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Updated: November 26th, 2021 08:39 AM IST

Say aloha to the end zone 🤙 Mariota. Touchdown. Raiders lead on CBS. #LVvsDAL | #RaiderNation

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@ekballer Haha this is kore of a “good for the Steelers” take than a “good for Mariota” take. I’m desperate for someone who can move a bit

So nice seeing mariota do the damn thang 🤙🏽 and make it look easy 😤🤨😛 #RaiderNation

MARIOTA!! Thank you @Raiders for listening!!!! LFG BOYS!!!! #RaiderNation you like that?!!

@J_L0Pez82 Cowboy s D let deshawn Jackson washed ass score untouched 😂 they let Marcus mariota who hasn’t got a snap under center since 2017 score 😂

@ESPNStatsInfo Derek Carr undefeated in OT. He got injured in that game against the chargers in the first quarter mariota played the entirety of that game !

Bullying works. Also putting Mariota in situations is perfect. Win win

Is there data on how often backup QBs like Mariota/Taysom/etc. keep the ball on these plays?? I feel like 9/10 times the QB keeps it 😂


Carr pissed off that Mariota ran for a touchdown, so he had to try and one up him with that first down run 😂

I have decided when mariota plays go raiders when baby back bitch carr plays #screwtheraiders

Poor communication, or great ball fake? Mariota put that ball in his tummy. Thats how a zone read is done. So many qbs these days just kinda half ass the fake to the back. Defense never gets fully sucked in.

Say aloha to the end zone 🤙 Mariota. Touchdown. Raiders lead on CBS. #LVvsDAL | #RaiderNation

Marcus Mariota is in the game because he is going to run with the ball. Everybody in the stadium knew that, except the members of the Cowboys defense

As someone who have seen Mariota play since Oregon, he can absolutely be the raiders savior and if you don’t think so you haven’t been paying attention

@Sanjit__T Mariota has a high sack rating & hes always played with above average / good o lines. To think he would be better than Carr is laughable. Mariota is less accurate & puts himself in situations to get sacked more often.

Mariota had no receivers so he became a receiver. Bless this man.

@BurkhalterRoy For would pretty cool if he had a year like Tannehill did when he took over for Mariota in TN. I wanna see us mix it up. Status quo isn’t getting it done.

@TaylorWhite89 That means you bench Carr tomorrow and Mariota gets all the practice reps. You think that happens?

@UrinatingTree I feel like mariota should be used more. He looked really good in his one game vs chargers last season.

Today I’ve seen a number of people who would admit they were fierce Carr stans ask for Mariota to take over or suggest drafting Carr’s replacement. When even the most loyal fans are beginning to turn I think that’s when you know it’s time! #RaiderNation

I ain’t got nothing against Carr but let’s switch it up a little. Try Mariota. We can’t be worse off than we already are. 🤷🏽‍♀️

@RandiHarbaugh After this is should be interrupted with “ so is it time to move in? Maybe see what you have with Mariota?”

First off I’m gonna say Carr is a great role model off the field. On the field I believe that is it for him, enough of the excuses I keep reading on here. Every QB has to deal with issues, the great ones work past the issues. Time to see what Mariota can do. Offense needs a spark

@Ctwice32 I feel you but as soon as Mariota gets touched he’s hurt. The receivers aren’t getting open, the run game is too predictable. This is just a bad offense. Mariota makes it worse IMO

@LVGully You can just tell. They have no game plan. They’ve obviously made halftime adjustments. I seriously think we should put Mariota in the game. Have nothing to lose. O needs some spark. Carr looks lost.

The season is over if the Raiders lose this game, the defense is playing well, & the offense has 6 points with Carr. Get Mariota in the fucking game.

You got to give Mariota the nod at this point. Offense needs a change. DC can’t get going. Give Mariota a chance to change the game before it’s too late.

@VicTafur Should switch to Mariota, he’s not better than Carr but they have to do something different at this point.

All y’all wanting to bench Carr. Please help me understand how Mariota helps on a 3rd and 7 dive or 3rd and 1 jet sweep? #raiders #RaiderNation Please help me understand with this play calling?

Defense holds again!! If Carr can’t get anything going this drive it’s time to put Mariota in for a drive. This is a must win game

The #Browns defense is a major issue. But Baker Mayfield’s arc is setting up a difficult offseason. Look back at Marcus Mariota heading into his 5th year with the #Titans. There are similarities. If it doesn’t improve, Browns have to consider some options.

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