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Another dictator also visited Mariupol once. We know how his story ended. 📷: Hitler visiting Army Group South HQ at Mariupol, Ukraine in December 1941. Many historians and contemporaries claim that it was here that Hitler first realized the war was lost - WarHistoryOnline.

Mariupol Photo,Mariupol Photo by Anton Gerashchenko,Anton Gerashchenko on twitter tweets Mariupol Photo

The coordinator of large-scale abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children, war criminal Maria Lvova-Belova, wanted by the ICC along with putin, is married to the priest of the russian orthodox church. The family also kidnapped a Ukrainian kid - 15yo boy from Mariupol.

Mariupol Photo,Mariupol Photo by Olena Halushka,Olena Halushka on twitter tweets Mariupol Photo

Visualization - In #Bakhmut, the ratio of control is about 62% Russian held ( km²) and 34% Ukrainian held (13 km²). The Ukrainian side has control over the central core of the city, whilst the Russian side gained control over most of AZOM, and south of Mariupol street..

Mariupol Photo,Mariupol Photo by The Cube,The Cube on twitter tweets Mariupol Photo

March 20, 2022 - this day in history Russia-Ukraine War 🧵1/4 🟣🇷🇺 reaches apex of territorial control, 42% of 🇺🇦 🟣🇷🇺 shells Sumykyimprom Chemical plant causes ammonia leak 🟣🇷🇺 ultimatum for unconditional surrender in Mariupol by 3/21/22 05:00 🟣🇺🇦 rejects 🇷🇺 Mariupol demand.

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Mariupol. Dvě století. Dva diktátoři. Jeden konec. Tady vše začíná..

Mariupol Photo,Mariupol Photo by Roman M,Roman M on twitter tweets Mariupol Photo

After images of Putin’s chin caused a stir on social media, a high-ranking intelligence official has given his two cents about whether or not the Russian President actually visited Mariupol..

@EMoore2323 Das war ein Kleinbus und hinten saßen die Darsteller der Mariupol-Bewohner, auf die Putin später treffen sollte. Eine Bewohnerin hat das wohl gesehen, dass die alle aus dem Kleinbus gestiegen sind und dann runtergebrüllt, dass das alles eine Show ist. 🤣.

Il coraggio della donna di Mariupol che grida è tutto falso davanti allo show di Putin - HuffPost Italia.

Inside Putin’s surprise tour of Mariupol ‘crime scene’.

Mariupol Photo,Mariupol Photo by New York Post,New York Post on twitter tweets Mariupol Photo

@geig_erzaehler @welt Was Putin von Selenskyj unterscheidet: Putin KANN durch Mariupol fahren. Selenskyj kanns nicht. Fakt..

Vladimir Putin en Mariúpol, entre gente común que agradecen al presidente ruso el haberlos liberado de los criminales nazis del jázaro Zelensky..

Putin making a point of going to Mariupol where so many women and children were killed in the bombing of the Theatre is really sick.😡.

Angeblicher Besuch in Mariupol. 😉 Die bekannten Statisten und Schauspieler waren natürlich auch mit dabei..

‘Its all lies’: Putin reportedly heckled by woman during Mariupol trip.

@milfolhas76 @theluisribeiro É de noite e só ilumina o que convém. Mariupol era uma cidade com 400 mil habitantes. Não são meia dúzia de blocos de apartamentos que vão acolher toda essa gente. Continua a comer gelados com a testa, vá..

@gonzohunter9 @KyivIndependent can you tell the difference 1941 in Mariupol =Hitler, 2023 in Mariupol =??? (🤡🤡🤡).

Vladimir Putin realiza una visita sorpresa a la ciudad ucraniana de Mariúpol.

Mariupol Photo,Mariupol Photo by Corrillos,Corrillos on twitter tweets Mariupol Photo

ÚLTIMA HORA: ElMillor dice que XOKAS MIENTE con los SLOTS y aclara algunas cosas. PUTIN también se va a hacer el TEATRO A MARIUPOL.

@frati_fulvio @MovengoAnchio Ridotto a guidare una utilitaria per il trasferimento a Mariupol. Oramai è uno #zombie..

„Alles Lüge! Alles inszeniert!“: Panne beim Besuch Putins im besetzten Mariupol.

#Mundo ll🧏Putin visita la ciudad ocupada ucraniana de Mariúpol👇.

#Mundo ll🧏Putin visita la ciudad ocupada ucraniana de Mariúpol👇.

Vladimir Putin Santai Kunjungi Mariupol, Meski Jadi Buronan Pengadilan Kriminal Internasional.

Il coraggio della donna di Mariupol che grida è tutto falso davanti allo show di Putin.

The massacre of people in Irpin, Bucha, Mariupol is a call for international community, including to South Africans to put pressure on Russia to stop the invasion and to the international institutions to prosecute and to find justice for over 68 000 of documented war crimes in 🇺🇦.

Putin visits occupied Mariupol, staking claim to invaded Ukrainian lands - The Washington Post.

@YLatynina That little bish is terrified of being outside her palace for more than 5 minutes, one can see the terror in her eyes when little Putina is outdoors. She was never anywhere Mariupol..

Mariupol Photo,Mariupol Photo by Gulsi Tabbard,Gulsi Tabbard on twitter tweets Mariupol Photo

Vladimir Putin has made a surprise visit to Russian-occupied Mariupol, his first visit to territory captured by his forces in the year-long conflict..

‘Murderer’ Putin drives around bombed out Mariupol Ukraine says a ‘criminal always returns to the crime scene’ as the Russian president takes the wheel around the war-torn city.

#ManoDuraContraLosCorruptos Vladímir Putin realizó visita de trabajo a la ciudad de Mariúpol..

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