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Matt Gaetz just incited terrorism against Democrats and civil war from the House floor.

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Johnnyblue ()

@TheRickyDavila Someone please publish a list of companies that donate to Matt Gaetz so we can never buy their shit again.

🇺🇸🇺🇸 Don’t Call It a Comeback 🇺🇸🇺🇸
🇺🇸🇺🇸 Don’t Call It a Comeback 🇺🇸🇺🇸 ()

@bblock29 I would like to nominate myself as the Representative of Oregon in the I Hate Jim Jordan Club. It could also include a sub chapter for hating Matt Gaetz.

Carolyn Gordon
Carolyn Gordon ()

Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz really need to stop drinking Trump Kool Aid.

Matt Gaetz Photo,Matt Gaetz Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Proetus 👑
Proetus 👑 ()

Has everybody forgotten that Matt Gaetz has a young Hispanic boy living with him that he claims is his “son?” ...the gays know what that means right? #MattGaetzIsATraitorousTool #MattGaetzIsATool

Bohemiaweekend ()

@kylegriffin1 @SethAbramson I was shocked. It was like he was inciting more violence. But not sure why I felt shocked. It’s Matt Gaetz after all.

Nicole Karis💥
Nicole Karis💥 ()

@mattgaetz If Matt Gaetz is worse than burning diarrhea and burning diarrhea is greater than burning police is the sum of burning diarrhea and matt gaetz >, <, or = to police stations? Write an equation and solve.

TheTedSeaScrolls ()

@RepMattGaetz Breaking: Matt Gaetz Celebrating Day 13,883 of Being a Loathsome Piece of Shit

Matt Gaetz Photo,Matt Gaetz Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
the posadist adventure
The posadist adventure ()

@MattGertz thinking about tweeting at matt gaetz with criticism of you just to shake things up

Mike ()

@johnhar53902420 Who’s your candidate for most disgusting? Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, or Donald Trump? Or do you pick someone outside the immediate political sphere, like Roger Stone? Yes. I agree. This has been the age of disgust. Thankfully, it seems the Republic survived the Trump crime family.

Jon Guffey
Jon Guffey ()

@Hoosiers1986 Fixed it. We need more politicians like Jim Jordan & Matt Gaetz in jail.

Elwood P Dowd
Elwood P Dowd ()

If this goes the right way — and I’m not referring to this trial — Matt Gaetz has a very bright future ahead of him.

Jdörre ()

@RonFilipkowski On a good note, Connor Lamb. Unfortunately, the biggest impressions have been really bad ones: - Gym Jordan - Matt Gaetz - et al.

Denise Jenks (MYJRTS)
Denise Jenks (MYJRTS) ()

@mattgaetz employs Russian propaganda to defend Trump over an insurrection that delivered an enormous propaganda victory to Vladimir Putin, Harwood explaine

Jake Koko
Jake Koko ()

6th grade Socratic seminars have far more structural integrity than this bizarre “microphone-hot-potato”game Congress is playing. Plus 6th grade Socratic seminars don’t involve Matt Gaetz

Carolyn Klimp
Carolyn Klimp ()

@kathygriffin see matt gaetz gave you a shout out. I love your work. That tool is an asshole

Pomma _____ Howling mad
Pomma _____ Howling mad ()

REMOVE Sen. Ted Cruz Sen. Josh Hawley Sen John Kennedy Sen. Roger Marshall Sen. Ron Johnson Sen Tommy Tuberville Sen. Rick Scott Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Rep. Matt Gaetz Rep. Jim Jordan Rep. Kevin Mccarthy Rep. Mo Brookes Rep. Louis Gohmert Rep. Lauren Boebert Rep. Marjorie Greene

Matt Gaetz Photo,Matt Gaetz Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
RIP Trayvon Martin
RIP Trayvon Martin ()

House Republicans Jim Jordan Lauren Boebert Matt Gaetz Kevin McCarthy #ImpeachmentDay Marjorie Taylor Green Gohmert Airbnb Colorado Dan Newhouse Cori Bush Issa Richmond Ken Buck white supremacist in chief House of Representatives

Richard Salas
Richard Salas ()

@TrumpWarRoom @mattgaetz Matt Gaetz the PUPPET WHO KEEPS ON LYING AND LYING AND LYING.

KatieDidIt ()

Gym Jordan keeps reserving their time so he or Matt Gaetz can yell lies at the camera for 10 solid minutes later. @GOP 🤮

NeverTrumper ()

Who the hell dresses Matt gaetz his mother. (Where this today Matthew. You can wear it to the impeachment of your friend.) Looks like something Doc Severinsen would have worn in 1967. Or Jack Benny or a bad undertaker. I had to turn the color down on my TV.

Tim Ireland
Tim Ireland ()

Matt Gaetz offers more than burning diarrhea and burning police stations put together. Fascism turns your whole country into a toilet, and parasitic lifeforms like THIS fester in the rim.

Jon Cooper 🇺🇸
Jon Cooper 🇺🇸 ()

Matt Gaetz just incited terrorism against Democrats and civil war from the House floor.

Abby D. Phillip
Abby D. Phillip ()

Far from backing off his false claims of widespread voter fraud, Rep. Matt Gaetz is doubling down on the lies that led to the insurrection last week in defense of Trump during impeachment proceedings.

☚ #UgurMumcu #GaffarOkkan ☛
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