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Having Edmonton Calgary tonight at 11 eastern is so dumb. It makes zero sense. There is one game tomorrow at 8 pm. Put this game tomorrow afternoon so the east coast of Canada and the US can watch McDavid without staying up until 2 am.

Absolute SCENES at the Ice District Plaza when Connor McDavid scored:.

A picture is worth a thousand words. #LetsGoOilers #McDavid.

McDavid Photo,McDavid Photo by Tim and Friends,Tim and Friends on twitter tweets McDavid Photo

Ted Lindsay Award finalists for “most outstanding player” in the NHL, as voted by @NHLPA members: Josi (NASH), Matthews (TOR), McDavid (VAN)..

Oilers Connor McDavid is the fastest player in the past 30 years to reach the 20-point mark in the postseason.

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Darryl Sutter on McDavid: “He’s the best player in the league. He was the best player on the ice last night. Wasn’t even close.” Says if McDavid keeps getting 4 points a night, Flames are in obvious trouble..

Josh Yohe
Josh Yohe

Have seen Shane Wright play a few times this year. He’s a stud. Not Crosby or McDavid, but that happens once a decade if you’re lucky. Two-way monster. Exceptionally good defensively for someone that young. He’ll be a big-time No. 1 center. Great kid by all accounts, also..

What a play by McDavid. Yamamoto buries the rebound. We’ve got a 6-6 game. Holy mama..


Connor McDavid has made his presence known in the #StanleyCup playoffs, but he is not satisfied yet. 🍿 Oilers at Flames 📺 ESPN, 9:30 PM ET (via @NHL).

Tony Brar
Tony Brar

This is all in one series (!). McDavid played at an incredible level vs. Kings. Games 6 & 7 were the two best games of McDavid’s career. Regardless of which team you cheer for, appreciate greatness in the moment. Unbelievable! Via @DimFilipovic.

Connor McDavid (1-2—3) became the first @EdmontonOilers player to record a playoff goal streak of 4+ games since Michael Peca and Shawn Horcoff both did so in 2006 (both w/ 4 GP). #StanleyCup #NHLStats:.

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Connor McDavid He’s the Boss! Round 1 G: 4 A:10 P: 14 +/-: +10 Multiple Point Games: 6 On to Round 2!.

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So new recap: 1. Trouba elbows Crosby and Guentzel in the head and gets a total of 2 penalty minutes 2. Matthews held for 10 seconds and they dont call anything. 3. McDavid gets obliterated when hes not near the puck and nothing. Good 2 days for the refs protecting stars..

What a gut check it the Oilers dug in their heels. It was do-or-die & the #Oilers pulled through with a big Game 6 victory as McDavid, Kane (x2) & Barrie (GWG) supplied the offence in a 4-2 final to force Game 7 at home. | #LetsGoOilers.

Why am I being DMed so much whether I think Wright should go one? My pinned tweet is my draft order. Look Wright’s body of work is why. I’ve seen him dominate. I’ve seen the U18 at 16. Is he generational? No, he’s not McDavid/Crosby. He’s my favourite player in this draft tho..


With the season on the line, the Oilers needed their best players to be their best players. Connor McDavid answered that challenge with possibly the finest performance of his career. (@SportsnetSpec).

I don’t understand this perspective. which one of mcdavid, matthews, and marty fehervary can you reasonably say he’s better than? it’s tempting to let recency bias fool you but let’s keep a clear head..

The #Oilers 1st round. McDavid - 4G 10A +10 - ties NHL record for most multiple point games in a series. #MVP Draisaitl - 5G 4A - sick, wrist injury? & on one leg. Game 7 played 22:38. Warrior. Kane - 7G 2A Smith - .938 2 shutouts Ceci - 1G 5A +8 Fans - unbelievable.

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Kings playoff game hangover recap - McDavid showed why he’s the best player in the NHL and LA couldn’t stop him. Props. - Quick’s incredible season ends with another stellar performance. - Kupari and Kaliyev with impressive Game 7 debuts. - Important off-season ahead… #GKG.

At the #yow airport, waiting to board my Swoop flight back to #yeg - watching Edmontonians get off the plane in their Oilers masks and McDavid jerseys!.


TSN Director of Scouting @CraigJButton joins @JayOnrait to discuss the impact Connor McDavid had in Game 6 with the Oilers facing elimination..

One of them was facing Hedman and TB, the other was facing LA? McDavid had 14pts in 7 games and was on the ice for 20 of 26 EDM goals playing against 2 of the best shutdown centers in the league in Kopitar & Danault.


The Flames arguably have the better team, but there’s no question who the best player on the ice is in this Battle of Alberta with Connor McDavid putting on a show in Game 2..

Connor McDavid qui vient à bout des Kopitar et Danault de ce monde est en soi une grande victoire du hockey professionnel..

Connor McDavid is very clearly the face of the NHL over Auston Matthews..

TSN 1200
TSN 1200

.@Jason_Strudwick says McDavid showed up the way leaders are supposed to in elimination games..

McDavid Photo,McDavid Photo by TSN 1200,TSN 1200 on twitter tweets McDavid Photo

Oilers gut it out! McDavid a monster. 1 goal - 3 points. Led all skaters with 24:02 TOI. Move to play Leon and Connor together works. And we get another game 7!.

McDavid & Draisaitl together on ice Scoring chances: For- 12 Against- 2 @EdmontonOilers @nhl.

Puljujarvi is second to Mcdavid in every single important on ice stat this playoffs but he still ISNT playing???? Why? I need answers.

@CopperandBlue Options 1. Shortly before the playoffs, Woodcroft was kidnapped by certain msm and Tippett was put in his place. 2. Puljujärvi is injured and Woodcroft is sheltering him. 3. Holland’s orders. 4. McDavid’s orders. 5. Woodcroft has regressed. I see #1 as the most likely..

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