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Geidt, who is about as uncensorious as you can get, says his position was only credible “by a very small margin” but he resigned after PM asked him to approve a deliberate and purposeful breach of the Ministerial code,” which placed him in an “impossible and odious position..

@MrHarryCole Funny old world where you compare a deliberate, planned breach of the ministerial code with wine up the walls. How can you defend this ?.

So Geidt’s letter. It’s all there. Bosh. Ministerial Code broken by our delightful PM. What now? The usual flurry of pathetic apologist Tory grubbies, telling us that a banana is in fact a cheese and pickle sandwich? #Geidtgate.

Scandal after scandal but the leadership still enjoy the confidence of the Conservative party. Our system is so broken. Needs to be a commitment at the next election for ministerial code and ethics to be independent from the executive..

📰 Boris Johnson’s ethics chief quit amid row over trade watchdog Powered by @PiQSuite.

Geidt resigned after PM asked him to approve a deliberate and purposeful breach of the Ministerial code” The most corrupt PM in history backed by the most spineless and talentless ministers.

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@FT He resigned because he cannot endorse breaking the ministerial code over trade tariffs..

@PoliticalPartr1 @pimlicat …although I agree it’s not democratic to try and change rules retrospectively to benefit Owen Paterson or the Ministerial Code to benefit Boris Johnson, or human rights to benefit immoral policy..

@TheAshMorgan @RhonddaBryant they havnt told us - I can not see how breaking trade rules breaks the ministerial code - I think Peston is correct and it was breaking trade rules to benefit Johnson in some way - political donation?..

#Geidtgate: “reasonable” to suggest Johnson *may* have broken the ministerial code. Just a reminder that there is no May in the #ToryFascists present Government.

@jonlis1 The only conclusion to draw is that PM wants to break international law to extend tariffs on Chinese steel, and asked Geidt whether that broke ministerial code. Geidt was uncomfortable being put in that position..

@DPJHodges @DamianLow3 But the question was: would you not agree he also resigned though because Johnson asked him to sanction a deliberate and wilful breach of the ministerial code which is a serious issue?.

So to be clear….he is an advisor and was asked his advise re: a potential breach of the ministerial code. And was so affronted to be asked his advice in his role as an advisor that he has resigned……..

BBC newspage says Geidt is resigning over a trade dispute. But the letter clearly says it is not that in particular - it is that having had to defend PM over his claimed accidental breaches of ministerial code, he has been since consulted to clear a deliberate breach of the code..

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