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Updated: November 28th, 2021 09:40 AM IST

an intentional missed free throw ACTUALLY WORKS FOR ONCE. Maxey with the miss, Drummond with the tip … double overtime!

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the Sixers need to stop just giving the ball to Embiid when teams can easily double him. it either needs to be via an action or not at all. someone has to attack the rim and score or dish. just let Maxey attack. Tobias is as useless as NFTs in late game sets.

Really weird how some fans across different social media platforms were almost waiting for Maxey to mess up in a big moment and he’s getting a ton of extra slander

Embiid said tonight’s loss was on him and that the layoff wasn’t an excuse for not executing in crunch time. When Maxey was asked about what happened on his last turnover, Embiid interrupted him to say he was supposed to roll harder and that he made Maxey’s pass more difficult

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When Tyrese Maxey was asked about the final turnover of the game, Embiid interrupted him mid-answer and assumed responsibility for the play.

Tyrese Maxey was asked about his last turnover and he began blaming himself, but Joel Embiid quickly interjected and he said the blame should be put on him instead of Maxey. That’s leadership. #Sixers

an intentional missed free throw ACTUALLY WORKS FOR ONCE. Maxey with the miss, Drummond with the tip … double overtime!

This morning, @TyreseMaxey and his family joined Youth Service, Inc. to celebrate Philly middle/high school students who have improved their attendance and grades this year. Maxey on giving back: “When you have the ability to give back, you should always try to do it.”

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Ami még tanulság, hogy szerintem aki nem nézi ezt a Sixerst rendszeresen, az nem is tudja, hogy ez a Curry-Maxey hátvéd páros nagyon rendben van. Remekül kiegészítik egymást, és Maxey előtt elég fényes a jövő.

Maxey daremi kartaa hooyada saakey Cunugeeeda waxbarasho u dirsatay ee Hadana loo geeyey dhaawiciisa Ama meydkiisa🥲 Murugadaan joogtada ah ee muqdisho un ku eg Goormaa ka !

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@RealBasket365 Maxey es desde mi punto de vista un top 10 pero no por encima de trae o Tatum xd

Hot Take: Philadelphia 76ers är bättre med Tyrese Maxey som point guard än med Ben Simmons. #SampleSize

Maxey and Seth Curry were getting calls over a 2 time mvp. Refs just decided in the game that curry never gets fouled on 3 point attempts when he got fouled on about 3 of his threes

S/o @dhwanisaraiya_ for the Maxey pic. If you need anything from a screensaver to a mural (I have no idea if she can do that), Dhwani is your lady.

2020 draftı neden çöp muamelesi görüyor ki LaMelo edwards cole maxey halıburton saddıq bey

Andrew Wiggins sobre la defensa de Tyrese Maxey: Es bueno, es rápido alrededor de la canasta. Solo trata de hacerlo difícil, tal vez cansarlo, hacer algunas buenas defensas y cambiar el impulso.

Steve Kerr sobre lo que cambió durante el partido: Defensa, la defensa marcó el tono. Wiggs en el balón sobre Maxey, grandes actuaciones con Gary y Juan. En el ataque, el balón comenzó a moverse porque estábamos en transición.

Steve Kerr on what changed during the game:Defense, the defense set the tone. Wiggs on the ball with great performances with Gary and on offense, ball started to move because we were in transition.


@WarriorsLatam_ Empezo horrible, añadele que los refs trataron a maxey como a harden de el 2017, le dieron muchas faltas injusta a dray

@NiCk11192001 @NinjaBands Yep. Top 3 if Ben plays somehow. He’s literally the missing piece. The irony is we spent years trying to find a guy to put next to him who does what Maxey is doing and now we don’t have Ben lol

ENCERRADO: o Golden State Warriors (16-2), em casa, venceu o Philadelphia 76ers (10-9) por 116 a 96. #DubNation Curry: 25pts, 4reb & 10ast. Poole: 17pts, 5reb & 6ast. Curry: 24pts, 1reb & 2stl. Maxey: 19pts, 3reb & 5ast. FIM DA RODADA! #NBA75

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Fazendo 16 pontos no segundo tempo, Defensivamente melhoramos na marcação em cima do Maxey e do Seth Curry e onde chegamos a perder por 19 pontos no segundo quarto, viramos e no final terminamos vencendo por 20. INCRÍVEL.

WARRIORS WIN! A equipe de Golden State bateu o Philadelphia 76ers por 116 a 96. Stephen Curry: 25PTS/10AST Wiggins: 19PTS/6REB Poole: 17PTS/5REB/6AST Juan Toscano-Anderson: 13PTS/6REB/6AST Seth Curry: 24PTS Maxey: 19PTS/5AST #DubNation #NBA75

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The good news is the Sixers are returning home and most likely getting reinforcements soon. The bad news is they lost again, albeit to a great Warriors team. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


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Maxey rising among quite a group of whistle guys when attacking the rim (PFs off drives since )

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Q3 : 86-84 Warriors On est sur le fil du rasoir mais on parvient à rester dans le match. Comme d’habitude, notre attaque ne ressemble à rien quand Maxey se repose.

Wiggins is guarding a speed demon 6 foot PG in Maxey. What other wing is doing that? #DPOY

@douglasclark28 @williskimbugwe Stan twitter the worst fr lol bye let’s go watch Warriors fight for their lives against Tyrese Maxey

Wonder if Davion can add Maxey’s craft as a finisher…he’s just as quick. Needs that type of finishing bag to be a high level offensive guard in the league for sure

Tyrese Maxey is an absolute star. The Warriors are really showing him so many looks on defense. Real sign of respect for the kid

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