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The Sixers have traded Danny Green and the No. 23 pick to the Grizzlies for DeAnthony Melton, per @ShamsCharania.

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Out of guys who played over 1000 minutes, Melton was 3rd in deflections per 36 and 4th in steals per 36. Perfect pickup for a team with too many non-disruptive defenders.

Memphis Grizzlies 2022 NBA Draft recap: No. 19: Jake LaRavia (via MIN) No. 23: David Roddy (via PHI) SG Danny Green (via PHI) No. 38: Kennedy Chandler (via SA) No. 47: Vince Williams Jr. Departures: De’Anthony Melton ➡️ PHI Future 2nd Round Pick ➡️ SA What a night for Memphis..


I have a feeling that the Sixers aren’t done. Melton & Tucker would be a solid combo, but I think we still need one more move. #HereTheyCome #Sixers.

I’ve got a few weeks left to gather my thoughts on the Nuggets offseason. I’ve got to believe that there are some series moves to come. Tonight was a slow night around the NBA from a trade standpoint. Though, Melton at 23 and Braun at 30 seemed possible. Pick your guys, though..

Dass die Sixers mit Melton und Champagnie aus der Draftnight gehen, ist auch eine sneaky erfolgreicher Abend gewesen..

De’Anthony Melton(SG , y) プロフィール…24歳 , 188cm , 91kg ・跳躍力が武器の高いアスレチック能力 ・キャリア平均とDF貢献力も◎ ・ここ2年間の3P成功率はと優秀 ・PG/SGの控えとして柔軟な起用に期待 まだ若い選手、一緒に優勝しよ #こんにちはメルトン #シクサーズ優勝.

Grizzlies trade De’Anthony Melton to 76ers, trade up with Timberwolves.

De’Anthony Melton is a perfect fit, but Daryl Morey and the Sixers have only just begun | David Murphy via @phillyinquirer.

Getting Melton is a solid pick up, have absolutely no issue getting rid of our first rounder for him..

@MavsDraft @Isaac_Rivals Melton has not performed well in postseason 3 strait seasons.

Not all that thrilled about what the Sixers did tonight. I think it’s fine. But I’m an upside guy and that’s one thing you aren’t getting with Melton. Just philosophically I believe in gambling on upside. Would’ve preferred to keep the pick. But it’s not a bad trade.

Gn goats say it back if you a real one. DeAnthony Melton is a 76ers!.

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✈️ TRASPASO ✈️ Los Sixers deciden moverse en este mercado para conseguir a un valioso jugador de rotación. A Grizzlies: Pick 23. A Sixers: DeAnthony Melton. Los Grizzlies amplían su juventud..

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🏀UPDATE: Philadelphia is trading the No. 23 pick to Memphis for De’Anthony Melton - @wojespn.

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@_itsnotmatt @sixers It’s illegal to have thybulle (if i spelled it correctly) and melton back there. Take care of Melton 😢.

@phillyfansince8 @wojespn Nah you tripping 76ers don’t need developmental pieces they have embiid and harden they in win now mode and melton is a great two way players that you can use with either Maxey or harden on the floor.


De’Anthony Melton has steadily improved every year of his career so far and I don’t expect that to change at the age of 24 yet.

Memphis trading DeAnthony Melton for Danny Green when Dillon Brooks will be a FA next year is hilarious because their only two options now are losing all 3 in a year or overpaying to keep Dillon Brooks and Danny Green, who will be 36.

Melton llega a Phila , buen refuerzo para el banquillo, me sorprende que Grizzlies lo deje salir por rendimiento y porque se le veía muy cercano a los Morant y Jackson.

Guau, primer jugador de rotación caído en este verano. Los Memphis Grizzlies se desprenden de DeAnthony Melton por Danny Green y el pick n°23 de este draft. Así de primeras no sé qué hará la franquicia si cortarlo o quedarse con él. #GrindCity.

@KylePoland3 @1043TheFan Melton for 21 and Barton. Basically anything for Lu Dort, a lot for JaeSean Tate or Josh Richardson and anything for DeJontay Murray..

They must really believe in the 23 pick because they’re not getting anything from Danny Green who tore his ACL vs the Heat. Good trade for the Sixers. Melton could even be a (good) starter for them.

Daryl Morey believes the Philadelphia 76ers got better after acquiring De’Anthony Melton from the Memphis Grizzlies..

Good luck to everyone representing Team Melton & Belvoir today but most importantly have fun 🙂🌟.

24/6/1969: El antesalista Bill Melton, d los Medias Blancas, batea 3 jonrones en un partido. A Melton lo trajo a Venezuela Luis Aparicio y jugó con las Águilas en la temporada d estreno del club rapaz en la LVBP, 1969-70. Conectó el 1er jonrón en la historia del conjunto zuliano.


@Dave_Shoo @CDunning929 The sixers had a trade exception that Melton fit into, they could’ve done 23 for Melton straight up.

@Leaf21Sharp You don’t know who Melton is so that’s why you tweeted this. Danny can’t stay heathy and the rookie wasn’t gone get no PT. Plus Melton is good. A good bench piece..


@CDunning929 Obviously working with limited info here, but it feels like they took the deal Philly had been begging people to take all week and added Melton to it for basically no reason. That’s why I feel like they wanted that green contract for some reason and more is coming but who knows.

Grosse hype sur De’Anthony Melton mais maintenant comment va-t-on chercher PJ Tucker que souhaite Joel Embiid ?.

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