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#Saints updated offense: QB Jameis Winston RB Alvin Kamara RB Mark Ingram RB Tony Jones Jr. WR Michael Thomas WR Jarvis Landry WR Chris Olave WR Marquez Callaway WR Tre’Quan Smith WR Deonte Harty TE Adam Trautman TE Taysom Hill TE Juwan Johnson.

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Feel for Rakic but overall a great night of fights. I think my favourite win was Michael Johnson. His first win since 2018 and it was a beautiful finish. He’s on the list of OG fighters like Lauzon and Ferguson that I can’t believe we’re still watching. Happy for him..

It felt like I was fighting for my life. Forget the job. Michael Johnson (@menace155) pulled himself out of a dark spot by snapping his 4-fight losing skid. #UFCVegas54 | Full video:.

Michael Johnson was very raw and honest in his post-fight interview. Says he was broke, and feels like he was fighting for his life not just his job. #UFCVegas54.

Michael Johnson is the most consistent inconsistent fighter ever to grace the ufc canvas #UFCVegas54.

Michael Johnson’s the type of guy who UD’s Tony and KOs Dustin but loses to Isbum Mickeychev.

What’d we learn ? - Carlos Hernandez might be the worst pitcher in MLB - Tony Kelley is mad racist - Michael Johnson still got hands - The Dodgers are a chase bet tomorrow #GamblingTwitter.


@sportsdude420 Learned my lesson a long time ago. Stay away from every Michael Johnson fight. You have zero idea how he’s going to show up.

Fun fact: Khabib Nurmagomedov and Michael Johnson are the only two fighters in UFC history to have victories over all 3 of Dustin Poirier, Gleison Tibau, and Edson Barboza. #UFCVegas54.

Já pararam pra pensar como cada esporte tem seu craque, no futebol Pele, no futsal Falcão, no basquete Michael Jordan, no futevôlei Eri Johnson,.

David Frost cannot weasel his way out of this, he is just as culpable for this failure; incl his predecessors Michael Gove & David Davies and ultimately Boris Johnson..

@_dailydoseofnyg Mine: Tom Brady Peyton Manning Ed Reed Randy Moss Adrian Peterson Gronk Darrelle Revis Michael Vick Tony Romo Chris Johnson Quenton Nelson Champ Bailey.

Michael Johnson is the JR Smith of the UFC. He would knock out a top-five ranked opponent then lose to some random Nigga in they first ufc fight.

Michael Johnson is the kind of fighter that would KO Thanks and then go lose to Black Widow #UFCVegas54.

@theUG Fine thanks and you? Good to see Michael Johnson performing as if he’s in his prime. 👊🏼👊🏼.

Michael Johnson can beat literally anyone in the world but lose to literally anyone lmao.

@MMAfilthycasual Michael Johnson was awesome I forgot how fast his hands are!! Great fight!!.

Michael Phelps revient sur son mariage et annonce une bonne nouvelle #Michael Johnson.

man every fuckin fight i picked minus the glorious Michael Johnson fight, have all fuckin lost! Chelsea lost another wembley cup final, Galaxy have shit the bed, Kings just got scored on, Dodgers are making errors, WHAT IS GOING ON.


When I think of fighters who never fulfilled their true potential and records that don’t tell the full story, the first fighter that comes to mind is Michael Johnson. People forget that he has dominant wins over Tony Ferguson (right before his insane streak), Dustin and Barboza..

@ReturnofR A man who gets rare mention: Mark Kendall, as well as Alex Lifeson, David Gilmour, Eric Johnson, EVH, George Lynch, Nuno, Michael Schenker, Joe Satriani, Frank Hannon, Brad Gillis, Jeff Watson, Nita Strauss, Ted Nugent…… love them all and a thousand I didn’t list! 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸.

今思い出したけど、Michael Jackson の所に Michael Johnson が1枚入ってたw(人気盤ではない).

Me mama ser el momios positivos en la UFC (tmb gané la de Michael Johnson parleada con Alan Nascimento).

Michael Johnson Photo,Michael Johnson Photo by alan,alan on twitter tweets Michael Johnson Photo

Asher Johnson was 2nd in the 110m hurdles. Michael Maiorano won the 3000 and 1500! Connor Singer 2nd in 800. Big day for South Meddy! 👏🥇🏆💪. Others contributing today were DJ Scott, Adam Cannon, Liam Hurley (javelin) and Li Moala (shot put). Deacon Edgar and Benjamin Krebs..

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