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Mitch Marner ended his scrum today with a message for mental awareness: Never be afraid to reach out..

Make that a 20-game home point streak for Mitchell Marner 🎊 @Marner93 now has the longest home point streak by any active player. #NHLStats:.

Leafs Mitch Marner First NHL player with a 20-game home point streak since Joe Sakic from Dec. 21, 2000 - Apr 4, 2001.

Congratulations @SnowmanLeafs for winning! Marner not only got one but he got THE one! Hell of a game & goal! Send @BodogCA a DM and they will get you looked after for your new jersey! YESSSSSSSSIR This is fun, need to do this more often. Cheers!🍻🍻🍻 #LeafsForever #bodogprops.

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by 🇨🇦🍻Kurtis From Alberta🍻🏒,🇨🇦🍻Kurtis From Alberta🍻🏒 on twitter tweets Marner Photo

It was on my bucket list and I have to tell you all, that man right there is an absolute gem of a human. Thank you again Mike! I also got the score sheets from last night! I will never forget that Marner goal and I’m framing this!! #LeafsForever #Leafs @MapleLeafs 🍻🍻🍻💙💙💙.

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by 🇨🇦🍻Kurtis From Alberta🍻🏒,🇨🇦🍻Kurtis From Alberta🍻🏒 on twitter tweets Marner Photo

Stat of the day: There are ELEVEN players that have had a point per game each of the last FOUR seasons McDavid Draisaitl Kucherov Matthews Mackinnon Panarin Marner Pastrnak Marchand Crosby Guentzel End list.

Mitch Marner 17th of the Season vs Winnipeg Jets courtesy of Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph. #LeafsForever @BonsieTweets @Jim_Ralph 19/1/2023.

At end of media scrum, Mitch Marner asked to make statement on #BellLetsTalk Day Never be afraid to reach out, call someone, ask people how they’re doing. We’re all there for one another & we want this world to be a better place. You got a lot of people around you who love you.


“We’re all there for one another and we want this world to be a better place.” Mitch Marner spoke about the importance of mental health following the Maple Leafs game on #BellLetsTalkDay..

This is the kid’s line against Marner, Matthews & Bunting. They’ve arrived. #NYR.

For a player like Marner, all it takes it a quick lapse by the player & they are toast. Zibanejad hesitated thinking Panarin had him & it was over. Lazy play by Panarin.

also Marner and Matthews both at the all star game means we’re about to see the most atrocious hats worn in the name of “fashion”.

Last night was the Marner show but this could arguably be the season of Nylander. How much confidence do you have with him performing in the playoffs?.

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by TheLeafsNation,TheLeafsNation on twitter tweets Marner Photo

Wow, the Atlantic division is going to be stacked for the All-Star Game this year. TOR: Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews BOS: David Pastrnak, Bo Horvat TB: Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy Truly stacked!.

Looking at draft class of 2015 goals rn: 1) McDavid 279 2) Kyle Connor 202 3) Sebastian Aho 200 4) Mikko Rantanen 197 5) Jack Eichel 168 6) Mitch Marner 156 7) Timo Meier 151.

Mitch Marner (@Marner93) rozhodnul prodloužení nádhernou individuální akcí! 😍 @MapleLeafs | #Marner | #LeafsForever.

i feel like mitch marner would fit right into the bluth family with ease.

mitch marner’s face journey in this celly is so important to me.

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by tímea 🥀,tímea 🥀 on twitter tweets Marner Photo

Le but de la nuit est signé… Mitchell Marner ! Le canadien nous fait un magnifique slalom digne de Schladming !.

@PositiveSensFan Where are you getting those numbers? Only 3 wingers in the NHL make >$ (Gaudreau). -Panarin, Marner, Kane. The comparables lay around Kaprizov ($9m), Forsberg ($) in my opinion.

Auston Matthews absolutely deserves to go to the All-Star Game. So does Mitch Marner. And so does William Nylander. Willy was robbed..

Numero 24 Kaapo Kakko tilanteessa seurantaan. Ihailtavaa mailatekniikkaa. Mitch Marner voi vain ihmetellä minne kiekot katoavat. Tilanne päättyy Filip Chytilin maaliin. Marner muuten ratkaisi ottelun lopulta jatkoajalla Maple Leafsille. #NHLfi #HCTPS.

i will retweet every photo of mitch marner i see for the rest of time and honestly i’m not sorry.

Last night, Mitch Marner kept his post-game scrum going to address mental health day, where he spoke about his own experiences with it an advocated for people to talk to someone and always to reach out. ⤵️.

Mitch Marner gets the overtime winner and Timothy Liljegren spurs the comeback as the Maple Leafs rally to beat the Rangers and Ilya Samsonov improves to 14-0-1 at Scotiabank Arena. The @RinkWideTOR post game with me and @RobWong34 is on now. 🎧.

Marner med ett snyggt avgörande i förlängningen 🚨 @MapleLeafs | #Marner | #LeafsForever.

Mitch Marner scored the game-winning goal 19 seconds into overtime as the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the New York Rangers 3-2 yesterday. READ:.

my coworkers listening to me explain mitch marner’s goal last night.

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by elle,elle on twitter tweets Marner Photo
Ed Tubb
Ed Tubb

A reminder that GTA police launched a high-profile carjacking task force 11 days after Mitch Marner lost his Range Rover. (The TPS-specific task force was launched a few months later.).

@JamesJohnsonYYC I would understand spending that much if guys like Marner, Tkachuk, Gaudreau, Kucherov, we’re on the their roster. But that group doesn’t have anyone close to that. Bunch of over paid players if you ask me..

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