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Bill and Melinda Gates: “We ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to navigate this new life.” Can our families also have space and privacy from both of you?

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Bart P. Fuchs IV
Bart P. Fuchs IV ()

Proud to be formally engaged as exclusive financial advisor to Melinda Gates on the largest corporate divestiture of the year. Will be a great deal cred to include in all of my pitch books going forward

Iby ()

@Atiku_B @scarfizal Sorry sir, we’re focusing on Bill and Melinda’s divorce which was caused by the vaccine

💬 ()

@Willem_Treur Geheel via de logica van en ik vrees, niet geheel 🤯.. Hoeveel “waarheden” zitten er onder de mantel der liefde (of coercive control) verstopt? 👇🏻 zegt natuurlijk niets over Bill en Melinda, maar belicht n mogelijk universeel mechanisme

Saad Salman
Saad Salman ()

@khwamkhwah rather he should grab the opportunity n merry Melinda who owns assets more than our circular the only way IK can get rid of this debt 😂

Chris Kehoe
Chris Kehoe ()

@TiernanDouieb I tried to hide my shame by pretending that it was Melinda who said it.

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Kwa udi na ambari
Kwa udi na ambari ()

Melinda’s grounds for annulment checking in. A babes will be remarrying punde si punde.

Smacked ()

@meghamohan and Bill continues to shill delusional views based on bad science so that he can run around to all the national media outlets playing Doctor. Maybe Melinda was tired of the man child playing dress up make believe?

Sqoitijck Dieopdikodee
Sqoitijck Dieopdikodee ()

and if anyone’s wondering melinda single too, guys yk what to dooooo!!! tbh i think she left him cuz he was micro soft face_with_hand_over_mouth

Vieille Habitude. (from the sky)✝️⚔
Vieille Habitude. (from the sky)✝️⚔ ()

#Bill et #Melinda divorcent, un des 2 ne bande plus, serez vous trouver lequel ?

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edi #desobedienciacivil
Edi #desobedienciacivil ()


💧Gareth Davidson
💧Gareth Davidson ()

@peteevansnot His microchip-infused mass surveillance mind control vaccination program just cured his marriage to Melinda.

Moveover82 ()

@AP $Shannaj82 bill and Melinda all I want is this 3k stain stuck on my credit to be paid so I can hopefully be approved for my home loan. I work a lot and will make that kind of money but donate this way it will help this little person lol. Wishful thinking huh? Lol

Allie ()

like i’ve seen the bill tweets but we can’t forget melinda is now a rich single too

Justin Time
Justin Time ()

Bill an Melinda really made sure the dating scene could happen safely before throwing themselves in it, you have to respect #billgatesdivorce

Donna Rice
Donna Rice ()

That would be “no.” Thanks to Bill and Melinda our medical privacy will be a thing of the past with vaccine passports.

Dr Naomi Wolf
Dr Naomi Wolf ()

Bill and Melinda Gates: “We ask for space and privacy for our family as we begin to navigate this new life.” Can our families also have space and privacy from both of you?

Tommy Thibs JR
Tommy Thibs JR ()

Melinda: I never used the surface I’ve had an iPad and I use it. I’ve been buying MacBooks and IPhones, with a secret credit card. But you wouldn’t know, cause you’re too busy caring about everything except me.

Louie Armstrong Gaming
Louie Armstrong Gaming ()

@BamrockO @melindagates I can confirm miss Melinda, he Bleu me very well and he will do the same for you!!!

🐙 naomi 🏳️‍⚧️
🐙 naomi 🏳️‍⚧️ ()

Oh whoa- this pandemic is destroying relationships left and right. Having said , sup?

Jenny Wilson
Jenny Wilson ()

@buzzandhum Wonder if he fancies being a toyboy. Was Melinda a trophy wife? I was one once and it was not pleasant.

Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall ()

Bill & Melinda sure do make it difficult to shut down those conspiracy theories.

Ulu Afaese
Ulu Afaese ()

Sorry Bill and Melinda. I wrote this tweet before finding out about your divorce. :(

Jamie McGriff
Jamie McGriff ()

If Bill and Melinda can’t make 😩.....with ALLLLLL that money 🤦🏽‍♀️ Wow! #Marriage #divorce

Luis_E ()

@soy_502 Me imagino que Melinda, junto a MacKenzie, se corvertiran en las solteras más codiciadas del momento 💰💰

Anthony Gomez
Anthony Gomez ()

Billy G with the divorce. Bummer. Sorry to hear this. Melinda, get that money.

Dylan ()

@drgurner @anothercohen A moment of lift (Melinda’s book) shared a little glimpse into what a power house of a team they were. I hope they can continue to work together on the foundation, they way they worked together to solve world problems was unparalleled.

Artur Cingöz
Artur Cingöz ()

@nazmeliszengin Melinda hanım kırklarelideki tarlaları kızının üzerine yap demiş, Bill bey de demiş ki kızın üzerine yapacaz elin oğlu damat olup konacak. Olay büyümüş, yok inekler tosarırdı tosarmazdı, böcek yerdin yemezdin 60ından sonra huyun bozuldu da deyince böyleyken bö

🌺 Betty Waitherero 🌼 Tensio Tech
🌺 Betty Waitherero 🌼 Tensio Tech ()

Everyone talking about Bill but my eye is on likes ha ha ha I am your black queen lady ha ha ha

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Buckhead Gay™
Buckhead Gay™ ()

Bill & Melinda, the newest residents of #BillandMelindaGates

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Schooley ()

MacKenzie Scott and Melinda Gates, road tripping across the country, throwing cash out of the speeding car.

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