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ESPN’s Malika Andrews is getting destroyed on Twitter for not being black enough after criticizing black Celtics coaches. Oh, and dating a white guy. It’s nasty & completely unfair. But this is what woke sports Twitter does..

The wildest thing about this is Andrews got her job because Rachel Nichols wasn’t woke enough. And Nichols got her job because Sage Steele wasn’t woke enough. Lesson? The woke sports monster eventually destroys everyone..

All you lot calling for Rachel Nichols to come back and claiming Malika Andrews hates black men are fucking stupid dawg..

Malika Andrews has an agenda. I don’t know if it’s for views, but she’s had some insane hills that she’s willing to die on. Not Jason Whitlock bad, but on her way..

@beezybjoseph3 @malika_andrews She was probably a subodinate, in which case she could always cahnge her story that it was not consensual. Another thing I am hearing is she was married to someone else in the Org. I guess theyre holdinghim to high standards. He effed himself up.

@realbezaleel She said what any other lady would say regardless of colour,and now Malika Andrews is the one who is actually a bad person.

@malika_andrews Refuse to hold WOMEN ACCOUNTABLE!! for their actions 🤦🏾‍♂️ It was a 50/50 situation #facts.

This Malika Andrews topic got all the empty headed jocks running at the mouth. …”toxic femininity! She yelled! Monica Lewinsky” the hell is wrong w/ y’all misogynistic mfs 🤣.

It’s possible to criticize Malika Andrews (and any sports journalist) without being sexist. She’s had a couple bad takes but Stephen A Smith has bad takes every day and doesn’t get as much criticism.

Men in sports media have terrible takes, predictions, and opinions daily. They gain status not by being right, but by being loud, overbearing and caustic often targeting black athletes. But not sugarcoating irresponsible behavior has men mad at Malika Andrews. Toxic….

All black professional male athletes need to stay away from people like Malika Andrews. She’s dangerous..

Somebody called Malika Andrews “Racial Nichols” I’m weak cuh… 😆 😂 😭 💀.


@malika_andrews why you tell that man business like that for no reason 🤦🏽‍♂️ something wrong with you.

Malika Andrews at ESPN: How it started How it’s going.

Malika Andrews Photo,Malika Andrews Photo by Philosopher King,Philosopher King on twitter tweets Malika Andrews Photo

@teamcourtneyk Malika Andrews lost it with me when she went back and brought up past instances in Ime’s life. She is doing the same thing that cops do when arresting black folks. Later she blows off Kendrick Perkins on her show to avoid debate on the issue. I won’t watch her on any show again..

ESPN’s Malika Andrews Reveals Interim Boston Celtics Head Coach’s Past and Goes After Stephen A. Smith.

@GioDudez @malika_andrews You’re putting blame on the Celtics organization for what happened with the speculation online yet none of us knows who leaked it. You’re assuming it’s not Udoka’s camp for instance and letting the blame fall on the org instead of the individuals online who irresponsibly shared..

I like malika andrews but sometimes women gotta learn to shut the fuck up man 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

@malika_andrews you wicked, you tried ta get @stephenasmith fired this morning, YA RAN ta the woman’s rights narrative so fast. 🤦🏾‍♂️🍀🤷🏾‍♂️.

@malika_andrews If this was a consensual relationship that was against organizational not the other participants violate the organizational policy?.

My reaction when Malika Andrews checked Stephen A. on #FirstTake..

Malika Andrews Photo,Malika Andrews Photo by Steve,Steve on twitter tweets Malika Andrews Photo

@gifdsports Malika Andrews has lost her damn is having a relationship with a espn employee and he is a is Paranoid Dave McMenamin.

@malika_andrews thank you for calling out Stephen A’s misogynistic temper tantrum- we all heard what he said even if he walked it back so fast he almost broke a hip..

@malika_andrews SAS jus got in that ass huh🤣🤣 Long live the patriarchy. Long live the empire 🇺🇸.

@malika_andrews Having a consensual relationship isn’t being supportive of women? Not condoning the cheating at all, but they’re acting like he raped someone..

@Jan32987403 @malika_andrews Well one guy used racial slurs and sexually harassed employees while the other had a consensual relationship. Not even remotely the same..

@FirstTake Also Malika Andrews was right. You need to stop with some of your women heavy statements. You are NOT fair in your assessment of women acting inappropriately and men acting inappropriately. Never have been. Watch your own damn show and see yourself.

@espn_macmahon @malika_andrews 1 superstar teams are coming back: Bucks Warriors Championship raptors Who’s next? Mavs, nuggets, or Grizzlies?.

@malika_andrews You’re wack to be pushing the narrative about the Celtics coach, but nobody is pushing a story about Brett Favre!.

@malika_andrews went to the Blaming women talking point because she once dated Dave McMenamin who was also a coworker. A hit dog will holler.

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