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Steelers score touchdown in no huddle. The less Matt Canada is involved the better they look. True last year with Ben. Same is true now..

Someone aggressively remind Mitch Trubisky and Matt Canada that George Pickens is active and playing!.

There isn’t another NFL team that would employ Matt Canada as an offensive coordinator. Most big time college programs wouldn’t want him either..

Oh My Goodness!! George Pickens the answer to all of our Matt Canada woes… Just throw it to him Mitchell; while you have the time. He can save your job for a week… Maybe. He’s gonna make plays for you man, FOR US!!.

Matt Canada is not getting it done. There isn’t much mystery. The line needs to be better, Trubisky has to be better, Najee Harris has to be better. The largest issue, though, is Canada.

@PenguinsJesus He made Mark Whipple look like an offensive wunderkind. He can make Matt Canada look less shitty. Think Todd Haley..

I will curse Matt Canada until the day I die. I’ve seen better offensive schemes executed at middle school football games..

@steelers For the love of god stop employing Matt Canada. It’s been time for him to go for a couple years now.

@tokyoXmo Can we just all agree the offense turned off their ear piece from Matt Canada that drive.

BREAKING: I FIRED Moronic Matt Canada before that drive and took over his headset. No coincidence, we score in brilliant fashion. TRUMP is the Steelers new offensive coordinator!.

Matt Canada Photo,Matt Canada Photo by Steelers J. Trump,Steelers J. Trump on twitter tweets Matt Canada Photo

Tell me again how a mobile quarterback will allow Matt Canada to “unleash” his full bag of tricks on this offense. The stench of Pitt in this stadium will never leave..

Matt Canada has to be willing to take some risk. This offense is anemic and he’s not giving them any chance to be successful..

@ThePoniExpress Yup that whole drive had no Matt Canada influence at all and what do you know, we scored a TD!!.


The no huddle worked and I fully expect that asshole Matt Canada to come out with jet sweeps or some other bullshit on the next drive. 😠.

Mitch never been my problem. Matt Canada on the other hand. I still want his ass fired..

@steelers got exactly what they wanted. They had the opportunity—every excuse—to ditch Matt Canada and move on. So they pushed Keith Butler out the door..

I know I’m an ultra yinzer but man, Matt Canada has got to go right now. Like fire him before he leaves the building. You don’t lose a game like that with that many turnovers. I am so disgusted right now. Get rid of this jagoff asap.

I will not be watching anymore Steelers games until both Mitch Trubisky and Matt Canada are expunged!.

Matt Canada is a fucking loser, can’t call plays and forced the defense to be out there for too much time.

Matt Canada needs to be relieved of his duties and they need to send Mitch ass back to Buffalo.

@ulisesharada Desde hace años tenían que haber dejado ir a Matt Canada. Con él, nunca llegarán a nada.

@bepryor This lies at the feet of Matt Canada. He’s not even close to putting Trubisky in a position to succeed..


Several deer walking along the road today. They don’t want to watch the Matt Canada offense either..

@CityOf_6 @Blitz_Burgh Matt Canada should of been fired last year said it then and it was true and continues to be true.

@snedsports247 @bepryor It is! Matt Canada’s offensive playbook doesn’t get any more open.

I didn’t like the fact that Matt Canada was made the offensive coordinator!! Dude sucked in college and he’s proven that he sucks on The Pro level please 👉🏾 #FireMattCanada.

Mitch looks worlds better tonight. Matt Canada needs to uncork this offense or find a new job..

@MattRobertsBU Matt Canada vs. the Joe Woods is going to truly be a battle to see who wants their job less..

@steelers I never want to see Mitch Trubisky under center again. He is awful. This offense is awful. Steelers management should be embarrassed for bringing Matt Canada back and for fielding this awful offensive line..

If the Steelers lose off this defensive performance you must fire Matt Canada for that pathetic offense @steelers.

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