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Matt Carpenter fights back tears as he explains telling his five year old that they were going back to St. Louis this weekend.

Matt Carpenter gets a standing O in his first at bat back at Busch Stadium!.

Matt Carpenter gets a warm welcome in St. Louis 👏 (via @MLB).

Yankees fans, hope you enjoy this. As the Bombers open a weekend series in St. Louis tonight, I sat down with one of your favorite mustached men to discuss his journey to the Bronx after years playing in St. Louis. Here’s Matt Carpenter:.

Last fun fact of the game: tonight was Matt Carpenter’s first multi-hit game at Busch since June 8, 2021 vs. Cleveland..

Matt Carpenter gets a standing ovation from St. Louis fans, August 6, 2022.

Matt Carpenter Photo,Matt Carpenter Photo by Yankees Pics that go Hard,Yankees Pics that go Hard on twitter tweets Matt Carpenter Photo

Matt Carpenter was an incredible Cardinal that never got his proper farewell. Thrilled he got this moment..

A lot of definitely a special moment. Matt Carpenter felt the love in his return to St. Louis 💞 #YANKSonYES.

People are like “Ohtani hits and also pitches” I’m like “Matt Carpenter plays 5 positions and has a OPS”.

Unable to capitalize on 10 hits, the #Yankees couldn’t hold onto a late lead, losing 4-3 to the Cardinals:.

Matt Carpenter is a Cardinal & a champion for life, I love this dude🐐 #stlcards.

Matt Carpenter Photo,Matt Carpenter Photo by 𝑺𝒉𝒂𝒎𝒐𝒏_ (Sad Cardinals Fan),𝑺𝒉𝒂𝒎𝒐𝒏_ (Sad Cardinals Fan) on twitter tweets Matt Carpenter Photo

@jasonortiz24 The main thing is that I’m the biggest Matt Carpenter hater ever lmao. But to also point out that the only reason he’s hitting so many homeruns is because of the Yankees little league park.

Top 9th - Yankees challenge call that Matt Carpenter is out at 1B; call confirmed, runner is out. Powered by @Mitel..

Finally saw the Matt Carpenter ovation. 1) Fantastic and well-deserved. 2) Fans standing and subtly adjusting for swamp ass..

@JLasagna43 @SlamCentralNYY As a Cardinals fan, I have to say it is nice to see Matt Carpenter back. Was a few rough years for him..

Future Cardinals Hall of Famer Matt Carpenter with a standing ovation.

I will cheer Matt Carpenter forever! (just not this weekend😅) I’m so happy for him and his second wind. ❤️ #STLCards.

Matt Carpenter classy man & player ! Cardinals & Yankees the 2 classiest & best baseball organizations in baseball !! Sorry Dodgers & Braves , Red sucks & ASStros ur not even close 😂.

@PlayoffTanaka_ finally, Yankee legend Matt Carpenter getting the recognition from baseball fans he deserves.

#Royals Salvador Perez is 1 of 3 #MLB players this season with 15+ home runs in 64 games or fewer, joining Bryce Harper (15 HR in 64 G) and Matt Carpenter (15 HR in 43 G)..

Watch Matt Carpenter receive standing ovation from Cardinals fans (Video) #sports #feedly.

Matt Carpenter gets a big ovation from Cardinals fans as he returns to St. Louis 👏.

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KFH Radio

Former Cardinal Matt Carpenter receives standing ovation in return to St. Louis.

@xiggy89x He should have considered hitting 13 home runs in like 6 at-bats like Matt Carpenter did..

Yankees’ Matt Carpenter Gets Emotional When Talking About St. Louis Return.

Matt Carpenter backs Yankees Harrison Bader trade with take on former teammate.

Matt Carpenter gets a big ovation from Cardinals fans as he returns to St. Louis 👏.

Matt Carpenter receives a 45-second standing ovation from the crowd at Busch Stadium, and a hug from Yadier Molina..

@VanHicklestein You know who else was sent to the minors for offensive ineptitude? Matt Carpenter..

Yankees: ¿Sentimientos encontrados? Matt Carpenter está de vuelta en St. Louis y la afición ‘se le rinde a sus pies’.

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