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Bears head coach Matt Eberflus announced that starting C Lucas Patrick suffered a right hand injury early in training camp and there is no timetable for his return..

#Bears practice has wrapped up today. OL Teven Jenkins was not spotted for the 4th consecutive practice. DL Angelo Blackson, CB Thomas Graham, OL Lucas Patrick & TE Chase Allen also did not participate. Matt Eberflus scheduled to speak soon..

Some shameful tweets about Matt Lucas and his appearance this evening. Yep, he’s lost a load of weight, so the person making a “Belsen” quip about a Jewish man, who had many family members murdered in the Holocaust, should be deeply ashamed of themselves (doubt they will tho).

¡Muchísimas felicidades a @trinomonero por recibir el premio de la Inkpot Award en la Comic-Con 2022 San Diego! Es un reconocimiento que han recibido Steven Spielberg, Ray Bradbury, Matt Groening, George Lucas, Tim Burton, Luc Besson, Moebius, Jenette Kahn y muchos más.

Matt Lucas Photo,Matt Lucas Photo by Victor Hugo Magaña,Victor Hugo Magaña on twitter tweets Matt Lucas Photo

Another Little Britain sketch from the with Matt Lucas playing both parts..

*overweight person exists* The Internet: THAT CANNOT BE HEALTHY *Matt Lucas loses weight* The Internet: THAT CANNOT BE HEALTHY.

The same people who are saying Matt Lucas looks ill because he’s lost weight are the same people who were fat shaming him x.

@10stofchaos Matt Lucas has had a health s are with diabetes,hence him losing weight,honestly how much of a sad low person must you be to mock someone for doing well and battling a disease,no wonder this country is gone to shit when we have such low life living in it 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️give me strength.

Just watching the Palace vs Arsenal build up on Sky Sports and Matt Lucas has come on. Is it me or does he look very unwell? #CRYARS.

Matt Lucas Photo,Matt Lucas Photo by Jamie Cleverly ⭐⭐,Jamie Cleverly ⭐⭐ on twitter tweets Matt Lucas Photo

First tweet of the new football season, Matt Lucas is looking in great shape #IwantThatOne.

Seeing why Matt Lucas is trending is thoroughly disappointing. The lot of you are cxnts. Living, breathing cxnts. Leave him alone..

When Matt Lucas and David Walliams previewed their two new characters. #LoonsGonnaLoon #BrexitBrokeBritain.

I see Matt Lucas is trending. I take my hat off to this lovely man for having the self-discipline to lose weight to stave off diabetes, etc. I’m guessing the deeply unfunny arseholes making fun are jealous fat slobs tweeting in their pants until Mummy calls them down for dinner..

Fuck Matt Lucas can’t be arsed with that bald spesh talking football. Bald men are taking over sports today. Just want Laura Woods.

fucking hell someone get matt lucas a takeaway the blokes wasting away.

Matt Lucas Photo,Matt Lucas Photo by Lee Carlsen,Lee Carlsen on twitter tweets Matt Lucas Photo

Every cunt having a pop at Matt Lucas for losing weight should simply fuck off and die. #Arsenal.

Matt Lucas has a bazillion more qualities to talk about than his weight. Can we just not?.

I have quit and rejoined twitter so many times. I always think, ah it might have got better. Then I see Matt Lucas trending and people mugging him off for losing weight? Some really horrible people on this platform..

Fair play to @elisjames for not saying do I fuck on live TV when asked if he and Matt Lucas are planning a follow up to its coming home 🙄🤣.

I genuinely had to search online to see if Matt Lucas was dying. That’s an insane amount of weight he’s lost. 👏.

Matt Lucas Photo,Matt Lucas Photo by The Boleyn Years,The Boleyn Years on twitter tweets Matt Lucas Photo
The Poke
The Poke

‘Ewoks vs Predator’ is the film George Lucas wishes he’d made..

Matt Lucas Photo,Matt Lucas Photo by The Poke,The Poke on twitter tweets Matt Lucas Photo

Matt Lucas and this other dude bringing Fantasy Football back…Not a reboot I’ll be watching that’s for sure 🤢.

Fair doos to Matt Lucas. Looks like he’s had a great pre-season. I’ve mostly spent that time sat on my backside watching the Commie Games and drinking red grape juice.

Not being funny Matt Lucas, but is this really the time to talk about this shite #FNF #CRYARS.

Wtf is Matt Lucas doing on sky sports? Pulis and Allardyce are turning in their graves..

@Positively4thS Matt Lucas looks great to me. Good for him for losing the weight. Taken years off him & he looks healthy..

@MufcWonItAll This man quite clearly has hydrocephalus and taking the piss out of him and matt Lucas is vile.

@wrighty_89 Matt Lucas and I don’t know the other one some Swansea fan !! You got a good side there now..

@LetsTalk_FPL And Matt Lucas interviewed on the pitch advertising there new fantasy league programme !!!!.

@Evershite Reminds me of this, which, coincidentally, Matt Lucas appears in😂.

Matt Lucas Photo,Matt Lucas Photo by 𝕿𝖊𝖊𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖘,𝕿𝖊𝖊𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖘 on twitter tweets Matt Lucas Photo
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