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I never had mono. I was also a member of my school’s Academic Decathlon team. Some might say those two facts are related..

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tfw you learn mono is an illness that spreads from mouth kissing.

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@RapSheet If anyone who has come in contact with Sam could have caught the mono, they better test the entire Buffalo defense😂.

NY Jets QB Sam Darnold has mono. Out for weeks. Patriots just clinched the AFC East. It’s week 2..

NFL Players really acting like their number is their age this year smh Darnold: 14 (mono) AB: 1 (self-explanatory).

Sam Darnold out this week with mono, maybe longer via @ProFootballTalk.

@fermont1965 Y para más inri dice que tiene mono de volver a ser diputada. Si fuera ella montaría otro partido con Llamazares..

Vine de moño a la escuela y todos me dicen: ¡Qué elegante! ¿O sea que siempre vengo tan fachoso?.

No more kissy kissy for a while. #JetsBlow Sam Darnold ruled out against Browns with mono, could miss multiple games:.

いっぱいバスターありがとうございました!!! アイテムも!!! 今度からまた雑談枠が続くと思うけどまた来てね! 体力つけます💪💪.

@FieldYates Imagine thinking someone will get over mono in one week? Of course it will be multiple weeks. Geez..

The thing about Mono that everyone is missing is that we are on the verge of runaway climate change and we need a complete re-think of the global economy to ensure a just society & avoid planetary catastrophe..

Jets injury updates: QB Sam Darnold: Mono, out for Week 2, possibly multiple weeks RB Le’Veon Bell: Out of practice today, getting an MRI on shoulder DL Quinnen Williams: Not practicing today (ankle) LB CJ Mosley: Left Week 1 (groin), no practice today WR Quincy Enunwa: On IR.

I never had mono. I was also a member of my school’s Academic Decathlon team. Some might say those two facts are related..

No se me quita el mono de comida Así que esta noche fajitas y nachos.

pessoal que ta com a pack de mono, comentem namjooning aqui #RM이든_김남준이든_믿고_따라갈게.

❤️ 💦 BLUE PONZA RETURNS!!!! 【 Mono Blue Land Destruction 】 ► MTG Modern via @MerynMoon #mtg.

Hoje o dia é do meu neném! Parabéns, Namjoon! 💜 Amor da minha vida, artista de verdade, coisinha mais inteligente que me seduz 24/7 com essa mente brilhante, dono da obra-prima Mono que vou ouvir o dia inteiro e o moonchild mais inspirador! #HappyBirthdayNamjoon #OurJoonieverse.

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happy birthday joonie 🥺 i hope he has the best day ever 💓💓 stream mono!!! it’s what he deserves !!! #HappyBirthdayNamjoon ✨✨.

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all week it’s been raining and it’s joon’s birthday i’m not saying the earth is a mono stan but the earth is a mono stan.

Truly truly dont think anything can beat mono, everything about it is just perfection..

@tera_mono 「愚民を浪花節で泣かせられれば、とんだ愚策でも責任者が老衰死するぐらいまではまかり通る」「戦略が間違ってても『兵卒が思いの外無能過ぎました』とレビューすれば無限免責」「合理性への嫌悪」「技術立国ニッポン最強!(翼よ~♪)」.

In the midst of playing Mono a girl came up to me and told me she was an Army too 🥺🥺🥺.

【宣伝】夢ちゅうこみっくすTL漫画(完結済) 朝陽ゆりね先生原作「獣の愛人†女神の秘宝」 ・.

mano todo mundo usando pack de mono e subindo as tags de aniversário pro namjoon, só sei sentir orgulho 😔👍🏼.

If you don’t plan at least one song from the Mono album in the shower, then what are you doing.

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