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James Milner was left disappointed after the 1-1 draw against Crystal Palace but pleased with the fighting spirit displayed from 10-man Liverpool..

James Milner misses a HUGE chance to give Liverpool the lead! 😱.

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Pep Lijnders on James Milner: “As I said before, he could have my title tomorrow, assistant manager. The club are made around these players, around these characters. They are so much more than just football players. They are examples, they are truly legends. #lfc [intensity].

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James Milner: “Seeing how the team has involved has been fantastic. It doesn’t feel like it’s a journey that’s ready to end, personally or as a group. I think there is definitely more to give but that doesn’t just happen.” #lfc [lfc].

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Subs: Adrian, Gomez, Milner, Elliott, Nunez, Carvalho, Bajcetic, Van den berg, Chambers. #LFC.

Just watched that Paddypower vid again and when they mention milner being ancient they get the old guy to show a photo of voronin. They actually dont try and make out that Milner is actually good looool.


we play 4 games in 12 days in a couple weeks time, and one keita injury means we will see a midfield of fabinho henderson milner, klopp has blood in his hands.

@alexanderlopezo @Alvaro_varito ¿Te refieres a la entrada de Milner al tobillo de Benzema? Totalmente de acuerdo..

@Alvaro_varito Esa jugada es tan mítica que después de eso Milner se desapareció del partido, no hizo más nunca una falta. Casemiro le infundió miedo. Ese es mi Casemiro, ese es mi jugador y con él hasta el final. Casemiro es el carácter del madridismo. Nadie más en la plantilla lo tiene..

@SeanDOlfc @9squeeze 🤣🤣🤣 Milner drifting into left wing areas thinking he’s in 2014 Pellegrini’s City system goes brrrrrr.

Jose Barrero vs Hoby Milner #ATOBTTR Home Run 💣 Exit velo: mph Launch angle: 33 deg Proj. distance: 389 ft This would have been a home run in 24/30 MLB ballparks CIN (5) @ MIL (3) 🔺 6th.

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If Thiago injury is serious I feel the club definitely need to look at bringing in a midfielder. Ox Keita are both prone to injury. Milner only good as backup. Jones / Elliott too raw (and Jones is injured for unknown duration). Only really leaves Fab and Hendo 🫤.

I can’t be the only person that thinks Phillips and Milner weren’t even bad last night? Thought Fabinho and Robertson were the standout poor performers, they both looked like they’d ran a marathon an hour before the game. Be interesting to see what the team will be next Monday..

Masih inget momen ini. Case tackle Milner di depan Klopp, pas ribut Zidane sama Case senyum ke arah mereka. 😂.

📰{NEWS}📰 James Milner has declared that the Reds are ready for a fight 💪 #LFC.

Kamu abis diomelin Milner ya bang, Kostas yang bengong aja digaprak di lapangan, apalagi ini 🤭 semangat bang, periode honeymoon udah habis.


fabinho is gonna be rinsed so bad too that he is gonna pull something, which will end up watching us with a mid 3 of henderson milner elliott, all on klopp if we don’t win the league or ucl this season 👍🏾.

Heck of an inning from Hoby Milner! This dude deserves way more credit than he’s gotten this season!!!.

This is due to that winger who thinks he’s a midfielder Milner drifting out onto the touchline when he was meant to be playing the same position Thiago plays when he offers a central option.


nunez milner and elliott came on and we looked like we could score every time we were in the final third.

Unavailable for 10 games in FIVE seasons. Missed games in the last TWO seasons: - Thiago: 46 - Keita: 31 - Elliott: 30 - Ox: 23 - Henderson: 19 - Fabinho: 14 - Jones: 14 - Milner: 13 - Carvalho: 13.


This stuff is so obvious but people act like you’re mental if you point it out. What stopped us from moving on Ox and Milner and signing two competitive midfielders this summer?.

#Reds 5 @ #Brewers 3 [T6-0o]: Jose Barrero homers (2): fly ball to LCF (solo) Hit: 389ft, , 33° [2nd of game] Pitch: 88mph Sinker (LHP Hoby Milner, 2).

They are literally using stats from 5 years ago and refuse to accept Milner and Hendo are done now..

We extended Milner in lieu of new blood, we persist with Henderson as an 8 in lieu of new blood, we wouldn’t have signed Nunez if Sadio didn’t actively push for a move to Bayern. Stubborn beyond belief..

@totalcristiano My man slide tackled United rumours like he did against Milner.

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@markgoldbridge Just wait until you wake up tomorrow mark and United will be in advanced talks to bring James Milner in on 350k a week.

Regarding Milner, some of the crap I’ve seen on here about him is pathetic. He’s 36 and the club turning a blind eye to our urgent need to sign a midfielder is the only reason he’s starting and not solely being utilised for seeing out the latter stages of games. He’s done decent..

@LFCTransferRoom Got a proper bollocking from Klopp. Milner sitting there and translating 😂😂.

@MrMayhemMSU Tommy Pharr and Sammy Milner, in the upcoming throwback inspiration jerseys. I think there was also a baseball milk promotion picture, with Coach Gregory and some of the players from that same year..

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