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We have agreed to terms with @Lindor12BC on a 10-year contract extension beginning in 2022. #LGM

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Jack Ramsey
Jack Ramsey ()

Inject this into my veins *literally, I’ve only had one shot*

Cissécheikhmbacké ()

@Reine_Dasgard Je vous jure Prions pour que le bon Dieu SWT nous mets dans le droit chemin

Tim Healey
Tim Healey ()

The Empire State Building is lit up orange and blue in honor of the Mets’ home opener this afternoon.

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Tim Healey
Tim Healey ()

A full update and more reaction on the Mets’ controversial win:

Seahawks fan 4 life
Seahawks fan 4 life ()

@MLB @Cardinals Awesome to see the cardinals win a game without cheating and leaning into a strike. The Mets could learn something from a real team like the cardinals who are built correctly and have a great fanbase. Congrats cardinals

Annaëlle🙈 ()

@maruuuusch Aaanh oui si tu mets juste des braids sans rien faire ça va rien changer

Howie Rose
Howie Rose ()

MLB Covid protocols strictly limit on field activities. I missed doing the intros too, but we have big ceremonies scheduled later this summer for Jerry Koosman and Mets HOF. Hopefully things will be back to normal by then. Those events are special and it’s an honor to be the MC.

Dr. Jake Wright
Dr. Jake Wright ()

@bookowl On a totally unrelated note, did you see the end of the Mets game? Makes Fernando Viña look squeaky clean.

Chris OIIey
Chris OIIey ()

Sure looks like the Mets are back to normal, to me

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AP Sports
AP Sports ()

The Mets got some home cooking in their home opener, scoring the winning run on a bizarre hit by pitch.

Ebe ()

This is why the Mets booth is the best. Instead of making excuses for a player on the team their covering, they called him out.

MetsGiants2000 ()

Seriously, could team franchises not instigate the kind of stuff that leads to a pitcher throwing a 99 mph fastball at a Mets player’s head. Honest to god, if the Mets lost the same way, I wouldn’t be so upset about it. Like there’s going to be games like that for every team.

Glenn Geffner
Glenn Geffner ()

What happens if the Mets beat some team out for a playoff spot by one game? An illegitimate win on April 8 would be a really bad look for #MLB, and this could come back to bite any other playoff contender in the National League. You don’t think this impacts your team? It might.

Ryan Garcia (Please Score Runs)
Ryan Garcia (Please Score Runs) ()

Just wanna say the Mets and Marlins agreed to play a game of Major League Baseball meaning with human umpires meaning inaccuracies and with calls like that having unclear rules on whether they are reviewable, therefore the events that occurred today were recognized as possible!

Jomboy Media
Jomboy Media ()

Michael Conforto sticks his arm out and gets hit by a strike for the walk-off win. Even the Mets broadcasters are upset about it

New York Mets
New York Mets ()

Bottom 9. Down 1. Home opener. Also your birthday. Seems like a good time for a DINGER! 🥳

Devil ()

@lucieprre PTDRRR meuf pareil depuis tout à l’heure je mets mon tel sur le côté pcq g peur wsh

Roger Mansuy
Roger Mansuy ()

Et comme nous sommes en année #Napoleon, je mets ici le souper de Beaucaire de Lecomte du Nouÿ au château de Malmaison (fin XIXe) pour son contre-jour

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Mogore ()

@DocNebulleuseP Je mets une jupe, puis je fais du vélo. Quelle est ta question, au juste ?

Mathew Brownstein
Mathew Brownstein ()

If Pillar was in the lineup due to the lefty/righty matchup, then Dominic Smith should’ve been called upon with one out & the bases loaded with a RH reliever on in the 4th. Smith recorded the 4th-highest wRC+ among 127 LH hitters vs. RHP in 2020 (173, min. 90 PAs). #Mets

The Sports Genius
The Sports Genius ()

Mans was signed for 1 month for the New York Mets and has MLB PROFESSIONAL in his bio.

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Ed Steven
Ed Steven ()

@RyanFieldABC Tom Seaver was quoted as saying I would never have won 300 games if I stayed with the Mets

T.Z. 23
T.Z. 23 ()

@blackroseMD1 @KeithOlbermann I’ve been a Mets fan since birth. You don’t know suffering, my friend.

Don ()

As a Mets fan I whole heartily feel for deGrom. Bullpen has blown 31 of his starts and has 25+ no decisions because the offense couldn’t not score. Mets offense today could hit a Matt Moore who’s hardest pitch was 92mph. I’m tight. 0-1 #nym

CEO ()

Thank GOD the under hit, and the Mets are forever on my #WallOfShame

Matt Breen
Matt Breen ()

Bryce Harper on the Mets lifting Jacob deGrom: We were happy as a team, of course, getting one of the best pitchers in the entire world out of the game.

🍓Javier Reyes🍓
🍓Javier Reyes🍓 ()

The Mets to Jacob DeGrom every time he goes god mode on the mound

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Sergio💫 ()

Same old Mets. Degrom made the Phillies look like little leaguers then bullpen fucks it all up

New York Mets
New York Mets ()

We have agreed to terms with @Lindor12BC on a 10-year contract extension beginning in 2022. #LGM

Tim Pool
Tim Pool ()

This is insane The Mets are playing with lives here There is *no reason* to open in any capacity Boycott the NY Mets

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