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Matt Bosher hurt, not handling kickoffs early in Falcons - Eagles game.

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That Matt Bryant FG attempt looked like when Mike plays Madden and intentionally kicks it to the side of the netting to give a fan a ball..

@moriah_infinity Yeah. Probably looked longer just cuz Matt Bryant shanked it so bad. Also the old Matt Bryant would have nailed that easy but Old Matt Bryant is seemingly struggling lol.

I say this as a fully self-aware Vikings Matt Bryant field goal may have been the worst kick I’ve ever seen..

Hey @taystu14 memba when @easportsdfw wanted Matt Bryant to be the kicker for the Cowboys. Pfffffd.

With a kick like that, makes you wonder if Matt Bryant is taking online grad school classes at Bama.

Who remembers when Matt Bryant was a Buc and beat us with a 63 TD FG??? #PHIvsATL.

@paysoninho @_latinheat Ya know Parky watching 44 yr old Matt Bryant & thinking about a career change..

I just need Matt Bryant to get 25 points tonight 😂 #FantasyFootball #PHIvsATL.

Not going to win with an injured punter. I have no idea why they keep rolling him out there. Let Mohammed Sanu or Matt Bryant do it.

O punter dos Falcons claramente sentindo uma lesão, será que o Matt Bryant vai ter que puntear nesse jogo?.

Matt Bryant might have to go out and kick punts, don’t think bosher can last a whole game.

Atlanta’s punter not looking to good. Eagles are going to have great field position all night. They may have to get Matt Bryant to punt.

Niggas wanted to cut Matt Bryant quick but still keep Matt Bosher like that Russian doesn’t understand what I would do to him if I got my hands on him on Lørd.

Bosher is limping really badly. Must be pretty significant because Matt Bryant is handling kickoffs..

How much experience does Matt Bryant have punting? Did he do it in high school?.

@kaiquekaiser7 Perdão, depois de chegar mais perto da TV pra analisar, percebe-se que o kicker dos Falcons se chama Matt Bryant(cê fez eu explicar a piada ).

¡EL GOL DE CAMPO ES BUENO! 🏈👍 Matt Bryant pone los primeros puntos para @AtlantaFalcons con un gol de campo de 5⃣0⃣ yardas 👈EN DIRECTO.

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Ravens 2-0, my fantasy team 2-0 unless Julio and Matt Bryant go off for 50 which is possible.

Matt Bryant: still has it. The forties are the new twenties..

Matt Bosher hurt, not handling kickoffs early in Falcons - Eagles game.

@PuckheadDad You’re gonna lose to Matt Bryant. They can’t stress how bad he is enough. “Hasn’t kicked off since 1492”.

Matt Bryant was “retired” I would love to know if Joe Douglas ever made the call..

If I could have a conversation with anybody in the world it would probably be Matt Bryant. That dude absolutely mastered life.

Everytime Matt Bryant makes a field goal he should give the fine and say “ but y’all didn’t want me”! #Falcons #snf.

Promising drive stalls, Matt Bryant kicks field goal: The Story of the Atlanta Falcons 2017-2019.

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