams in 24 hours! @BTS_twt #MakeItRightAcoustic.

oh wow! I love the acoustics version @bts_bighit #MakeItRight feat. @lauvsongs #MakeItRightAcoustic.

Streaming whilst wallowing in self pity. #AintNoFishInsideStreamingParty #MakeItRightAcoustic @BTS_twt.

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@BigHitEnt More Theories are coming~?? Help Me🙌🏻 #MakeItRightAcoustic #MakeItRight @BTS_twt.

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Y’all!! Today I told my BFF that @BTS_twt came out with a remix of #MakeItRightAcoustic and this was her response!!! For context, she is not Army and never wanted to listen to them or truly have anything to do with them..

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Aquí te va una canción para ti… Make It Right (feat. Lauv) [Acoustic Remix] de BTS @BTS_twt #MakeItRightAcoustic #MakeItRight.

Não gostei das versões de Make it right com o Lauv, Mas dou todo apoio pelos meninos #MakeItRightAcoustic.

@BB_Votaciones @BTS_twt Para mi las portadas están contando la historia del príncipe destruyendo al dragón así como en el mv así que debe faltar una versión y bueno quizás nos espere una gran sorpresa #MakeItRightAcoustic.

First listen and I am loving it. Thank you for this acoustic version of MIR ⁦@BTS_twt⁩. I needed this after a bad day at work. #MakeItRightAcoustic.

Gente tá demais curtindo muito 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 #MakeItRightAcoustic.

I live for Namjoon’s “Yea” in song! I love this! My slow a** can learn the full lyrics now! #MakeItRightAcoustic ⁦@BTS_twt⁩.

La versión acústica de Make it right está para escucharla mientras estás charlando y bebiendo en un bar 👌🏻 @BTS_twt #MakeItRightAcoustic.

Todo lo que hacen los chicos es arte!! Me encanto y a ustedes? #MakeItRightAcoustic @BTS_twt.

The acoustic remix is SO beautiful. I love it!! I knew when it had the word ‘acoustic’ in it, I’d love it without hesitation! I was so right. 💜💜💜✨ #MakeItRightAcoustic @BTS_twt #BTS Make It Right (feat. Lauv) (Acoustic Remix) via @YouTube.

las voces de los chicos re resaltan mucho, me E N C A N T A N @BTS_twt #MakeItRightAcoustic.

La canción es muy muy hermosa y que le agreguen una version acustica la vuelve aun mas, me puse soft,ne encanto:( @BTS_twt #MakeItRightAcoustic.

Todo dia uma versão de make It right diferente. Tô reclamando não! Pode ter mais #MakeItRightAcoustic.

كنت ادري انك محور كونهم و لكن لدرجة يرجعوك قاتل كهتلر خخخخخخ لا وربي حاقدين وضعهم في انحذار حالتهم صعبة صح رغم انه اعترف بخطأه و قام بتعويض سائق و لكنه كوك من بتس لازم شوشرة زيادة و بهارات للموضوع استمرو في تخلفكم ولكن بتس يحلقون عاليا 👏👏#MakeItRightAcoustic.

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Já escutaram essa ver. De MIR ? Tá muito boaa #MakeItRightAcoustic @BTS_twt.

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Sounds might be my second favourite after the original version #MakeItRightAcoustic @BTS_twt.

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Make It Right Acoustic Remix Version Lets stream 🇲🇨📢 💜💜 @BTS_twt #MakeItRightAcoustic #MakeItRightAcousticRemix.

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Just bought #MakeItRightAcoustic. I’ve never been prouder to spend money on a remix. @BTS_twt.

This one is my favorite of the remixes #MakeItRightAcoustic @BTS_twt.

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