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❤️ Not only ‚Thank you, Roger‘, but also: Thank you, Mirka, for supporting him the way you always did and thus for letting us „have him“ on tour for such a long time! #RForever #CoupleGoals.

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#LaverCup #Federer Roger y Mirka, son la única pareja que si se divorcia hará que deje de creer en el amor para siempre.

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❤️😭 I love how Roger cries the most when mentioning his wife Mirka, and his childhood idols Rod Laver and Stefan Edberg. What an amazing career. It was truly our honor to have witnessed your journey, to have watched you play tennis, to have seen every beautiful shot. #Federer.

@Olly_Tennis_ The unspoken and unseen strength of Mirka! She did it without having to fight for the limelight or yearn for social media clicks. This is one strong, powerful and admirable woman!.

Cuando habló de Mirka es cuando más se quebró. Sin ella, nada de esto hubiese sido posible.

Wanna know another power couple? Yeah these guys,Roger and Mirka. #Federer.

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@RamosTintan @alexcorretja74 Ni siquiera durante la canción, ni en el momento emocionante del abrazo de Mirka y su familia. Es insoportable..

There was one point at which Mirka (Roger’s wife) went to console Rafa. The man was distraught… that is truly his guy🤞🏾.

E grazie, grazie grazie anche a te Mirka. Super donna, super mamma e super moglie. Ci hai lasciato godere del Re senza mai fare una piega, un capriccio, una polemica e anche stasera sei stata quella forte, che tiene tutto sotto controllo senza mai fare una smorfia. ❤️ #RForever.

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@VIKI_RF Mirka always low profile and not much talked about was the 🚀 fueled the 🐐 #Federer #tennis.

@gasparlanca This is love ❤️ Two of the best She helped him tremendously He set records Sad day he has retired 😢 Of course a new chapter For Mirka and Federer Great Ioving couple 💑 Federer Mirka.


@Nemcova_Mirka kdyz amerika bombarduje civilni obyvatele tak to je fpoho,statisice lidi i deti a nikdy jsem od vas neslysel nejakou kritiku,,jste pokrytci podporujete zabijeni lidi kdyz to ani neodsoudite.

Roger e Mirka ❤️❤️❤️ Ela sempre com ele, nas vitórias e derrotas 💪💪❤️.

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@heretofap4 @Nemcova_Mirka Bohužel, je to tak, ale než ty ostatní, tak to je Vystrčil ještě zlatej..

@gasparlanca So good the way it came about: your parents and family and your wife Mirka and then the You did your family proud, and they grew up in your presence. What a gift..

Nevěsta Petra po dokončení své přípravy. Svatební kytice od: Květinářství Mirka Třebíč Vizáž: Mala visage therapy.

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Ya si Mirka y Federer se separan, simplemente ya no creería en el amor. #Federer #EllieGoulding.

#mirka the greatest tennis legend to have never played competitively.

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@gasparlanca Damn!!!!! find you a partner who treats you the way Roger and Mirka treat each other..

Watch: Roger Federer shares a sweet embrace with wife Mirka for one last time in front of cameras, consoles his kids after bidding adieu to tennis at Laver Cup.

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