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Michael Harris keeps doing the dang thing. He homered to lead off the second inning. 5-0, Braves.

The Braves fixed their entire CF problem by calling up Michael Harris who they could’ve justifiably never called up and saved service time on. They didn’t because their priority is winning. Wonder if the Yankees feel the same..

Michael Harris II bops his 10th roundtripper of the season for the @Braves:.

Michael Harris hits the 10th home run of his rookie season!.

Michael Harris II vs Taijuan Walker #ForTheA Home Run 💣 Exit velo: mph Launch angle: 31 deg Proj. distance: 370 ft This would have been a home run in 8/30 MLB ballparks ATL (5) @ NYM (0) 🔺 2nd.

Michael Harris Photo,Michael Harris Photo by Would it dong?,Would it dong? on twitter tweets Michael Harris Photo

Michael Harris II sitting on 127 wRC+. In the Atlanta era, only five rookies have ever been better: Dusty Baker, David Justice, Ronald Acuña Jr., Jason Heyward and Ryan Klesko)..

If Michael Harris Jr. follows in the footsteps of Chipper and Freddie as the new certified Mets Killer, I won’t complain.

ok i couldn’t watch tonight but everyone say thank you: eddie rosario, matt olson, dansby swanson, austin riley, william contreras and michael harris.

@DatHaynes @Mets Dude i was at the game tonight. Michael Harris is incredible. Feels like he runs down every single ball in the gap.

@mlbbowman Michael Harris’s autographed Rookie Card might be the most valuable thing I own..

Michael Harris II - Single vs Trevor Williams #Braves vs #Mets EV: (MPH) LA: 14 (Deg.) Dist: 279 (ft.) xBA: .870 (MPH) Changeup (CH) - 1-1 Count.

Michael Harris and Spencer Strider are really going back and forth man 😂. This Atlanta core is beautiful..

Michael Harris II - GIDP vs Mychal Givens #Braves vs #Mets EV: (MPH) LA: 6 (Deg.) Dist: 111 (ft.) xBA: .390 (MPH) 4-Seam Fastball (FF) - 3-1 Count.

Tuff loss. Takeaways: Mets bullpen looked great. We used a lot of the Braves bullpen. Michael Harris catches literally everything. I’m not ready for his 10 year 130 mil contract..

@KFCBarstool Michael Harris is out here killing the Mets this series while our top guy rots in AAA. It’s infuriating. Just DFA McCann and give Alvarez the job tomorrow..

Michael Harris Was Safe, But The Braves Never Win So I Expected That Outcome smh.

@MLB If you idiots can’t get replay right, get rid of it. Michael Harris @Braves was clearly safe at second. Replay umps are 🤡🤡🤡🤡’s..

This Michael Harris Ronald Acuña Jr duo for the next 10 years is gonna be so sick.

Not too soon to say Michael Harris is the greatest defensive centerfielder in the history of baseball.

Michael Harris II hits a solo shot (10) to give the Braves a 5-0 lead..

10 HR on the season for Michael Harris II #ForTheA Each Home Run for Michael Harris II AVG Exit Velo: mph AVG Launch Angle: deg AVG Proj. Distance: ft Would dong in MLB ballparks Automated Reply from @SyMill_Baseball.

I keep waiting to find out Michael Harris ll is like Rafael Furcal in that he’s actually like 25 instead of 21. He doesn’t look 21 nor play like it. #braves..

Michael Harris II began his slide like 20 feet from second and STILL almost beat the throw..

2024 US Presidential Democratic Primary Bernie Sanders: 56% ✅ Kamala Harris: 31% Pete Buttigieg: 10% Michael Bloomberg: 3% (Percent of Delegates).

Michael Harris has a cannon but what makes it lethal is that release. One of the shorter releases I’ve seen from an outfielder.

For trade is my /10 Bo auto, looking for Bobby Witt jr 1st bowman non base (paper or chrome fine), or a non “10” Michael Harris II 1st bowman auto (raw/not going to gem also fine) #HiveTradeNight.

Michael Harris Photo,Michael Harris Photo by Hewlettes Hobby,Hewlettes Hobby on twitter tweets Michael Harris Photo

Tyler Naquin flies out to deep center field to Michael Harris II. Bottom of the 4th | 1 out #ATLvsNYM.

2/3s of the earth is covered by water. The rest of it is covered by Michael Harris..

#Braves Michael Harris does NOT run out of the box (ever) but he sure can run down some balls in CF.

I’m starting to really dislike this Michael Harris guy, he reminds me of certain someone from my childhood.

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