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#LeafsForever now 0-8 in the Matthews/Marner era in games with an attempt to close out an opponent and advance..

PABLO off the PASS OFF THE PADS by Mitchy Marner. Holy hell what a ride this is. I’m gonna have a jammer. We’re back baby. #LeafsForever.

i have rewatched this 1000 times. muzzin skating back to celebrate with matthews/marner is so cute.

So Matthews, Marner and Tavares have 1 goal combined in series deciding games for the Leafs..

@NHL_Watcher Were you in a coma by any chance last year when we lost to Montreal ? Our fanbase was ready to trade Marner for future considerations lmao.

Mitch Marner is doing it all himself Auston Matthews is too busy thinking about his GQ photoshoot.

Don’t get it twisted: Marner absolutely meant to throw this puck low and away for a rebound knowing Matthews was creeping When they’re on, these two are telepathic.


#TSNHockey Insider @DarrenDreger joins @JayOnrait to explain how Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner finally had their defining playoff moment..

Marner here missed with the right harder than the Leafs missed the second round 😂.

Not sure what I love more. Marner firing one off the pad, or Matthew’s crashing the net with his stick on the ice. This is the stuff my Dad preached to the ‘98 AA team. The beautiful game..

auston matthews after seeing a juicy rebound created by a mitch marner shot.

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by Eric,Eric on twitter tweets Marner Photo

- Provorov + for Marner - Sign John Hockey - Hire Barry Trotz I’ll be back to being an idiot and believing in good hockey things again..

Incredible resilience from McDavid/Draisaitl and Matthews/Marner tonight. This NHL postseason is feeling DIFFERENT..

“Mitch Marner’s been the best passer in his six years on the leafs” SOOOOOO TRUE.

About time someone in a Marner jersey showed up for a battle in Game 7.

TOR-TB Statcap The stars came to play in this game with Matthews/Marner leading the way in a comeback win. It was a grindy game after Tampa took the lead but Toronto did well in that setting, especially Matthews. Also took advantage of some open ice with a couple of 4v4 goals..

Marner Photo,Marner Photo by Corey Sznajder,Corey Sznajder on twitter tweets Marner Photo

•Wild TT (-105) 👎 •Oilers TT (-110) 💵 •Leafs TT (+110) 💵 •Marner assists (-145) 💵 •Hartman points (-130) 👎 •McDavid assist/Kaprizov point (+106) 💵 (+).

@mattlabelle Amazing how many ppl forget how long it took for Ovi to get over the hump, and for us who are older remember how many yrs it took Yzerman to win. Matthews & Marner will be even hungrier next season!.


So drunk last night I thought this might’ve been me in the Marner jersey.

Gotta get those pucks through, and Marner needs to shoot on this PP. That is what made them so dangerous in the regular season..

@FultonReed6 Once the crowd got into it, different team and I cannot say this enough soup keep them in the game and gave them a chance to win. Also absolutely love the pass by marner….

@ChrisFariaTO Yes, he did. No denying that. But he did it against LA. Tampa is what - 20x better than them? I would use this argument to harp on Matthews and Marner for last years playoff debacle, but it doesn’t hold weight this year..

One thing I wanna say is that it stinks when the best players underperform or just dont show up in the playoffs, so its nice to see Marner play well this year. Its better for the game. Also marner got BULLIED last playoffs so hopefully never again, no one deserves that.

Here is a question for the would you put Matthews on the left-side of the PP as a left-handed shot and Marner on the right side?? anyone smarter than me can explain it?.

@jordanmackinnon @scottcwheeler Matthews 9PTS in 7GP Marner 8PTS in 7GP Nylander 7PTS in 7GP Tavares 6PTS in 7GP All of this coming against arguably the best team in the league. Not sure what series you watched..

Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews have been completely invisible tonight and Nylander has two prime scoring chances.

@twistedleafs Marner was upended along the boards before the McDonagh goal, no call. It happens..

@joshuakloke Not sure how you leave Marner out. I’ve never seen anyone try as hard. Every shift he was creating chances. Plus Willie and Soup.

Patrick Marleau on Matthews and Marner: “Watching them and their love of the game made me fall in love with hockey all over again. I have no doubt that those guys will win a Cup one day, and when they do, I know they’ll remember all those mini-stick battles in the basement.” 🥹.

Bergeron ✅ Perron✅ Kaprizov✅ Riley❌ Marner❌ Kane❌ Kopitar✅ Kempe✅ Recap from hockey plays gonna get in the lab now.

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