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I want everyone to know Michael Reeves is my hero for beating up a real estate agent #creatorclash.

Results for Tonight: DAD by R1 TKO Alex Ernst by UD (50-43) DJ Welch by R2 RTD I Did A Thing by R1 TKO Minx by R4 TKO Hundar by R5 TKO Michael Reeves by R2 TKO EpicMealTime by R2 TKO Dr Mike by UD (50-45, 50-45, 49-46).

still thinking about michael reeves just activating last night and beating the hell out of a real estate agent that man lives my dream so often it hurts.


I did NOT expect to see Dr. Mike fight iDubbbz and Michael Reeves fight Graham Stephan, it was like watching a multiverse crossover #CreatorClash.

I retract this actually Michael Reeves looks like the type of dude that sits in the very back of the class waiting for a motherfucker to go psycho on.

I think anybody that loses a fight to Michael Reeves should just consider their lives forfeit at that point.

Michael Reeves Wins By TKO In The (CREATOR CLASH BOXING EVENT!!!!!) via @YouTube.

Thank you Michael Reeves for proving what we all suspected… that Graham Stephan is in fact a little bitch #creatorclash.


michael reeves ang nawawalang anak?! 😦😦😦😧😧😧😧😧😧😱😱😱😱😱😱😱.

@emblastoons It was a big charity influencer boxing event. Arin boxed Harley from Epic Meal Time (literally 6’5” and 60lbs heavier than arin). Other people who participated were Michael Reeves, Supermega, Idubbbz, and some others.

Holy shit! Matt & Ryan from Supermega, Michael Reeves, Arin Hanson!!! This is so cool 🤩.

Michael Reeves Photo,Michael Reeves Photo by LeyLynn,LeyLynn on twitter tweets Michael Reeves Photo

Michael Reeves turned out to be the best fighter on this card from a technical standpoint, that was really fun to watch.

Michael Reeves Photo,Michael Reeves Photo by Pilgrim,Pilgrim on twitter tweets Michael Reeves Photo

@LilyPichu it’s the Filipino-PACMAN bloood hahhahaha ! MICHAEL REEVES won! Woot woot!.

Michael Reeves’ one-two was hilarious! Started off appearing to stalk Graham, then out of nowhere, the left jab speared Graham with surprising range. Followed up with a with a big right hook and that was the TKO. #creatorclash.

partially cause i *really* wanna see michael reeves in the ring, he looks like bloody little mac next to everyone else i love it.

Michael “i will not build your shitty robot ideas” Reeves is a champion of the people 😤.

Am I crazy? I thought the Michael reeves fight was so boring but it’s the only fight I’ve seen people tweet about???.

The winners for the creator clash event is Dad, Harley, dj welch, Hundar, justaminx, Alex Ernst, I did a thing, Michael reeves, and Dr Mike.

I like how michael reeves was legitimately one of the best fighters of the night and flat out said “fuck no” to ever boxing again 😂.


i have never given a shit about boxing a day in my life. except for today. michael reeves is a fucking beast..

why are people shocked michael reeves won, he works out all the time and is so health conscious he’s actually crazy 😭.

@dtvlogs Creator clash is an event in Tampa Bay, Florida where creators come to box for money. Today’s match was JustaMinx vs Michael Reeves.

@_Sarahcat I think I saw you on the stream when Michael Reeves came out? Might be losing my mind tho, the quality wasnt too good x-x.

The Story of Michael Reeves via @YouTube I hated this guy for no reason now I have nothing but respect.


@RealDoctorMike @michaelreeves ayee congrats for winning dr mike, also love the Michael reeves appreciation.

seeing michael reeves punch the shit out of smone on my tl was not what i expected to see today but i am so glad i did whata GUY.

Michael Reeves is a fucking legend. That has to be the most impressive YouTube boxing fight I have ever seen.

Am I missing something why are streamers boxing? But also I both admire and fear Michael Reeves.

@Wooluu_ @michaelreeves did you know that according to shigeru miyamoto (later confirmed by mike tyson) michael reeves was actually the inspiration for little mac from the famous Punch-Out! series on NES (with a reboot on Wii).

Michael Reeves Photo,Michael Reeves Photo by your knees are mine,your knees are mine on twitter tweets Michael Reeves Photo
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