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Matt Barnes with what many of us have believed for days. This Ime Udoka situation is only going to get worse. #Celtics.

“This situation in Boston is deep, it’s messy, it’s 100x uglier than any of us thought.” Matt Barnes speaks on the Ime Udoka situation..

Matt Barnes says that “after finding out the details” regarding the situation involving Ime Udoka in Boston, that it’s “deep, it’s messy and it’s 100 times uglier than any of us thought.”.

Matt Barnes found Ime Udoka scandal 100-times uglier than he thought.

Matt Barnes Photo,Matt Barnes Photo by New York Post,New York Post on twitter tweets Matt Barnes Photo

Matt Barnes, who tried to whip Derek Fisher over his wife, is no longer cutting for Ime Udoka.

@SportsHammond Matt fucking Barnes looked like he saw a ghost, ime did some real fucked up shir.

@N1_har You see that Matt Barnes video? It actually made my blood run cold. If THAT dude is rattled some shit went down..

Fi, se o Matt Barnes fala que a situação é feia, tu tá na merda man.

Ahh shoot. If Matt Barnes think you outta pocket I might have to reconsider 🤦🏽‍♂️.

Matt Barnes not only retracts his statement from yesterday & apologizes but also acknowledges that this Udoka situation may be a lot worse than ppl know..

That’s facts Matt Barnes be chill about a lot of shit so if he is saying it’s bad then it’s bad.

Boosie and Matt Barnes both trending today it’s like we’re back in the 2000s for real now.

idk what’s going on the nba world but i know who matt barnes is and if he’s saying this then yikes!.

If living in Boston wasn’t embarrassing enough for Nia I’m sure…. how u got me in boston looking wild and you doing unspeakable shit too? Like even Matt Barnes said you raggedy and he’s raggedy too lmaoaoaoa.

@Jeremy_ha35 Idkkk that matt barnes video where he’s serious af and sending prayers to those involved sounds pretty bad especially considering it’s matt barnes.

Matt Barnes sayin this too messy has me inconsolable cause of all human beings dawg lmfaooooooo like that’s the icing on this shit soufflé 😭😭😭.

@natfluential What the hell happened?! For Matt Barnes to come out and say this is all so ugly, it must U-G-L-Y!!!.

to have matt barnes talkin like this, ime must have done something truly out of pocket.

@SC42alt @StephenEspinoza 😞 Man, how disappointing. I thought really highly of Ime before this. Props to Matt Barnes for admitting he was wrong though. I knew there had to be more for that type of punishment. If it’s as bad as it sounds, I doubt the Celtics will keep him at all. Thanks for the update!.

@DanMota9 @espn Ya and that’s why the details are super important and may never come out, but if u haven’t seen the Matt Barnes video u should check that out. Doesn’t answer anything but more alluding to it being deeper than the original report.

Oh shit, if Matt Barnes of all people is saying it’s bad….

@NBAace21 @StoolGreenie Legal teams involved ..If they fire him, his lawyers can come after the Celtics for wrongful termination, he also can sign with another team next week if he wanted to. I give it a few days before the real story breaks because if Matt Barnes knows many others do too.

Ime Udoke better sleep with one eye open… Matt Barnes is coming.


@GangCeltics Ime must’ve really messed up if Matt Barnes said it’s messed up 😂😂.

If Matt Barnes can’t condone what you did you went way too far 😬.

Matt Barnes found Ime Udoka scandal 100-times uglier than he thought.

Matt Barnes Photo,Matt Barnes Photo by New York Post Sports,New York Post Sports on twitter tweets Matt Barnes Photo

Matt Barnes looks like he found out there was an Eyes Wide Shut orgy on the parquet floor.

Bruh Matt Barnes literally will go to war for almost any player so if he saying he ain’t got the cape for you this gotta be bad bad.

Yea if Matt Barnes switched up… shit must be really bad 😬👀.

Hmmm matt barnes comments make me think this udoka situation is way worse than originally painted.

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