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Chelsea HQ
Chelsea HQ ()

Tuchel: We wanted to close the gap to Man City in the semi-final, which we did and we will need the same level of performance again. But it gave us belief for every game after that because it’s the highest level you can face.

B/R Football
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J. ()

Neymar after Bayern: Best itw Neymar after City: Dribble fraud Kroos before Liverpool: Finished, old, slow, won’t keep up Kroos after Liverpool: Still the best midfielder in the world Just recent examples off the top of my head, reactionary as hell man

Joyce Alene
Joyce Alene ()

1/2 Huntsville, Alabama cop on trial for killing a man who summoned officers to his home because he was suicidal & had a gun is still employed & the city is using public money to pay up to $125,000 toward his defense.

Man City Photo,Man City Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Unibet Norge
Unibet Norge ()

🗣 KONKURRANSE 💰 20k i potten Man City leder 2-1 etter første oppgjør. Hvem går til finalen? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Man City-PSG 🇫🇷 ⏰ 21:00 Alt vi vil ha er: 1. HUB 2. Totalt antall mål 3. Over/under cornere 4. En målscorer 5. Banens beste 6. #Unibet20k 7. Retweet🔄

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rudy gay hater
Rudy gay hater ()

@bray_sas I was so depressed when Spurs lost man. Cried for hours. Late night drives around the city every night for a week, hours on end. Just listening to sad music and thinking about life and Spurs’ franchise. Hope Lakers are gonna be okay and all others lost. Such a shitty feeling.

City Xtra
City Xtra ()

Benjamin Mendy was the reason why @Mahrez22 scored that free-kick against @PSG_inside?! 🧐😅

Yatish Reddy
Yatish Reddy ()

@Sathwikgs These man City fans morphing into Liverpool fans 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

Monique Worthy
Monique Worthy ()

Andrew Brown Jr. was a drug A cancer on the black community. Drugs take our best while dealing us the worst. The Sheriffs department was doing it’s duty to the city in trying to get this man off the street. And in doing so, rid that locality of a tumor. #NoSympathyHere

d. fart💥dirt bike ronald mcdonald
D. fart💥dirt bike ronald mcdonald ()

facebook let me back in after a month so i went on there and. man, people in my home city could rly benefit from using some social media that isn’t centered around ppl u know irl

Ed Graney
Ed Graney ()

We will talk about this on The Press Box tomorrow. Right after we talk about Man City. And a #4 with no lettuce.

City Xtra
City Xtra ()

Pep Guardiola reveals exactly what was said during half-time at the Parc des Princes to spark the second-half #ManCity comeback:

دوري ابطال اوروبا و الدوري الاوروبي 🇪🇺🇲🇰
دوري ابطال اوروبا و الدوري الاوروبي 🇪🇺🇲🇰 ()

ملخص اخر لمباراة #باريس_مانشستر_سيتي 1-2

ً ()

Adivinen quien son. Pista: hoy jugaron vs Man. City. Bona nit♥️

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Adz ()

@Jake_0223 @brfootball Name-PENBAPPE FRAUDLIN Missing: 28/4/2021 vs man city Characteristics: Disappearing in big games+ jogging offsides Possible Locations : cherry picking vs French farmers Last seen- dias’ pocket

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Football_facts ()

How can people hate on Neymar. Just because he dives doesn’t say he is a bad player Watching the Psg Man city game and he has been BRILLIANT !!

NPR ()

The city of Alameda, Calif., has released bodycam footage showing police officers pinning 26-year-old Mario Gonzalez to the ground for at least 5 minutes before he died.

Uwa Isehi Agnes
Uwa Isehi Agnes ()

So I just saw a news posted by ITV on ig that a youth leader in a certain community in Benin City assaulted a physically challenged man because the latter called him by his 1st name. 🤣🤣 na different diff things person dey hear

Mr B
Mr B ()

@mcfctj_ @TheSecretScout_ There was interest last season from Man City, Man Utd, Bayern, PSG and R Madrid. He won’t be going anywhere no he’s signed a professional contract. And in taht chance he does, you’d have to pay an astronomical amount for him.


Gov. Cooper says special prosecutor should be appointed to handle case of man shot, killed by law enforcement in Elizabeth City

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Kris Ketz
Kris Ketz ()

ELIZABETH CITY, (AP) - Attorney for family of man killed by sheriff deputies in North Carolina says he was shot in the back of the head.

Akazai Prince
Akazai Prince ()

@UTDTrey @Priceless_Silva Man city won 4 league titles and never won the u real Madrid won 4ucls last decade but won only 3 league titles in last decade as compared to Barca 6. la Liga is the best then?

MCFC News ()

Man City fans at Wembley make Carabao Cup success even sweeter:

BusinessLIVE ()

Man City claim record-equalling fourth consecutive League Cup

ABC News
ABC News ()

A 61-year-old Asian man was left in critical condition after he was brutally thrown to the ground and kicked in the head in New York City in a harrowing attack captured on surveillance video.

Mirror Football
Mirror Football ()

Tottenham star Serge Aurier slammed for criminal mistake during Man City loss

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Gyata_Shoa🇬🇭💉 ()

From De Bruyne to Laporte This Man City team deserve the trophy Tottenham going trophless as usual 😂😭

Sav Gorton
Sav Gorton ()

Get in there 👏🏻👏🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻 Man City boiling piss for years 🏆🏆🏆

Rahul ()

CArabao Cup Man City v Tottenham - over cards @ (Bet365) - 3 points #inplaymagic

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

An elderly Asian New York man is in critical condition after having his head stomped on Friday night in an apparent hate crime. The suspect, a male with dark skin, has not been apprehended. #StopAsianHate

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