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Updated: September 17th, 2021 07:40 AM IST

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BREAKING: Several Pentagon officers present in Milley’s secret meeting are willing to testify against him under oath, per WH official

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If General Milley failed to follow orders, that’s dereliction of duty.

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This u is a bridge too far! Trump can commit every crime and lie in the book, align with our enemies, & cause a Revolution. All okay with the GOP! . But Gen Milley tries to save the country & he’s accused of being a traitor!

General Milley & The Deep State: The Real Insurrectionists

General Milley & The Deep State: The Real Insurrectionists

General Mark Milley is a professional who did his job to protect our republic from a tyrant. Mike Flynn is a traitor. Any questions?

Opinion | Milley wanted to save us from Trump. Instead, he enabled Biden’s military debacle in Afghanistan. - The Washington Post

@Tennesseine @AVindman Vindman gets a pass from me on General Milley ! Vindman got it wrong ! Very wrong ! But, given everything else that has happened the last five years, he gets a light slap on the wrist from me.

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WOKE GENERAL MILLEY & @SpeakerPelosi are 2 SNAKES Against always mentions the Constitution & Democracy which is complete opposite of the Truth.

Newly obtained information reveals Generally Milley ordered his staff not to take orders from Trump without his approval following the January 6th riots. Read the full story:

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Red Pill- “General Milley did the right thing. He helped prevent a war & a coup from succeeding.” Blue Pill- “General Milley broke the rules & should be punished. Put my body back into a power plant.”

“Esper directed his policy office to issue a backchannel message to the Chinese to reassure them the had no intention of seeking a military confrontation”

Here’s the problem. Milley is a woke dumb ass who hated 45, so it’s easy for me to believe that he might be guilty of undermining his CIC. However I don’t put ANY chips down on a story being told by Bob Woodward. That dude is a liar who appears to have sat on this to sell a book


Milley took action to limit Trump via @YouTube /Breaking news,tecla sap para teoristas da constipação da bolha reversa: Tirem o botão vermelho de Trump, provoquem os vermelhos para tomarmos um nuke na cara e assim justificar tudo que queremos fazer depois.

@jonathanvswan Our Union is dissolving and the COVID wars are about to start. Hospitals full, government institutions failing at the state and local level. The machinations of Gen. Milley not on top priority.

@DeadlineWH is now discussing the story of how Mark Milley contacted China to calm down their fears of an out of control and volatile T launching a nuclear strike on his way out the door.

@RobManess Trump talked with a Ukrainian official and he was impeached. How is it that Milley talks to rhe Chinese about nuke strikes and that’s ok?

Apparently there is a new book ou,detailing a Military and Congressional coup of our government during transition of was on the phone with Conspirator Gen person needs to be stripped of his uniform and jailed must face ✅

@CarinesMoncada No decían que Trump iba a dar un golpe de estado? Entonces woke Milley fue el que lo dió.Los comunistas son los maestros en el arte de la proyección y las cortinas de humo.

.@GregAbbott_TX when will you publicly call for General Milley to be arrested and tried for treason?

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@GOPChairwoman @BillHagertyTN Gen. Milley was worried Frump would deploy NUKES on his way out. GTFOH.

@Scribe_Light If that is true, Milley committed some serious offences, possibly (probably?) treason.

@washingtonpost This is treason, straight up. If Milley was that afraid of Trump he owed it to the country to resign and go public with his concerns. Instead he colluded with our chief international rival, that’s unforgivable, it’s treason. This cannot go unpunished.

@joshrogin If Milley is so tight with General Li how come he wasn’t able to get his boss to talk with his PLA counterpart?

BREAKING: Several Pentagon officers present in Milley’s secret meeting are willing to testify against him under oath, per WH official

@itsJeffTiedrich First president in 39 years not to enter any new conflicts. general milley is a joke u know this yea 😂😂😂

As pro-Trump media reflexively calls Gen. Milley a traitor (and worse), watch Mike Pompeo. Will he join the attacks or keep his own counsel? Judging from this, he appears to have allied with Milley instead of Trump during that tumultuous period.

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General Milley is a traitor. He conspired with the Chinese military, and ordered the CIA and NSA to spy on the president. The guy takes his marching orders from Beijing.

@latimes Rep. Michael McCaul, the ranking member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the Taliban has already started to execute some of the 10,000 interpreters who worked with the in Afghanistan. Tony, Austin, Milley and Joe are

Judicial Watch announced that it has filed a FOIA lawsuit against the DOD for records about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s January 8, 2021, telephone call with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley. READ:

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