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Word of God says: I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. I can do all this through Christ who gives me strength. RETWEET Centurion Mall Mohale Somizi #Mnakwethu #TheQueenMzansi.

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People who smell nice are automatically attractive. open this link for more on the catalog #PhalaPhalaFarmGate Tembisa katlego maboe ntisi #Krugersdorp NOTA SAPS Mpofu stage 2 sign the petition boniface eTVscandal beautywithbrains mnakwethu Zuma malema.

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If “every time you fail a grade, you change schools” was a person 😒🙄#Mnakwethu.

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There is nothing in life that is not a risk. Sometimes a good and innocent woman will fall into the wrong hand, she will put so many efforts in a relationship to make it work and it all end up in vain. Let GOD wipe your tears away. Kamo mphela mbali Thobile #Mnakwethu eswatini.

Shem this guy is just mad that the first wife has fallen out of love with him. And now his just chasing that initial high. Or trying to get her jealous 🙄🙄 #Mnakwethu.

Musa Mseleku should wrap this up as final season of #Mnakwethu. The show has lost its morals and only broke cheaters come to show for #isithembu but have not even fully married 1st wife, 2nd wives are always teenagers or 21yr olds RETWEET & FOLLOW ME: @Velvetchild_SA.

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The pain that the first wife felt is 10 times worse mogo wena my skat. #Mnakwethu.

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#Mnakwethu .. I see this thing is not just a Zulu thing after but an African Kahle hle any man may decide on isthembu despite race or.

18? 18? You should be looking forward to varsity, clubbing and all those things lona yena wants to be uvusumuzi le emakhaya 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #Mnakwethu.

this show should be cancelled ,young girls of today so disappointed especially the ones who come to the show 😳🥺😳😳#Mnakwethu.

🤔🤔🤔I was busy sending out university and college applications. Ke stressa about my academics #Mnakwethu.

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@ApindaX I agree fam coz wow 😮 . The show has just turned into men that are cheating ,calling Mseleku to make their side a 2nd wife . No clue whatsoever on the custom of polygamy . Just women being disrespected here in the name of polygamy . #Mnakwethu.

These Zulu women are so beautiful for this nonsonso! Rha, black women need to be empowered, our daughters deserve better than us #Mnakwethu.

I just love the reaction of the first wife😂 inside she is so happy wife number two gets a taste of her own medicine #Mnakwethu.

🤣🤣Hayi uJuluka unezimanga yoh ndimbone nge gold ntoni ntoni 🙁yi benchane lo. Akho sthembu nex la he is a serial cheater qha and ungathi akayazi into akayifunayo. #Mnakwethu.

That calmness tells me queen wife has long been planning her exit, just waiting for an #Mnakwethu.

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Most men base their capacity of manhood and their abilities to fertilise ovaries and produce children. Any man can impregnate a woman. The real deal is HOW MANY MEN CAN BE THE FATHER TO THEIR CHILDREN, not run away fathers. Zodwa kamo phela #Mnakwethu thobile somizi #skeemsam.

18 guys, 18? Ka mo o motle ngwana teng😭😭😭And ka mo ke Skrr Skrr sa moshimanyana🤦🏾‍♀️Yoh And such beauty from the wife and so humble #Mnakwethu.

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I feel so sad for her. Even when she said akafuni kubekho i stembhu they still trying to change her mind ba sibekhona esi sthembu. Hay rha akrwada amadoda #mnakwethumzansi #Mnakwethu.

These men on #Mnakwethu tho? Why blindside & humiliate UR WIFE on TV? What irritates more are the ones who have already had the isthembu convo with their wives in private, got a No & still write to the show. So u brought a TV show to bully me into changing my answer? WTF!.

Also as a side chick, where do you get the strength to do this on live television? #Mnakwethu.

These niggas like using their dying homesteads as a reason to get a 2nd wife #Mnakwethu.

#Mnakwethu Kahle hle uno. 2 should not have much say regarding ukufika kuka because naye wacelelwa, she should just go with the flaw because wavuma ukungena kukhona angithi, so the only person who should have been consulted kulendaba Naye if only she cares.

#Mnakwethu Photo,#Mnakwethu Photo by 💞🌺Mafungwase Ndlozi🌟❤️,💞🌺Mafungwase Ndlozi🌟❤️ on twitter tweets #Mnakwethu Photo

Create that bold eye effortlessly ✨ DM/Whatsapp us to order Delivery with Paxi #Mnakwethu.

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He doesn’t seem too sure though bout all’a this 🤓 #Mnakwethu.

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Uba ngaba kuzaba ne reunion for this episode uMaRadebe will probably be gone by then 😂use mninci lo sisi. #Mnakwethu.

Must be something in that KZN water, because this would never fly with a tswana girl. That whole room would be in shambles. #Mnakwethu.

The kinda men asking for isthembu on #Mnakwethu ?😭 isthembu ak’sona eso lamjuju ak’sona sa nom’bani! there’s a criteria hawu!😭.

@nhlakies #Mnakwethu DM me ur WhatsApp number for you to join me.

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